Cheek Implants (Medpor) with Dr Vašek (Prague)

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I have had this surgery 3 week ago. I am still...

I have had this surgery 3 week ago. I am still swollen but i start to see results. I had bimaxillar surgery 4 years ago to solve my underbite (third class malocclusion). I was happy with result but my cheeks were still hollow as typical of many people with third class malocclusion and malar hypoplasia. I waited and waited because it was not a big problem but still i did not like it everywhere i saw myself in mirror or pics i always noted my hollow cheeks and my "sad" expression they gave to me. Always people told me i had a sad/bitter expression when i was completely normal. It is strange but somehow hollow cheeks give that result. So i gave up and looker for a surgeon who could do implants. I wanted something permanent so i decided the only thing which was permanent, implants.
I am italian and here surgery is very expensive i am still a student so i could not afford it and could not borrow money from my parenrs since they did not agree (they always did even for jaw surgery). I had to look for cheap surgery abroad and found formé clinique in Prague.
I planned the flight and 3 days resort, 2 in hotel and 1 in clinique. The day after surgery i would have left. They adviced me to remain one day more but there was no direct flight so i had no chance.
Clinique gave me a good impression, rather good looking, they started by asking me lots of questions and doing lots of analysis (blood urine and general). Being generally fit and healthy i had no problem.
In the afternoon i ahd surgery; i woke up in the evening with no pain at all, i had a good dinner in my room, then slept. The day after breakfast, lunch then i went to airport with a taxi paid by them and thats all.
So far everything seems fine. I feel one side bugger than the other but i think it is normal. Swelling is slowly decreasing. I still must pay attention when i move cause i feel the implant on right side (the bigger one) somehow moving when i do some hard movement. Unfortunately surgeon decided not to screw them for some reason (he did not tell exactely even if asked). I was a bit disappointed by this since i would feel more confortable on the idea that implant is secured and cannot move at all no matter what.
Anyway i had a little problem since i had cold abd fever some days after i went back to italy because i was worried for a possible infection. I started a new cycle of antibiotics to be sure and all ended fine.
Actually i see myself better even if i dont like the fact that one side is bigger, but i hope and trust that it will be fixed in some weeks. I do not feel an external body in me with exception of some moments when blood rush in my cheeks for different reasons and i feel blood pulsing around the implant.
Another disappointment was the assistence after surgery, which was very limited, and when i was worried about a possible infection (i had many symptoms) Jena the customer service chief simply said to go back to my maxillofacial surgeon. They were a bit simplistic and i felt ignored. After 2 weeks they started to ignore to reply my questions, or they do it many days after. Anyway if all ends well who cares? I have saved a lot of money and i cannot desire the best post operation assistence, even because i am in a different nation now.
I only hope everything ends well i can go back to do sport, swelling goes away and cheeks are good and simmetrical; I would have liked the defined cheeks of Jhonny Depp but I think they will be smaller. He used malar implant in medpor size small. Still an improvement though and worth it if everything ends well.

4 weeks

Swelling is going away especially from the right cheek which seemed bigger. They actually look more similar even if right cheek is still bigger.
My only concern is that if i move my head fast or do a fast movement like a small jump i feel "something" moving in my right cheek. I have always felt it but I supposed it was going to go away.
This is why i would have liked screws to keep all the things in place and attached to the bone. I dont feel that it is attached to the bone (as an extention of the bone) and i do not like this.
I hope this will be solved with time, it is still less than 1 month (1 month in 2 days and half).
I will tell this concern to the surgeon but i dont think they could do much now (or care).
If anyone is having or has had same feeling please tell me.

1 month update

1 month! Rather satisfied but with that feeling i told on my right side; i am going to do x rays to find out exactely if the right implant is on place.

touched mildly my cheeks...they feel different

I am getting a bit worried. I have always thought right cheek was bigger because more swollen. I never touched the implant because they told me not to. I did first time now after one month because i want to know what is under my skin. I touched the right side and felt in detail the implant: it is big and not where i would have liked it, it is low in the cheek. Worst thing, on the left side the implant was much smaller, i hardly could feel it. I do not know why: he even showed me the implants and they were the same. But touchint them i clearly feel they are different. Maybe he modelled one implant to balance my face but it turned out badly and he put it in me the same. I cannot know. I will have x rays i think. I am nomore happy of my surgery.
Dr Jan Vašek

He seems to have a lot of experience on his curriculum. I dont know his skills. He does not explain you things if you do not ask, so dont forget to ask recovery time, i was quite surprised when i discovered it was 3 months at least, none told me.

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