29 Year Old, Previous BBL, Wanting More with Butt Implants

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Hello Beauties! So, I have slowly but surely put...

Hello Beauties!
So, I have slowly but surely put myself back together after losing around 100lbs after my 2ndaughter pregnancy.

I lost the extra weight withas a strict diet, exercise and *breastfeeding.
Sadly to say that after all of my hard work I was left with sagginess/extra skin in my breasts, abdomen, buttocks and thighs :(

Soooo, I decided it was time to start correcting/ filling it in ;)

Overall, I think we all want to feel sexy and confident in our own body, so that it when I started my plastic surgery journey back in 2014 with my breast augmentation, then a tummy tuck and a BBL in 2015 (performed at different dates and by different surgeons)

And now, the best and kind of scary journey of getting buttock implants.
I have read through probably ever BBL and Butt implant review on realself.com, and that was how I finally found the perfect doctor- Dr. Grawe in Powell, Ohio!

After reading through so many reviews I noticed some women have tons of issues after this surgery and that is a scary thought/feeling....but I can safely say that I feel less nervous now after having Dr.Grawe as my plastic surgeon.

I had my butt implants surgery on Friday September 23rd, 2016 at around 11:30am
I was back at my hotel around 5ish and I stayed a total of 4 days post-op (5 days including the pre-opp appt with the doctor)

I'm back home here in Texas now, and the flight back was actually waaaay better than I could have hoped for. I flew southwest and they were so nice that they let me take-off and fly the while way laying down on 3 seats (a whole row) since neither of my flights were full.

I also suggest having an air mattress in the back of the car/Suv of whoever is driving you or picking you up, since I had this done for me and it was super comfy!

Okay so back to my butt implants review..

I have the 712cc aart implants, I have a saying that since I live in Texas, we "Go Big, or Go Home" lol.
And I'm so happy with the size and outcome these implants gave me.
As I wrote earlier I had a previous BBL in Miami, and my outcome was really nice at first, but after around month 8 or 9, I noticed I had lost more volume then I desired to lose, and my buttocks area still had the dreadEd cellulite that made me feel super self-conscious and my butt was just not round or perky enough.

So, that's where Dr. Grawe stepped in and fixed my issues. She even addressed the cellulite which I hadn't found any other doctor able to offer.
I will post some pics and keep ya'll updated every chance I get.

So far, so good though and I couldn't be happier with my results :)

***Oh, and I also highly recommend buying a "go girl" or a female urinal if you are going to have this procedure done or a BBL, it comes in handy and so does a fanny pack so you can neatly and gently tuck your drains into it without having them hang and swing around everywhere.

It's my 1st day back in Texas so I am going to get some rest, stay hydrated and eat a ton of protein...wish me a speedy recovery ladies!!!

I wish you all the best too :)

Pre-op picture

This picture was taken the day before my surgery. You can see how I needed to get more fullness in the lower part of my buttocks on the right side. After my BBL in Miami, I was left with a fuller left butt cheek and an uneven right butt cheek.

Dr. Grawe was able to correct this with just the implant (no extra fat grafting)

She also corrected the cellulite I had on both buttoaks. I will update with more photos once the bruising subsides

Side view

Right side view

So, I don't know why, but I can only upload one photo at a time, so here is another one. This is the same side that was uneven in the pre-open photo. You can see now both cheeks are even and super round :)

A better view of my butt before the implants

Okay so I was extremely hesitant to upload this photo, but I'm doing it anyway so ya'll can see how bad my butt looked before this surgery. **and this pic is my butt results after I went to Miami and had a BBL. So yeah I didn't get a nice result from my BBL, I feel like it just enhanced my cellulite and left me feeling like I had an old granny butt :*(

Anyway, that is all behind me now! ;)

I feel absolutely ecstatic with my results from Dr. Grawe, and now all of you can see why firsthand:)

Right after surgery pics

Notice the little dots on my butt cheeks are where the doctor inserted the scalpel thing where my cellulite was located. I will start applying a scar cream to reduce the small holes visibility after 2 weeks from now.
But they don't seem as noticeable now since it's healing.

Finally tried on an old dress of mine

Last drain came out yesterday!

Hello Dolls,

So I finally got my 2nd drain removed yesterday. The other 1 was removed 18 days post-op.
I feel so much better to have them out, and I am now in a new garment which fits more snug and makes my butt look huge!
I'm still bruised on my butt, so once that subsides I will take a few nude butt pics from different angles. But for now, I will add a little video clip with my favorite Faja(compression garment) that I am finally able to fit into.

Almost 6 weeks post-op

I'm still healing, not yet working/driving or sitting. To be honest I'm nervous about even attempting to sit down (even on the bbl pillow I have) so I'm going to wait for awhile longer...
Recovery is going well but longer than anticipated. Some days I feel like my butt is not big enough, but other days it looks more plump.
I don't know, I want to start working out again because I am feeling chubbier in my arms and thighs :(
I still don't feel ready to do anything more than walking though because I do get a few pains and stiffness if I walk too fast, or over do it by moving too much.
Everyday is getting better though so hopefully i will be back to normal soon.

View from different angles

Seroma & Hematoma issues

Hey everyone!
I'm finally taking the time to do another update on my butt implants since I'm in the hospital and have free time.

So, around 3 months post-op I went out and had a few too many drinks, and I honestly don't remember much from that night but I am pretty sure I fell or something fell on my right side butt cheek. 4 days later my ass cheek swelled up double in size and I went to a PS in Texas to see what happened.
He performed and ultrasound that verified a seroma had formed on the top part of my butt above the implant.
He drained 500ccs of fluid that day, and then the 2nd week drained 380ccs of fluid, week 3 went down to around 300ccs and week 4 only 75ccs of fluid was drained.
I waited 2 weeks to follow up with him and when he did the ultrasound he said everything was gone so I was healed.
Great news, I was cleared to have a Breast revision surgery the following week in Miami.

Once I arrived to Miami, I had my pre-op consult with the suregion here, signed paperwork. Everything was going well and I was getting ready for my upcoming surgery. Then around 6pm, my right buttocks started to feel really tight and swollen again. I was hopeful it was just minor swelling from the flight, but unfortunately it kept swelling and by 7pm I had the recovery house staff drive me to the hospital.

I felt like my butt cheek was about to explode! It was a horrible burning sensation and very tight. So I was admitted to the hospital, given pain meds and started on IV antibiotics just in case it was an infection.

I had surgery the next evening. A nearby plastic surgeon was willing to come to the hospital and perform the surgery. I had to be put to sleep, I think I was given general anesthesia through and IV.
When I woke up he said he drained 1000ccs of hematoma blood from the right butt cheek!
My left side is fine, thank God.
Anyway, I went into tachycardia and my blood pressure dropped after surgery. Luckily I didn't need a blood transfusion, but my hemoglobin is at 7.8 right now.
The surgeon put in 2 drains, 1 in the top part of my incision and the 2nd on the bottom part of the incision on the right crease of my butt.
It's not pleasant having to go through this, but I hope I will be healed after all of this, I feel like I'm in hell :(

I'm draining dark red blood and it's still quite a bit, today I drained around 120ccs, but I'm hopeful that the amount will get lower in a few days.
Please keep me in your prayers, ladies! Thank you ,and God bless!

Hematoma Update

So I stayed in the Miami hospital for a total of 6 days, and my hemoglobin level went down to 6.5 during my stay so I needed a blood transfusion after all :/
But I'm doing better now, I got back to my hometown on the 11th and I have been on bedrest since then.

Unfortunately 1 of my drains fell out of place before it was supposed to come out (I was still draining 40ccs of blood) and I was told to take them out after they were draining less than 30ccs per day. So that makes me worried that I will still have some fluid that needs to be drained, but my body might be able to absorb it. It sucks not knowing, and worrying until I get an ultrasound :(

I have been wearing a compression garment around the clock unless I'm showering. And I haven't been sitting or laying on my bottom because I don't want to irritate anything again.

I still have minor swelling in my right buttocks that could be nothing or might be left over hematoma fluid, hopefully it's nothing. But I have been getting follow-up care with an amazing PS here in Texas, and we will check for fluid this coming Tuesday.
Last week he said he didn't feel any fluid so I'm hoping for the best!

I'm just so ready to get back to sitting/driving and being normal again.

So sad, and confused :(

I'm updating today to say that I think my hematoma issues have finally resolved. I had an ultrasound almost 3 weeks ago which showed I still had a small amount of fluid around my right implant.
I had the PS here in Texas drain it, turned out it was 80ccs of dark red/purple looking hematoma blood :/

I have been on bedrest for the past few weeks again and wearing compression garments 24hr/day. Laying on my stomach and not sitting once again.

Anyway, at my last PS visit the surgeon here in Texas said he thinks I have a Capsular Contracture now on the right implant :((((

The right side is harder, tighter and tender, so those are all signs of a capsular contracture. And the trauma, hematoma issues can all trigger forming this type of complication.

I'm mentally, physically and emotionally drained from all of the problems, expenses and bedrest I have been dealing with. I feel depressed, frustrated and confused on what my next steps will entail.

I have emailed Dr. Grawe and she said she can perform a capsulectomy to remove the scar tissue (capsular contracture) which should fix the issue.
But I am going to have to pay 2k surgeon fee and 2k anesthesia cost totalling another $ 4,000.
Does anyone know if insurance will cover the hospital/anesthesia fee?

Honestly, I can't afford to spend that much right now, and I'm worried the scar tissue will get worse. I have money tied up with another surgery center in Miami when I was supposed to have my Breast revision surgery, but I don't know if they will refund me my money since I had already rescheduled once after signing final paperwork and then being admitted to the hospital for my butt implant hematoma issue back in February.

I don't know if I even have the energy to undergo another butt surgery/recovery again so soon knowing I won't be able to sit, drive or have a normal life for yet another 3 months or longer.
I mean I waited 3 whole months after my butt implant surgery before having sex, sitting or driving the 1st time around.
I was committed to healing and became a hermit in order to have a complication free recovery, but it seems as though that was not enough time.
And then my unfortunate fall made everything spiral downhill. Why am I having such bad luck???

I feel like the hematoma issues were bad enough, but now I have CC too. I can't help but think what happens if I undergo this revision surgery, more money invested and all the recovery needed after, and then still wind up with more issues or another capsular contracture???

Sorry for venting so much, but I'm feeling so confused and hopeless right now and realself is the only place I can share freely and actually have people understand.

My husband doesn't understand, but has been trying to be sympathetic to my distress, and I have zero friends so this is my only real outlet.

I have attached a picture showing how my butt currently looks. I will add more in a standing position later today.


Left side looks like it's starting to say, and right is higher up

So after taking some pics of my bottom, I've noticed that the left side which has never had any complications looks lower and seems like it needs to be lifted to appear more aesthetically pleasing.

And ironically The right side that has a capsular contracture actually looks more lifted and firm.

So now if I do have revision surgery to fix the CC will the implant settle lower than i want it to once healed?

Maybe I should just wait to get a new surgery altogether instead of having revsion surgery and than later on needing to replace my future saggy implants.

Perhaps the oval size implants would have fit my buttocks better than the rounds?
Idk, but I'm still confused:/
What do y'all think???

Scheduled CC removal

Hi ladies!

So I have decided to go ahead and schedule the capsular contracture removal around my right butt implant with Dr. Grawe in October.

She is still the best PS for my butt implants and I trust her to fix me. I love how she uses her Snapchat to teach everyone more about PS and she is very knowledgeable/gives amazing results . So I'm sticking with my gut instinct and going back to Ohio:)

I have been patiently waiting and watching this 1 side with the hopes that it would not need a revision, but I am super OCD about symmetry and it's not where I want it to be.

It does look more even than it was after my hematoma issues, but it still has a contracted look and is rock hard in certain areas where the drains were placed during the surgery I had in Miami to remove the excessive amount of fluid.

My new surgery is scheduled for late October. I would have gotten it done sooner but I need to recover from a breast revision surgery and thigh lift that I just had done in June. I want to give my body a bit more time to heal before going under the knife again.
I hope this will be my last cosmetic procedure for awhile, at least for another few years.
Anyway, my implants are doing great otherwise and I can make them look symmetrical when I wear a compression garment so that's the good news :)

I have been sitting down on the implants constantly since June and they feel normal.
I'm still unable to have sex "doggy style"
And I am now using a special donut BBL pillow when I drive so I won't hurt my thighs or butt when I'm driving.
I'm always more careful with my body now and I am hopeful this revision will turn out great and healing will be a lot easier than the first time.

I will keep y'all posted as my surgery date gets closer.
Happy healing!!!
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Great surgeon, really fast email and phone responsiveness. Amazing bedside manner, and extremely knowledable. However, im not sure they sympathize completely with patients revision/post surgery complications regarding surgical fees. Dr. Grawe is amazing though and gives superb results :)

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