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Had my breast aug today with Dr Roxanne Grawe from...

Had my breast aug today with Dr Roxanne Grawe from Roxy plastic surgery. 400cc high profile silicone,surgery went well. No pain just some tightness and pressure, I found that walking around helps with that. some before and same day post op pics. Hoping to be large C small D. I am also happy to have my husband home to help with things around the house and taking care of are 3 girls

pots op day 2 .

was ok to sleep at first but got very stiff and couldn't move come the middle of the night. woke this morning tight feeling in the chest,but not bad.been up walking around all day if really helps insead of laying around . took my other meds and just Tylenol to keep from having pain. just cant wait for they drop and see what they look like.

Day 3

Finally able sleep and get out of bed by myself not needing the Percocet for pain since the day of surgery. Still have some stiffness getting a little better implants are still high ,I am able to move my arms more freely without feeling a lot of pressure, my incisions are starting to itch and once in awhile a slight stinging feeling. Happy to finally be able to get a shower today will post some pics after.

Day 3

day 4

today feeling great. all pressure is basically gone. feeling like I could do anything but of course I wont so I don't hurt myself or end up feeling it later. having realself really has helped me with making my decision on getting my breast aug.i have wanted my old body back since my last child. I have 3 girls . .so now that my baby is going to b 6 I knew it was time to really do this and I couldn't be happier . I was so scared of having pain cause everything I had read and watched videos on ,but I haven't had one bit of pain just pressure and tightness like when you get ur milk after having a baby. I am so happy that my husband and my girls help me out so much. and that all my family are very supportive of me with the decision. I will try to post update pics later this evening. do worrier now cause my nipples still point down ward hoping that that's not how they will stay..i am so loving the new me!!!

day 5

I feeling great. was able to get the girls ready for school today. can get dressed pretty much by my self . was having some back pain last night so I switched to a normal sports bra no zipper and felt and slept great . but this after noon I put my zipper one back on for better support and b/c I never asked my surgeon if it was ok yet .and now this evening the back pain is back. also I noticed my belly is bloated .almost look pregnant again. lol. don't know why .I haven't yet had bowel movement but really don't feel like I have to . so not sure y im bloated in the belly,ive been taking my stool softeners .and took a dose of MiraLax. still nothing . but anyway. I feel great .cant wait to really get my final result. so happy I did this .

day 6

so I have noticed today I pain on my left breast . even when I move my arm. and also that my left is more firm than my right. I was able to move my arms very well and today when I move my left it hurts not where I cant handle the pain just enough to know its not the same as yesterday. hurts to just touch, even has like a numb feeling. hopefully nothings wrong just healing process .also it seem that my left is little bigger than my right. has kinda been since even before my breast aug . so I don't think that should be something to worry about

undate photos

feeling so much better not tight .not really sore. wishing my nipples would not be pointing to the floor .hoping that changes soon. starting to be soft .going to my 14 day post op appointment tomorrow.


had my first post op visit today with Dr. Grawe. she said everything looking good . I am so happy I picked her for my breast aug surgery . she is really a wonderful person . I feel so comfortable with her. but I go back in 4 weeks . and then finally will be able go bra shopping .she said I can also finally start wearing a normal sports bra with out the zipper ,thank god that thing wasn't all that comfy . but I am really happy I haven't had really any pain or trouble with my surgery or recovery so far. I have noticed that today they aren't tight starting to be really soft .liking the new look more everyday !

17 days since surgery

so the last few days ive been dealing with little draining with my incisions nothing a lot just every once ill have a dot . I have to call tomorrow and make an appoint this week she wants to see me in person even though we have emailed back in forth and I sent pic she thinks it fine but still wants to see .no pain. I took new pics hoping to see them dropping and they have some not a lot but I can tell .also my nipples are starting to move just little not as pointing at floor. they are getting squishy and that is so great since they were really tight not that long ago . feeling great . also I really hope my nipples don't stay pointing downward . I don't see how that works ,but I was assured they would come back upward after the implants drop .


so my incision are doing better.had to have few stiches removed that didn't dissolve . I noticed I think I have a mondor under my right breast,. its long only notice it when I stretch .kinda sore when it sticks out when I stretch my right arm up. kinda goes from under my incision and is about inch long on my rib.not sure if that what it is but from what I have looked up that what it states . anyway, they are getting more squishy now. not suppose to do messages or anything so I try not to squish them to much but I do check them to be sure not getting any hard tissue or anything. still nipples are low but not pointing at floor like before . other than that not much has changed ,



so I my was pics of my incisions and im still having issues with them.just been going and having sutures removed that my body just wont dissolve ,and last week I had one removed that felt a small hole ,that just wouldn't heal on its own so today I had to and have stitches to close it and I have them removed in two weeks .as of for everything else not much has changed they are getting softer but still high,and I was told today if when I come back in two weeks and they are still high ,I will have to start wearing a band. that all for now srry I haven't updated.


Its been little while since I updated pics.I can sleep on my side now.so squishy now.but still high.probably have to wear a band after next week if they don't drop by Thursday when I go get my stitches out.not pain. Feeling great just waiting on them to drop and look better.


I can see a little change in my front pics. hopefully this isn't my final result. I am 8 weeks one day post op. still have more upper fullness .she said they have dropped they just need to fluff out and soften more and they should start moving more naturally over next 5-6 weeks. hopefully they will round out at bottom more. keeping my finger crossed, I am happy I can sleep on my side, and go without a bra. I thought I be happy to wear a normal bra finally but its uncomfortable , so I would rather wear a sports bra .

11 weeks updatw



Well I finally got to 6 months post op and for most part love them.do wish I went bigger and my right breast dropped more than left so my scar is up .but for now that don't bother me and in couple years I'll upgrade my size.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

Dr Grawe, and her staff are wonderful she was kind and understanding to what I wanted to accomplish with my breast aug. It was defenitly worth the 2.5 hr drive I would recommend her to anyone looking to get a breast aug. I would like to thank Dr Grawe and her staff.the first have of this review was from day of treatment but I would like to add that I just had a question with my incision on Friday 5th 2 weeks post and she responded to me in min .she really has been a great PS .I went and seen other PS before picking her and I don't regret my decision at all.Dr grawe is the best

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