23y/o, 5'3" 110lbs, No Kids, 34B Aspiring for a D! - Thailand

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I am having trouble deciding on a teardrop or...

I am having trouble deciding on a teardrop or round implant!! I have seen both on others and sometimes can tell the difference but not always. I very much like the full cleavage and side boob that a teardrop can achieve however upper pole fullness is appealing as well. On the other hand round can sometimes look too "bolted on" which is not the look I am going for either. Looking for insight from women on both types and why you chose the type you did! I have been recommended teardrop implants however they come with an added cost and I'm worried I'd be spending extra cash for a look I could possibly achieve with round. Thanks everyone!

Looking for girls who have gone to Phuket for BA!!

There is a very good chance that Phuket will be my BA destination of choice. I have done plenty of research on the hospital, the company I would book with (cosmeditour) and the surgeons (I am leaning towards dr.Poonsak) however I would love to talk directly to someone who has gone! Anyone out there?? :)

Decisions decisions...

Well I've been researching RELIGIOUSLY on round and teardrop implants and I may be leaning more towards the rounds. If done in a dual plane placement they appear as teardrops without risk of rotation issues! (Which I like considering us ladies have enough to worry about as it is! Lol)

This decision however is still waiting on the proper approval from a professional that I can still achieve the results I hope for with the rounds..

I have decided to upload current pictures of myself in hopes anyone can help shed some light on my situation. It appears I suffer from asymmetry and have a natural gap in between the girls, however I can't tell if it's a large enough gap that rounds would only look silly. I may not get my answer until face to face with my surgeon however any outside help is welcome!

Rice Sizers

Today I played around with some homemade rice sizers and I really liked the outcome! I can't quite tell how many cc's they would've been but I like that I have something I can refer to. Anyone know how to measure out specific cc's to try on? I think I had about 1 and 1/4 cup of white rice each!

I also finally booked my trip over to Thailand! This is starting to get real!! :) :) :)

New girls are finally here!

Tall mod plus
Dual plane
Breast fold incision
Dr Veerawat
Phuket, Thailand

23 years old
112lbs/ 50kg

Wonderful experience so far! I am so in love with them already and cannot wait to see what they will look like once healed.

I am a prime example of why it's so important to listen to your surgeon before making a decision!

I had my heart set on +400cc, rounds. Under the muscle. I did my research and thought I had it all figured out. But your anatomy makes the decisions for you! My surgeons recommendation was the best way to get the look I wanted with very little risk. Going with my initial plan would have risked wonky nipple placement or require him to lower my breast fold and risk double bubble! (Unless I agreed to go much smaller than I wanted to go. 300cc!) So ladies, listen to your surgeons! They know what's up :)
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