Revision Rhinoplasty and Lip Lift Poland

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Hi I am expecting my Revision Rhinoplasty and Lip...

Hi I am expecting my Revision Rhinoplasty and Lip Lift on the 3rd of March.
I've broke my nose when I was a little and after that my nose isn't straight. I've had Previous Septoplasty about 3 years ago and I am truly disappointed, after that my lower part of nose is more uneven and That Doctor didn't straight my nose... Didn't even check me after a few months.. nothing!!
Well that was propably my bad it was only NHS....

well this time I hope everything will be just fine...

One week left

Hi it is only one week till my surgery and I am very excited. Today I bought a memory foam pillow plus small neck pillow. I call clinic yesterday and they told me my surgery will start earlier about 9 o clock. I don't scared yet. Well my first surgery was closed rhinoplasty so after when I woke up I was absolutly fine didn't feel any pain whatsoever. This time it will hurt propably... well my nose it isn't on right place so they need to finally change it. I didn't tell about my surgery to my colleagues well only a few of them knows... After my surgery I will propably wear a scarf and fat and glasses haha... I live in a block house in big housing area so I will jump out from the car and run to my apartment :) any other ideas? :D

today is the day

Hi I'm going on my surgery now. It is 5 o clock in the morning and I didn't sleep well only one hour. okk I can finally say that I am stressed. Fingers crossed. I am staying there over night. Surgery starts smth about 9 o clock.


Hi I am in bed. Doctor said that was some old bruises inside but he did everything. Make my nose shorter thinner delete the humb and the most important he make my nose straight. Well I didn't see my nose yet. My throat is killing me after this thing what was during my surgery in throat. Plus my eyes swelling red between my brows as well big swelling


Hi it is my 5 day after septorhinoplasty and lip lift. I was very but very swollen but now it's okey. I'm worry because I still little bleed from left side of my nose. I still got the splits dr will remove them on the 9th day after surgery. Do anybody have got the same? Dressing from lip lift is still there and it's reddish should I worry? It's probably from nose bleedind but I am not sure..

Finally cast is off !!

Dr. Samir Ibrahim

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