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Well I've been thinking about doing this for a...

Well I've been thinking about doing this for a very long time! When I was younger I didn't have insecurity issues, because I never hated the shape of my breasts... they where just to small that's all. (Yes I know lucky me with minor Problems ;) ) So for me it was more of an improvement event though I could have lived with my breasts if there hadn't been such a thing as surgery to help! But there is!! And I am soooo happy... Finally I am looking forward to buy dresses and actually wear them! Braless weeeee!! It feels awesome just to think about it!!

So it all got "real" only a while ago when my boyfriend said: "You know what?! Lets quit the talk and finally do it if it really makes you feel so much better. I scheduled my procedure over a German Website called "body of dreams" they where amazingly friendly and I got an appointment for my new Boobs that was only TWO weeks awayyyy - getting nervous!!!

1week post

So finally no painkillers no more... Still in pain and take them so I can sleep longer, but I guess that's ok :)

Still couldn't sleep a single night through! :/ I guess that's one of the reasons I am so jumpy and nervous. Big high five to my boyfriend who has to keep up with my swingy moods in this time...:
"Oh no they are to big! - do you think they are to small?! - I forgot to ask the doktor something!!! - Can you help me with my hair? (He's bold :D ) - OMG will they stay like THIS?! - and so ooon!!!

Overall I am sooooo happy!! Checked my size yesterday - 80C/D in Europe... Like 36D in the US weeeeeee NEVER thought I'ld ever reach that size without getting fat and/or pregnant!

Happy and can't wait to see what they look like when everything's healed!!

Before.... shudder!! :(

Ok, so I thought about this for a while and even asked my boyfriend if it is ok with him ;) and decided that a review without before and after pic just isn't really helpful... Well and just WAY less fun!! :D

So I want to start with some before pictures - I have to say some of them are just the WORST pictures EVER made of my boobs and I f***ing HATE them!

But I also wanted to show you some pictures I used to send to my boyfriend while we had long times to stay apart from each other so you can see they weren't THAT bad ;)

More pics

Forgot the good ones upsi!

So here we goooo :) now we are up to date

So I am 9 days post OP now. Feeling WAY better... I can sleep through the nights. I still wake up with a tight chest, but the shooting pain during sitting up that took my breath away lots of times in the middle if the night is finally gone! Really happy and exited about my results...

Time travel would be nice right now... Also I saw so many detailed information on this site that I got curious and googled my implants :D I trusted my PS that he'ld know best how to achieve what I want... So here we go... I have implants from Allergan/Natrelle... So much I knew before ;) they are Inspira TSF implants which is short for textured(knew that at least hehe) shell surface (something new) soft touch (woohoo) and full profile (also wohoooo)

Thanks to my PS :)

<3 it

Ok and some after pictures I know those are the most interesting part about this whole site anyway! ;)

I'll do pictures every second day and will keep you up to date :)

Ps.: As they where wide apart before and I got the implant under the muscle there wasn't much we could do about that, but they'll finally get in touch when I'm finally allowed to wear some nice bras!! Wohoooooo HAPPY :D this is going to feel so awkward!! My breasts touching :O :)

Day 10!!!!

It feels so much longer!!! :/ Still need to drop, but they look better every day!! Sometimes I'm still not sure if I should've gone bigger, but I'm sure it wouldn't look natural anymore so I always come to the conclusion that I picked the exact perfect size ;)
and on top of that if I ever get pregnant... Well imagine having a Dcup (European) already... I'ld look like DOLLY BUSTER :O ;D so still happy with my 325cc's wohoooo

Day 12

Oh my... times so slow if you're desperatly waiting for something!!! I figured you don't need a picture every two days, because there isn't much of a change in that kind of time anyway so I'll wait with that a little longer ;)
My left nipple is very sensitive, but as I read this is very common I will not stress out about it. ;) Hmmm what else... Well I'm going to remove the patches from my stitches in two days... SUPEREXCITED about that... :O Having my first doctor appointment to check everything on the 10th... Hope everything is gonna be fine and will fill you guys in what happened :)

Happy healing to everyone out there whos going through the same stuff and good luck all you others that are still looking for the right doc or the right size :P You're gonna make it! :D


Hey girls!! So happy!!! Removed my patches today - didn't hurt and looks good :) I've been so nervous about this part!!
So I made some pics RIGHT after the removing and with the flash they look a little less good ;) but still WOW! Amazed by my doctors work and so excited about what my doc at home will say about it when I have my first control on the 10th. Will fill you in about that then ;)
Ah and I also bought BiOil because I only heard good stuff about it and I'm starting with my massages today.. Cerfully of course ;)
Aaaand starting a 31day squat challenge as well - gotta fit the rest of my body!!! :) you can google squat challenge and will find the schedule. I will start today with 40 squats... I think... I'll check it before I start ;) so if you wanna join DO IT!! Let's add some sexy ass to those two beautiful new Boobs YEAHHH :) super motivated!!!
I've always been afraid to train the rest that's left of my small boobs away :O not anymore! Won't be able to burn silicone ;P
Looking forward to them getting fluffy! And then I'll be SUPER happy hot and everything!! Oh I just LOVE my life right now! :) you must think I took something after reading this "doublerainbowalltheway" review :D :D but I can assure you I'm off the meds for over a week now ;)

25 days post

Ok not much new... Everything was fine.

Sry guys

Sometimes my phone just doesn't post the whole text... No clue why - so here again:
Ok not much new... Everything was fine.

Come ooooon

.... Lol

Healing is going great so far! My left breast dropped a little more than the right already... 3 more days and I can get rid of the stupid belt on top of the bra :)
Ok I'll let the picture speak for itself now ;) :P happy!

Long long time..... (4months post)

Uff..... sooooo well.... :D As you already read - I am 4 months post yeahhhh :)
No pain, no waking up at night and they start to fell like they actually belong to me *happy*. On the other side... I tried out swimming the other day... and it still hurts :/ and I cannot sleep on my belly because it just feels wrong and I am afraid to damage the :O I try sleeping on the side thou and that works, but I feel most comfortable lying on my back. Got pretty used to it by now and it is more healthy anyway :)
hmmm what else...YES... I am still sooooo HAPPY I did it I did not notice how much my small boobs affected me until I got them enlarged! I feel sooooo much better wearing certain clothes it even turned my closet!! I have a different style now! Many people tell me that I look so much better not because of my boobs... its my whole body and I am smiling all the time. It was and is really worth the pain and time! Ok... picture time!! ;P


feel fEEL they start to feel like... o my I hate typing errors - especially if i can't fix them :O :D

Long time no see ;)

Just wanted to let you know I'm still super happy and satisfied- would defenitly go throug with it again if I had the choice and to people who don't like fake breast I now just always say: "Well the real ones were out of stock and mine didn't fit my body of course I'd prefer real ones so shut up, because my body is none of your business anyway!"

Thanks again for everyone's support in this website! <3 my boobies <3 :)

Update - 2 years

Still happy with my results!! I was asked to update my review recently with pictures - not much has changed, but as I owe this community a lot from the time I was thinking about and undergoing this procedure I'm more than happy to post some new pics.
My scars healed fine, but I'm sure they could've healed even better if I would've been more consistent in not smoking and putting on the creams like you're supposed to. ;) still ok and as they are located perfectly there is no way of them to be seen by anyone else than my significant other. Who by the way has changed. :) Just mentioning that, because I was pretty self conscious about it and at the beginning he did not even realize they weren't real. Of course you can always tell the difference by touching them, but it took a few times for him to mention it so that made me happy :)
Dr. Padera

Well he "only" spoke english which obviously wasn't a problem ;) he was very nice and answered all my questions, but I must say it was a very short consultation, because I wasn't such a complicated case or something like that :P

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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