548cc Butt Implants with Fat Transfer to Hips & Butt

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Okay so where do I begin... I was completely convinced that I would have a BBL Plus Fat transfer to Hips, BUT that's all out the window now.
I'm going back to my very FIRST thought! BUTT IMPLANTS!!! 712cc's to be precise and of course fat transfer to Hips, I'm hoping 500cc to each side (we will see what Doc. thinks about that).

Why I've decided to go with Dr. Grawe? Firstly she's female, which I think is absolutely FAB =)
Secondly Butt Implants are one of her specialties! (You can tell, that fact that she performs the surgery intramuscular. I mean a lot of Drs won't even dare... it was subfacial every time I inquired with other Docs). I mean she must be extra comfortable). Not to mention placing the implant on top of the muscle just looks totally unnatural.
Okay, so thirdly and lastly She dose BIG, and I mean Big Implamts 712ccs are a norm at her practice... I've followed a few girls here on realself that also went with Dr. Grawe... and may I say they look ABSOLUT....... PERFECTION!!!
I guess that's about it.

I paid my consultation fee over the phone, as I'm overseas. And I was emailed all the forms I've attached in "photos" I have completed them all, taken my pictures, a couple wish pics too and emailed her team.
Consultation fee was $150.

I'll keep you guys posted, next step is hearing back from her team and paying an additional $200 to scheduale my Surg date... everything, all the costs go towards Surg...

Playing around w/Rice made implants

2 cups = 500ccs

Consultation complete

Dr Grawe has recommended the 548cc but implant instead of the 712cc, to achieve my wish pic results... and I'm happy with that -she's experienced enough to no what's right for me.

So to update my procedure:
I going with a combination of implants 548cc, 360 liposuction and fat grafting to hips and buttocks.


Got my quote today!

Deposit Paid

Scheduled for Surgery on the 8th of Feb!!!
Going to my weekly payments to Dr Grawe's Office via cc over phone.

Wish Pictures/Look

All i want... <3

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