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I have been researching BBLs for months. I have...

I have been researching BBLs for months. I have surgery 11/4/16. I am having a BBL & hopefully around March I want to have a TT. Through my research I haven't been able to find any pictures of people who have loose skin and who will need a tummy tuck afterwards. I want to be that person for anyone else. So here are my BEFORE photos.

2 Days

It's Wednesday, surgery is Friday so I've mostly been focusing on drinking plenty of fluids. I feel like I pee twice an hour. My goal for the rest of the evening and tomorrow is to just get my house in order, go to the grocery store, and triple check that I have everything I need for after surgery. I will keep my account updated.

Tomorrow is the day!

Okay so it's Thursday, tomorrow is the big day. I want to get my feet pedicured today (with no polish) since I know I won't be able to for a few weeks and it's something I usually do every other week. I'm going to make sure I have all the pairs of sweats and loose shirts I need, grocery shop, all the good stuff. Right now I'm most worried about having to lay on my belly since I think it's uncomfortable and the fact that I can't eat after midnight, my surgery isn't until 2pm and it's a 4.5 hour procedure. I'm just worried about being nauseous afterwards from the anesthesia and not being able to eat or drink for so long. Feeling nauseous is one of the worst feelings for me???? I will keep my profile updated tomorrow when I check into the hospital!

Time change

I just got a call from the hospital and they asked some medical history questions and told me to arrive at 7am and surgery will be at 9am. I asked why it had changed and she says it's been that time on their schedule the whole time. Hmmm... this is the only miscommunication I've had so far but I'm glad the hospital called! Will update in the morning.

Today is the day!

It's 2:30 am, I just showered with the antibacterial soap and am hoping to fall asleep soon. I have to be up in 3 1/2 hours and just remembered I didn't take the nail polish off my toes soo I have to make a quick run to the store in the morning to get nail polish remover and take it off on the way to the hospital. I will try to update after surgery.

The pain is REAL

Surgery went well but I was very tired and slept a couple hours after recovery at the hospital. I have gotten very light headed standing up to the point I almost passed out. All of my pain is in my stomach and around my ribs today. I'm going to try getting more rest and hopefully feel a bit better tomorrow

Slightly better

I'm feeling better then I was yesterday. Just keeping up on my meds because about an hour before I'm due to take them I start getting a lot of pain. I've been getting up on my hands and knees to get me off my stomach so much. I will upload pictures of what i can get of myself

Evening update

It's now 7:30pm. I haven't taken any of my prescribed pain meds since 7am. I'm taking 2 200mg ibuprofen when needed so that tells you the pain has subsided a lot. It is tough having to stand and pee, thinking about ordering an EZ PEE from Amazon. I've only ate crackers and a bowl of chicken noodle soup today but have had plenty to drink. Still dozing off and on. Will update tomorrow!

Day 3

I'm in a lot more pain today than I was yesterday but I can shower at some point today. I'm going to wash my binder because it has some blood on it. I have had some of the sterile strips over my incisions come off but the doctor says it's okay. Bruising around my ribs is starting to fade. My lower back keeps tightening. I have ate a little more today and no longer need the nausea meds. I will try to get pictures when I shower to post.


I was finally able to shower and feel a lot better. I have a pouch at he bottom of my stomach which I'm hoping will go down. I'm bleeding less as well.

Day 4

Today hasn't been much better than yesterday. My lower back has a lot of pain but also feels numb when I take my binder off. My elbows, neck and knees are sore from sleeping on my stomach. Ready for this period of time to be over. Still think it's worth it though. My results I see so far are amazing.

Before and after

Just wanted to show a before and after photo. This is me now without my binder on and a picture of me from just a few weeks ago.


I'm trying to give an update every day but at this point not much is changing with me other than bruising going away, I'm leaking less fluid, pain is off and on and being managed by meds. Just ready to sleep on my back and sit up because my joints are hurting sleeping on my stomach! I can't seem to get comfortable. I'm so exited and cannot wait to try on my clothes to see how they fit me now! I may not update every day but I will update when change happens so still follow my updates!


Just wanted to show you all the binder I was given after surgery. I spoke to the physician at my surgeons office and got the ok to switch to something else because this one hurts my ribs really bad. That's actually my only pain complaint at this point being 1 week post op. I took it off to give my ribs a break before I put a spandex one on.

Sleeping on my back

So tonight I've had to make my full body length pillow into a donut shape and put an extra pillow on each side to sit my butt in so I can lay on my back without putting pressure on my butt. My stitch holding my drain in that's in the front is pulling apart from my skin and it is painful. Hoping I don't mess up my results due to this ????

One week 2 day update

I feel my butt has gone down some, hopefully just swelling. But I've finished my antibiotics and are only taking ibuprofen when needed, mostly when I wake up because my body is so sore from sleeping uncomfortably. I haven't wore my binder because as you can see it's leaving horrible bruises on my back along the edge of where the binder lies. I've read that the binder helps reduce swelling and that not wearing it doesn't determine my outcome that my shape is made in the OR. I still plan to find a more comfortable binder though because I can feel my stomach has swollen a little without it. My drain tube has left a deep imprint in my stomach from laying on it and it's causing me pain so hoping I can get it out tomorrow. I really want a TT to get rid of all of these stretch marks but I've read up on the pain and I'm not sure I can handle it honestly.

Drains out

Today I had my drains taken out and it was the weirdest feeling! The physician also said she doesn't want me wearing my binder anymore because of what it has done to my back (see photos from yesterday). I can definitely feel the swelling getting worse from not wearing it.

Post op apt

Just realized I didn't give an update after my post op apt (3 days ago). My surgeon wants me to put aquaphor on my back then put a tank top on and my binder on top. She said in one week I could sleep and sit any way I wanted and to switch to a compression garment like the one in the photos above. I also got my scar gel to put on twice a day. I go back in 4 weeks!

2 months post op

I apologize I haven't updated in awhile. I got a new phone and forgot my log in. I'm almost 9 weeks post op. I love my results. Not sure how much was transferred, I never asked. My back is still healing but looks a lot better. My stomach and back are still a little numb but getting better. I have no complaints at the time.

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