29 Year Old, Previous BBL, Wanting More with Butt Implants

Hello Beauties! So, I have slowly but surely put...

Hello Beauties!
So, I have slowly but surely put myself back together after losing around 100lbs after my 2ndaughter pregnancy.

I lost the extra weight withas a strict diet, exercise and *breastfeeding.
Sadly to say that after all of my hard work I was left with sagginess/extra skin in my breasts, abdomen, buttocks and thighs :(

Soooo, I decided it was time to start correcting/ filling it in ;)

Overall, I think we all want to feel sexy and confident in our own body, so that it when I started my plastic surgery journey back in 2014 with my breast augmentation, then a tummy tuck and a BBL in 2015 (performed at different dates and by different surgeons)

And now, the best and kind of scary journey of getting buttock implants.
I have read through probably ever BBL and Butt implant review on realself.com, and that was how I finally found the perfect doctor- Dr. Grawe in Powell, Ohio!

After reading through so many reviews I noticed some women have tons of issues after this surgery and that is a scary thought/feeling....but I can safely say that I feel less nervous now after having Dr.Grawe as my plastic surgeon.

I had my butt implants surgery on Friday September 23rd, 2016 at around 11:30am
I was back at my hotel around 5ish and I stayed a total of 4 days post-op (5 days including the pre-opp appt with the doctor)

I'm back home here in Texas now, and the flight back was actually waaaay better than I could have hoped for. I flew southwest and they were so nice that they let me take-off and fly the while way laying down on 3 seats (a whole row) since neither of my flights were full.

I also suggest having an air mattress in the back of the car/Suv of whoever is driving you or picking you up, since I had this done for me and it was super comfy!

Okay so back to my butt implants review..

I have the 712cc aart implants, I have a saying that since I live in Texas, we "Go Big, or Go Home" lol.
And I'm so happy with the size and outcome these implants gave me.
As I wrote earlier I had a previous BBL in Miami, and my outcome was really nice at first, but after around month 8 or 9, I noticed I had lost more volume then I desired to lose, and my buttocks area still had the dreadEd cellulite that made me feel super self-conscious and my butt was just not round or perky enough.

So, that's where Dr. Grawe stepped in and fixed my issues. She even addressed the cellulite which I hadn't found any other doctor able to offer.
I will post some pics and keep ya'll updated every chance I get.

So far, so good though and I couldn't be happier with my results :)

***Oh, and I also highly recommend buying a "go girl" or a female urinal if you are going to have this procedure done or a BBL, it comes in handy and so does a fanny pack so you can neatly and gently tuck your drains into it without having them hang and swing around everywhere.

It's my 1st day back in Texas so I am going to get some rest, stay hydrated and eat a ton of protein...wish me a speedy recovery ladies!!!

I wish you all the best too :)

Pre-op picture

This picture was taken the day before my surgery. You can see how I needed to get more fullness in the lower part of my buttocks on the right side. After my BBL in Miami, I was left with a fuller left butt cheek and an uneven right butt cheek.

Dr. Grawe was able to correct this with just the implant (no extra fat grafting)

She also corrected the cellulite I had on both buttoaks. I will update with more photos once the bruising subsides

Side view

Right side view

So, I don't know why, but I can only upload one photo at a time, so here is another one. This is the same side that was uneven in the pre-open photo. You can see now both cheeks are even and super round :)

A better view of my butt before the implants

Okay so I was extremely hesitant to upload this photo, but I'm doing it anyway so ya'll can see how bad my butt looked before this surgery. **and this pic is my butt results after I went to Miami and had a BBL. So yeah I didn't get a nice result from my BBL, I feel like it just enhanced my cellulite and left me feeling like I had an old granny butt :*(

Anyway, that is all behind me now! ;)

I feel absolutely ecstatic with my results from Dr. Grawe, and now all of you can see why firsthand:)

Right after surgery pics

Notice the little dots on my butt cheeks are where the doctor inserted the scalpel thing where my cellulite was located. I will start applying a scar cream to reduce the small holes visibility after 2 weeks from now.
But they don't seem as noticeable now since it's healing.

Finally tried on an old dress of mine

Last drain came out yesterday!

Hello Dolls,

So I finally got my 2nd drain removed yesterday. The other 1 was removed 18 days post-op.
I feel so much better to have them out, and I am now in a new garment which fits more snug and makes my butt look huge!
I'm still bruised on my butt, so once that subsides I will take a few nude butt pics from different angles. But for now, I will add a little video clip with my favorite Faja(compression garment) that I am finally able to fit into.

Almost 6 weeks post-op

I'm still healing, not yet working/driving or sitting. To be honest I'm nervous about even attempting to sit down (even on the bbl pillow I have) so I'm going to wait for awhile longer...
Recovery is going well but longer than anticipated. Some days I feel like my butt is not big enough, but other days it looks more plump.
I don't know, I want to start working out again because I am feeling chubbier in my arms and thighs :(
I still don't feel ready to do anything more than walking though because I do get a few pains and stiffness if I walk too fast, or over do it by moving too much.
Everyday is getting better though so hopefully i will be back to normal soon.

View from different angles

Columbus Plastic Surgeon

She is bar far the best surgeon I have met/let perform surgery on me. Dr. Grawe really puts in the extra time and effort needed to listen to her patients and address all of their concerns. I love, love, love her work! Dr. Grawe, and the whole Roxy team are hands down - The Best, and I feel blessed to have found them :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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