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Hi there! The main reason why I decided to write...

Hi there! The main reason why I decided to write my story is to say THANK YOU! I am glad I found this discussion - it is very useful! It helped me to make my decision. Something about me... I've always had problematic teeth, even though I went every six month to the dentist and I did my common dental hygiene such is brushing teeth properly. I grex up in the 70s and 80s in a country belonging to "East block". We did not have any dental floss and other things. Problematic teeth were often simply extracted. From my younghood I have a lot of crowns and bridges.
It is amazing to see all the makeovers on your photos! My smile still looks quite normal and I am satisfied with it. My problem is not visible. I have bad roots in frontal teeth. They broke and causing inflammation and pain.
I only have two opitions now - removable dentures or all on four. I feel still young for a removable prosthesis. I am talking to people at word everyday and I am often the speaker at trainings, conferences, etc. That's why I decided for all on four. My surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday.
Here in Czech republic is only a few dentist who can do this. I have no opportunity to ask the other patients and never found a review in my language. The clinic where i go is fortunately only 15 minutes far away from my home. It is very well equipped and modern. Staff is really nice there. My dentist got training at Malo clinic, therefore I trust him fully. He offers a warranty for 10 years.
You might be interested in costs. For the upper jaw it is 11.500 USD. It is much less than you paid, but for those of us who live here it's a lot - it's more than the average annual salary.
I am very scared before the surgery, as were many of you. I will have only local anesthesia. Is anyone who got it done this way?
I wish you healthy teeth :)

Day of my surgery - today

So, I survived. I had only local anesthesia and I did it. I can feel pressure and unpleassant sounds during extractions and bone gringing, but I can't feel pain. I have a high pain tolerance - thankfully. I am on antibiotics, painkillers and ice packs, but I am doing quite well. Still, I cried all afternoon. My new teeth are really ugly. My appearance has changed greatly - for the worse. I know that they are only temporary. But I'm ashamed to smile and speak. The speech will be a problem too, but that I expected for. I am really sad at the moment. Teeth are huge, they have an ugly color, where the implant is metal shines through crown and I can not put my lips together. I don't know if I can trust the lab who did this. I don't know what to do. I can't think positively.

1 Day post

Short update. It might help someone who is afraid before surgery. It happened yesterday and I'm totally fine today. No pain, swelling minimal. Physically I am doing very well. It's worse with the psyche. I hate that ugly big thing in my mouth. It changed the whole face, I look old and angry. Teeth are horrible. I wrote an e-mail to the dentist and he promised my temporary remake in two weeks. I can not wait.

This is why I am so depressed

Changing my appearance...

Day 3 post

I was expecting a lot of pain, swelling, bruising and big discomfort. None of that happened. The third day after surgery I'm totally fine. I was worried senseless. What I expected were beautifull teeth. This is a big disappointment. If I knew earlier, I never did. I'll see if it would be better in the future. I keep my fingers crossed for all of you.


Yesterday I went to work. It was very sad and stressful. I went home in tears. Everyone said that I looked awful. And another thing - my speech is bad. Today I'll dental hygiene and remove the stitches at the clinic. Perhaps they find a solution.

I want my life back.

I visited the clinic. The stitches are gone, dental hygienist showed me how to brush teeth / implants. Everything is healing properly. My dentist went on holiday. I took off from work to hide myself at home. I'm afraid to meet colleagues, neighbors, family. Anyone who has seen me, asking: "My God, what happened to you?" I'm down and I want back my face. Nothing more.


Yippee! I spent six hours at the clinic, there was a lot of try-ins. It's not perfect, there are still visible implants when I smile a lot. But I got back my facial features and I am very happy!

Permanent set

Hi friends. Six months have passed and I've got my new teeth. Like all of you, I have known many advantages and disadvantages of this method. I've come a long way since my first ugly temporary set. The biggest problem in my case is the visible transition line between artificial and my own gums. When I speak or laugh a little, it is not visible. I can not laugh a lot, no big smiles. Still, I would do it again. Probably :) Good luck!

One more photo

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