5'1 98lbs Mother of 1! 548cc Round Butt Implants. - Powell, OH

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Had my surgery on the 15th of July. Feeling sore,...

Had my surgery on the 15th of July. Feeling sore, but totally manageable. Not being able to pick up my son is the worst! The drains suck pretty bad too. Super annoying. My husband has been an awesome helper. There's no way I could do it without him. Already loving my new booty!!! My husband can't stop smiling lol!! I can't say enough good things about Dr. Grawe and her team. They are awesome!! I'll be posting photos as I go. Let me know if anyone has any questions.


Sorry if some of these pictures are upside down. Idk how to change it.

Drain pic

Post op day 4

I don't really consider myself to have a super high pain tolerance, but this recovery has been basically a breeze. Don't get me wrong, there is pain, but nothing like what I read on here from other girls. I guess I just over prepared for the absolute worst pain ever..when it's really not that bad. Seriously, the drains are more annoying than anything else. I'm still very pleased with my results and I know they're only going to get better! I keep looking at myself thinking, "is that really my butt?!" it's awesome!! I can't wait to get these drains out so I can start trying on clothes! Dr. Grawe has been amazing! She emails back quickly with any questions I have. She always asking how I'm doing. I couldn't have asked for a more caring doctor. If you're thinking about getting butt implants, I really suggest giving her a try!

Post op day 5

Better everyday! Pictures don't capture how big my butt really is. I can't believe this is my body!!

One more pic for post op day 5.

Better lighting.


I tried to get a few different angles. Not much has changed. Moving a little better. I'm mainly just ready to get these stupid drains out!! I made an appointment for Tuesday so I am counting down the days!! So tired of being trapped in the house.

2 weeks post op

FINALLY got those drains out yesterday!!! It felt soo good to get them out. It didn't hurt at all. I also went out to eat for the first time since my surgery yesterday...which was kind of a fail. It's really difficult to sit for a long period of time(with a boppy pillow). Other than sitting, everything is going smoothly..well driving sucks too bc it involves sitting lol. I LOVE my results so far. The swelling has definitely went down, my butt doesn't look as "up my back". Still pretty hard though. Ok that's all I can think of right now.

Ladies, tell your man "HANDS OFF!".

Today makes 3 weeks and 3 days post op. I was sitting down doing my make up this morning when I felt kinda a little pinch where my inicision is. I'd been feeling that randomly for a couple days, but didn't think anything of it. Thankfully, I got curious today and put a mirror back there to take a look. And... TA DA open incision!! Damn it!! Last time I had looked it was closed up, but then I thought.. oh yeah, that was before I had sex with my husband and before I decided to push my son in his stroller up a steep hill!! All I can say is don't over do it after getting your booty done! I felt and still feel completely fine. I'm not in any type of pain I can sit without a pillow, walk normal, etc. So no matter what you think you can do... YOU CAN'T! I finally gave into my husband a couple nights ago and agreed to "do it".. I'm regretting that now. I don't think that's what ultimately caused it to open, but I'm sure it didn't help. Now I'm really just going to chill out. And no more stroller pushing either lol. I called the office and Dr. Grawe's PA told me that they had went over the picture I sent (same one I posted) and said it looked superficial. Probably just where some glue had came off too soon. I was freaking out, but she seemed really calm about it so that eased my mind. She said just to keep it clean and dry and just keep an eye on it to make sure it was getting larger or leaking. I have an appointment Thursday so they can examine it further. She said it may need a stitch or it might even be closed up by then. I'll post an update after I get out of my appointment and let everyone know what the verdict is.

4 week post op visit

Soo.. About that opening in my incision. There was a stitch that didn't want to desolve so I guess it poked through causing that hole. It was rather deep too..ekk. Anyway, they stitched it all back up and I'm good to go. They said there was no sign of infection and everything looked amazing. It feels so much better knowing I don't have an extra hole back there lol!! I'll be posting pictures very soon so be on the look out!!


Bought this dress yesterday to go out and mannnnn did it ever cause a fuss lol. Guys and girls were breaking their necks!! I'm so in love with my new booty :) and so is everyone else hahaha


Look at my before picture from behind. This really shows the difference my new butt makes. It gives me curves!! No more square booty!! (still gotta work on loosing a bit of my waist)

Trying to keep updating!!

Love this projection!! Sitting and bending down is still weird. Everything else is basically back to normal. My incision is still healing since the sitches so I'll take another pic if that when it's all healed up. My butt is still pretty hard too, but movable.

2 months and 6 days post op

I apologize for the delay. College is back in full swing so I'm a busy bee. The incision is all healed up..which took forever!! Stitches kept coming through and causing holes. That was super annoying!! I can do everything I used to. I feel completely normal. I'd say the only thing that causes some discomfort would be sitting on the floor and sitting on really swishy sofas. I knew I'd get a little extra attention from my new butt..but good lord!!!! People go freaking nuts, seriously! It's hilarious. You can't see my implants at all, which is surprising because I'm pretty small. Anyways, If you guys have anymore questions please ask. HAPPY FALL!!


A few people have asked to see what the scar looks like soo here ya go!! This is with my butt cheeks spread way apart. You can't see anything when I'm just standing or even bent over.

Ask and you shall receive lol

brazilianhoney asked for these pictures. Here you are, hope this helps.


Hope these pics help

New Pic

Love these panties! Had to share ;)


Here's me groping my own butt lol kind of awkward but a lot of girls have been asking sooo here ya go.

Update pics

I believe someone asked me a while ago for a jean pic. So here are those. Everything is basically the same. It has gotten a lot softer. Working out is fine, just no running or jumping. I guess I could but it's very uncomfortable. Also I can't do any sit ups. It's hard to explain but it feels like too much pressure on my incision. Laying on my back is still awkward. Other than those things everything is back to normal. If you have any questions, just ask! I'll get to them as soon as I can! Happy new year to everyone!!

Incision update pic

It was a little difficult taking this picture bc my butt is so big now I can hardly get to my butt crack lol

New pic

In love with these white pants!!

Front profile

I feel like I don't have many front profile pictures. So I snapped one before class. And yes I have gained some healthy weight (if you didn't notice). Happy Thursday!!
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Dr. Grawe and her team are amazing to say the least. I felt so comfortable and at ease in their care. I highly recommend Dr. Grawe. I drove nearly 7 hours to see her and it was definitely worth it.

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