26yo 56kg Breast Augmentation at PPSI. No Kids! - Thailand

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Hello Fellow Real Selfers! Today I realised it's...

Hello Fellow Real Selfers!

Today I realised it's just over 3 weeks + 1 day to my boobie day!
A bit about myself, I'm 26 years old. I come from a large family and all the girls have small boobs (apart from Mum!). It's always been something that I've wanted and envied. Some of my family don't agree with my decision on getting implants. I have told them that I have wanted these for a long time, but I haven't told them that I have booked in a date. I aim to tell all my family before the 6 August, so they're well prepared for the result :) I'm getting married in February 2017 and my fiance feels the same way I do about the surgery. In his words "if you want them, I want them. If you don't want them, I don't want them". He is so supportive, and he says I look amazing without them, but I think this is something I need to do for myself. I think secretly he is very excited ;)

I'm currently a small B cup, and look to go to a D. I wouldn't like a DD as I'm quite athletic. I enjoy going to the gym and running with my dog. I'm also quite petite. I'm a size 6-8 in Australia, so that's probably a size 6 in US. I think a DD would be too large for my frame.
I don't know what cc that would be, but I have decided I would like tear drop silicone implants with placement under the muscle. I have booked in at PPSI with Dr. Poonsak.

I thought I'd be very healthy leading up to the surgery, but I haven't changed any of my routines. I have stopped wearing earrings and have also stopped taking some herbs and vitamins as suggested by the Surgery. I don't eat a lot of crap to start with, but I have started taking more vegetable smoothies and drinking ACV with warm water in the mornings as a blood tonic. I don't think any of this is actually working...

As with any surgery, I have done ALOT of research to get a holistic view on what I am doing. So far I have seen the good, bad & ugly. I realise that implants have a 10+ year life, and that at some point in my time, I may wish to have them ex-planted. But then again, anything can happen in the next 10 years, and I feel that I should do what I want while I am still alive to enjoy myself. Morbid I know... but literally anything can happen to anyone. Why worry about the future when it isn't here yet? I have also read a lot of conflicting reviews and results on disease caused by the implants. I have read a lot of people calling them "toxic" with no reference to any report. I can't take these reviews serious. Silicone is also used with many other surgeries that are not cosmetic.

Like I said, I'm getting married in February 2017, and my only "future" concern is that they won't drop in time :) I can't wait to surprise my friends and guests!

I guess with any review/post I would love to hear of anyone else's experience at PPSI.
Have you had surgery with Dr. Poonsak?
What foods/vitamins did you take before & after the surgery to help heal?
Any tips on what to take with you?
Also does would it be better or worse to do more gym work on my chest muscles before the surgery?

I would love to hear from you.

T xx

6 Days to go. Some sizer pictures

Hi Girls,

It's been a long time since my last update, and to be honest not much has changed apart from how I feel.
I am so excited and nervous and scared and then happy and excited again.
I get nervous, then I look in the mirror and I get excited.
This time next week I'll be leaving the hospital.

I have started taking my phyillium husks to help keep me regular before the surgery. I've read a lot about some girls being bloated and sore after surgery. I've also cooked loads of meals for when I come home. My Fiance is going in for jaw surgery the week after I come home so both of us will be sore.

I've done a bit of op-shopping to find some button up tops to wear to work and also to wear in Thailand. I don't want to buy too much now and it not fit or my size change again in in a few week/months.
Also I'm going to wait before buying a compression top because I get one at the PPSI institute, and I want to wait to see what size I will be.

We did some rice sizers tonight. So 1.59 cups works out to be about 375cc's.
That's the size that I was hoping for and I really like the look. I think I can maintain my lifestyle with them.
I went to do 400cc sizers but my fiance didn't agree with going much bigger ;)
I'm going under the muscle so I think I'll lose some size as well.

Talk soon girls!

First day Post Op

Hi girls!
I just wrote a massive update but lost it all!
I'll break this down into the days:

Yesterday pre op:
Arrived in Phuket and went straight to the hospital. Did the pretests and went to my surgeon.
We spoke about concerns, sizes, etc. He drew on me and said I am a full A cup and also that i have 12cm breast width.
He suggested 255 or 300 cc.
I tried both on, but chose 300.
Mentor, textured, teardrop.

Was in surgery within the hour. I had to strip off, get into garments, then try put iv in me and wheeled me off to the op room. I was out within 5 mintmutes and Poonsak held my hand the whole time.
The general was painful as i went through my iv line.it felt like it was burning.
I.was back in my room by 5, but yhe most painful was when they moved me off the surgery table bed, and again onto my room bed.

Been fading in and out of sleep. Drains have been very painful. Going to toilet is painful but bearable. I need help with almost everything

2 days PO


2 days PO

Hi girls

Yesterday i left the hospital. Dr. Poonsak came to me earlier during the day and said I will be discharged.
He took out my drains, the right hand side hurt more than the left.
The nurses gave me a compression bra ontop of my bandages.

I was taken off morphine and put on other pain killers. I was really dizzy on morphine and when i moved i would shake as if I was cold.

I stayed at PPSI till I was comfortable.
The nurses organised checkin with my hotel (i went straight to hospital from the airport) and ppsi also organized a taxi to the hotel.

The hotel have been amazing but my room is up 3 flights of stairs ????
The hotel staff helped me up and down the stairs. I spent some of this morning sleeping by the pool and the staff came to the door and picked me up. I slept at the pool for 3hrs, had lunch & meds and went straight back to bed by noon.

It was hard getting comfortable. I struggle to move the pillows behind and around me. The motions of pushing and pulling are very sore. I use my legs to shimy back into them. What ever you do, do not use your arms. Another way to get into bed is to sit where you want to sleep, and slowly move your legs & back onto the bed. Same with getting in and out of the taxi! Sit down, then move your legs inside.
Its not as natural as it sounds.

I have been taking all my meds when i have to. My painkillers say every 6hrs but I average about 5hrs before i need it. I feel like all i do is sleep. But its more fading in and out. Pretty much all the meds make you drowsy. Embrace it.

I have relied on room service for all my meals.

I have heard some girls say they're fine day 2, but I feel very tight, i have small breaths, i get nudging pains and discomfort around the sides (where the drains were) and bottom (incisions).
I asked for icepacks when I left PPSI and I highly recommend everyone do. They help ease the pain.
Morning boob is a thing. Be prepared. Get your meds sorted the night before and eat something straight away so you can take them asap. I was so tight and sore this morning, I could do nothing to be comfortable but use ice packs.

I hope this makes sense!! I am fading in and out while writing it.

Speak soon


Had my bandages off yesterday!
Felt like I could breathe again and Im so happy. Gone from A to Full C cup.
I feel good otherwise. Still sleeping lots but trying to go for short walks.
The nurse suggested 10mins every 2hrs

I have sharp pains in my left breast and a spee back. I went from 56 to 58.3kg overnight so i can understand.
I keep the ice pack handy.

I have a great appetite, and the physilliym husks have been working wonders. I increased the dose to 1tbsp.

Otherwise not much else to report. I'll take some pictures of the bra. Hopefully swelling has also gone down.

I think I anticipate them to be sore so I treat them gingerly. But they're fine. I was surprised when I could reach my head to a wash my hair last night.
Dr. Poonsak

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