Return Trip Requested for my Saggy Boobs and Tummy!!! - Powell, TN

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I have been doing some serious research over the...

I have been doing some serious research over the past 3 months on "mommy makeovers". I had joked about it before but had never even looked in to the ideal until I went on vacation and there were signs every where and posters with all kinds of information about plastic surgery. So needless to say after a long day out the husband and I were relaxing and I brought it up. Never expected him to be so supportive of the thought. But there he was, killing it!!!! I thought no more of it until after vacation.

We had been home about a week when he asked if I had looked into it any more. Nope. I hadn't. Thought it was just a conversation but he encouraged me to look into it. So I began my long hours of research into a mommy makeover.

So two months later I found myself scheduling my first PS apt with Dr. Gallaher in Knoxville. Excitement and anxiety kicked in as my consult grew closer. Not sure why. I had a list of like ten things to ask and look into and forgot the list at home. Thankfully my husband was there and helped fill in some of the gaps. So we get to the office about 30 mins early and there is a smiling young woman ready to sign us in. The waiting room is so cozy and the magazines are not just for women, my husband sighed in relief here!!!
We waited about 30 mins and we were promptly called back by the doctor himself!! Just let me say this too, he passed his medical assistant in the hall and she states that she was on her way to get us and he states, I seen you were busy and I don't mind doing this," WOW!!! Score 10 points there.

So in we go for our consult. Dr. Gallaher introduces himself, and proceeds to ask what the consult is concerning. What am I looking for. So here goes.
I have boobs when I have a bra on, because I pull they from the side and up to fit into my bra. I take off the bra and I am like "Where the He## did they go!!" I have back boobs that I am sure will probably measure a B cup at times and I don't want to have to look for a bra that has cups on both sides. I have some serious scars on my stomach due to rape at the age of 16 and then the birth of 3 children. I am ready to let go of those scars and look in the mirror and know that I have accomplished so much more with my life. Its time to let the past go. I don't want to forget the births of my beautiful kids, just the time before them. I have them with me to remind me of them. I want to feel confident for the first time in my life and not be ashamed to undress in front of my husband. So from there he went into great detain regarding the surgery, if I am a candidate, what all it consists of, recovery time, being realistic and how best to get the results that I wanted. Next, I had to undress, here comes the oh crap moment, thankfully he gave us a real robe and not a paper cover up. He encouraged me to relaxed while he measured me. He then allowed me to redress instead of trying to talk while half nude. I was afraid I wouldn't remember the conversation if I was not dressed!! Didn't even have to ask!!! So after a full 2 hour consult and all my questions answered we met with Kim, to try on sizers. She was very professional and personal at the same time. Making sure to include my husband in the consult as well. After trying on a few I still felt conflicted and decided to comeback and try again. We met with Eden, his coordinator, and she was so awesome as well. She had a water set up for us in her office, talked to us as if she had known us forever, and never once felt rushed. Knowledgeable and professional as well she answered all our questions and even gave us insight into her personal experience.

So needless to say the consult with Dr. Gallaher was spot on. Professional, not rushed, reassuring, calming. I am looking forward to the next visit to see how it goes.
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Very sincere and knowledgeable. Great beside manner.

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