5'1 122LBS, 712CC ROUND BUTT IMPLANTS (Revision), DR. GRAWE PATIENT - Powell, OH

Hey everyone! I have never posted a review for any...

Hey everyone! I have never posted a review for any of my procedures before but I felt the need to this time. Today was surgery day. I originally had a butt implant procedure done in 2011 by Dr. Makhlouf in Chicago, IL. All the butt augs he performs are sub fascial and he swore that was the best way. No way. The implants shifted, stretched out my skin by not having any support since that layer is pretty thin, and most importantly, the minute I bend over they were so noticeable that one would think they were under my pants and not in my body. Ridiculous. So I needed a revision. I searched and searched and searched. I was not going to have another botched surgery.. I came across an AMAZING, EXTREMELY talented Dr. Grawe. She is also so sweet and very genuine. I knew that nobody but her was touching my butt. I went back and forth FORTH forever between sizes. Literally. To the point I probably drove her staff crazy, which I sincerely thank them for being patient and dealing with my crazy ass ????. So, it was between the 548cc and the 712cc. I really wanted the 548cc... It wasn't as heavy, and a little more natural looking, however, I just felt since I would be removing my implants and with all that skin to fill out and I wanted more of a "lift" effect, the 712cc (sub muscular, 15.7 in diameter, 6cm projection) would be the best option for me. So far I'm very happy. This surgery was such a breeze that I feel like I never had surgery today. Pain is minimal and managed with pain meds and I am up and walking around as well????. We will see how tomorrow goes. If anyone is seeking butt implants Dr. Grawe is #1 hands down. I will continue to update results. Check out Dr. Grawe on snap chat, her staff is so funny and all so cute AND you can watch all of her amazing procedures. So far I couldn't be more happier with results!!!!!! Dr. Grawe and her staff are all amazing, and very helpful. ??

2nd day post op!

Feeling a little more pain today.. Muscle soreness and muscle contractions. Taking it easy, but walking around to stay mobile and promote circulation ???????? thank god for the hubby doing everything for me. You definitely need someone with you for several days while healing. Especially with kids

4th day post

Feeling a lot better today. I am still swollen but I def do not feel like I just had butt aug done. I feel like I just went heavy on leg day. My energy levels are pretty consistent thanks to my pre workout supplements that I am still taking even tho I can't work out right now ???????? some supps I recommend for recovery are..
Arnica, Bromelain and Quercentin, Omega 3, a collagen supp (powder form) Pure Vitamin C (powder form), BCAA (I use Kaged Muscle, speeds up recovery) Probiotics (Garden of Life Raw is best) also a powder whey protein Supp because it is immediate delivery of protein and does not need to be broken down (again helps with recovery, I recommend Dymatize ISO 100, Quest Protein powder or Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard). I know that seems like a lot but they all have different benefits and I promise they all do what they are intended. My incision is almost healed and I am only 4 days out. If you want to pick and choose I would def recommend the first 2 for sure post recovery.

Pictures do NOT do justice!

I am beyond happy so far with my results. Now I know there is still swelling, but there is also a fluffing stage where the muscle and surrounding tissue will relax, the implant will settle and drop, so there shouldn't be a difference. But I went back and forth between the 548 and 712 for so long doubting myself if the 712 will be too big, and the 548 would be too small. The day of surgery Dr. Grawe was like okkkk are youuuu sure... lol so I started to doubt myself some more. The anesthesiologist came in to start some meds to take the edge off... They started to wheel me back and I asked if I am going to see Dr. Grawe before I'm under.. I said I'm not going to sleep yet right because I need to tell her something. lol smh they said I would but they prob just assumed I was scared because I'm sure most patients are doing plastic surgery. But I was going to tell her 548 not 712) sure enough they put me to sleep and I woke up with the 712. THANK GOD everything happens for a reason because I would NOT have been happy with the 548 and I would never know how good the 712 actually look on me. I Love the outcome so far, and I could not be happier that I chose this size, AAAND Dr. Grawe. :) I included a few different pics so you can see the fullness and projection at different angles. Sorry it's hard taking pics yourself.

2 week update!

Hey everyone! So I just wanted to post a lil update at my 2 week mark, which I will continue to post updates.. So, swelling is going down. I DO still have swelling, one side more than the other. I still really cannot bend over much to even put my pants on lol thanks for my husband he does that. I would say it is also due to the fact my implants are larger, and room back there is more confined at the moment so it is causing restriction.. However manageable. I'm feeling a lot better. I am hoping for the fluffing period because although it looks big, I still like the bigger booty look. Everyone is like wow your butt is huge and I'm over like ahhh not really. So some quick info. While everyone needs to have realistic expectations when it comes to plastic surgery unless you just gave money to blow and don't care, go bigger. I hear so many people wanting butt implants yet say but I want to look "natural". I'm not bashing these people but if that's the case go on a bulking diet, put on some lean muscle and hit the squat rack. Butt implants are pricey and you should get your money worth by getting an implant size that has a wow factor, not wow it doesn't look like anything changed. Do you doctor search in depth, just because one performs them does not mean they are skilled at doing them. And lastly I don't care how many butt implants a doctor has done under the fascia DO NOT do them. It doesn't matter how big or small you are you WILL feel them. My implants feel hard right now due to swelling but I do not feel the implant itself but you def will under the fascia. That later is to thin.

Love my results!!!!

This Butt just gets bigger. I'm at 1mo post op and LOVE my results! This butt just gets bigger. It still hasn't "fluffed" and one side still sits a little higher, u still am sore and it's still a little difficult to fully bend but my results are amazing and definitely worth the hassle. It just looks so perfect at every angle it's ridiculous. Love my doctor and love my booty.
Columbus Plastic Surgeon

What a blessing to find her!!!!! Amazing plastic surgeon and person to say the least. She is very talented, caring, genuine, meticulous and honest. One could not ask for anything more in a Doctor. Highly, HIGHLY recommended!! Dr. Grawe and her staff are the BEST! So glad I found her. Would NEVER let another plastic surgeon touch me again and I would travel hours for her. So worth it.

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