*23 Yrs. 5'3- 140 Lbs. - Butt Implants 548cc Round. Under Muscle - Powell, Ohio. Dr. Grawe.*

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Hello everyone, ive been wanting to post a review...

hello everyone, ive been wanting to post a review since having my surgery. I first wanted to say to all the people looking to get some kind of cosmetic surgery, DO YOUR RESEARCH..!... So i had been really wanting to get my butt and breasts done. i decided to go with butt implants first. i have been in the gym lifting heavy for a couple years now. mainly lower body, (butt,thighs,legs). i had come a long way with it all the way around, but i felt that i wasnt getting any more size and projection with my butt, so i went ahead with the search for the right butt procedure, by the right doctor. The Search... i thought alot about bbl, brazilian butt lift. However i dont have that much fat, and i read so many girls reviews that were unhappy with the results a year or so down the road because the fat had melted away or there size had gone back to almost the original size. after careful consideration i figured with my active lifestyle working out a couple times a week, and my job as a mail carrier (walking 10-15 miles a day), i decided that implants was the way to go for me. I came across Dr. Grawe in Ohio. through our 2 visits she was very pleasant all while being thorough in her consultations. there is alot of information and details being covered in a short time. So thats why i recommend to take your time do your research to really figure out what you think is best for you. Her staff were also very helpful. Decisions..... After deciding on the doctor an choosing to do implants, i had even tougher decisions, i went back and forth with Size and Shape... i seen a review on here of a girl that got 800cc ovals and we were similar in physique. her butt looked soo good. but i read a handful of girls horror stories about the ovals rotating and shifting. i seen a few doctors opinions about round vs. ovals and what i took from there perspective was that an oval implant suites most women's behind slightly better than round. But there is also a bit more increased risk in future complications such as shifting and rotating with the oval. that being said i decided to go with the round... It was even harder to choose a size.. I was going back and forth between the 548 an the 712cc round implant. after actually feeling the implants in my hands for a second time. i thought, even though i wanted to go big, i felt the 712 implant was just too big for me. the doctor even said the larger the implant, the larger the risk of complications. i wanted to go under the muscle as well, that was very important to me. I went with the 548cc round.. Dr. Grawe and her staff were awesome throughout the whole experience along with the hospital and surgical staff. they were attentive and helpful, pushing for a healthy recovery. At Home healing... It was a rough first few days to a week. Pain along with getting up, an especially going to the bathroom. i took stool softener regularly and even some Miralax powder mix a digestive assist. i Strongly recommend you get some and take it regularly along with your other medications. Moving into my second week things have been easier moving around and doing things on my own. i sorta forgot to mention, that for the first week my boyfriend had been helping me with everything, making things alot easier than without thats forsure. the pain has been getting less and less aswell. not much else to report. i have my 2 wk. follow up appointment later this week. hopefully getting my drains removed. I'll update after that appointment, an then probably once every month after that... i hope some of this information here helps you in one way or another. More updates coming soon...

Getting some pics posted

hope some of these pics help. there will be more to come

2 weeks Post op

Hello again everyone. Giving you guys a 2 week update about what's been going on since my surgery... Earlier this week around day 9 or 10, my boyfriend noticed my incision was opening at the bottom on one side. We contacted Dr.Grawe on the emergency line and emailed her some photos. She suggested to come in tomorrow the next day,as soon as we could. We left the next day on Monday. She decided it needed to be re-stiched on the part that was open. It was cleaned thoroughly an re-stitched. She said other than the small opening it looked really good. No sign of infection in the opening was just superficial. They also sent me home with a couple more prescriptions one for a stronger antibiotic just in case. And the other for pain medication. The days following I was a bit sore and just rested for the most part. The incision has been healing up nicely since then, I think it's just about all the way healed crossing my fingers still taking it easy until my next appointment. Unfortunately I still have my drains in. I go to see the doctor again later this week on Thursday the 14th. Hopefully they're ready to be removed by then... Here's some more pics. The swelling has gone down quite a bit. Its looking good. The pictures dont really capture the size of how it actually looks. Definitely looks bigger in person. :)

Lips done at my emergency meet last week.

On the bright side of the day I got my incision stitched again I decided to get my lips injected with one vial of Juvederm. I've been wanting to do it for some time and decided to do it then. I'm not going to do a review on it it's a really simple procedure. It took about 10 minutes and cost $600.
I had very minimal bruising. You could barely tell only if you were really up close looking right at my bottom lip. It's supposed to last about a year. Doctors say that it's not good to have anything injected permanently into your face. I'm liking the results so far. I would recommend Juvederm injection for anyone that is considering getting there lips done.

1 month Update

hello again everyone, giving you guys an update. sorry for the delay. i had been busy wit a family wedding....my incision has been all closed up for about a week now, and have begun using my scar cream.. big relief.! i also finally got my drains out last week on Thursday the 21st. i was still draining too much the week prior when i was supposed to go on the 14th. so i had the appointment pushed back. i had them removed and have been sitting more and more now. its still a bit uncomfortable to sit so i have just been taking it slow. i have been able to get around a lot easier now, with little to no pain. i have been doing more and more trying to limber up because i will be going back to work at my physically demanding job.... so i had also got another vial of juvederm injected in my lips at my last appointment. one vial was ok, but didnt give me what i was looking for so decided to get another. i bruised a bit more this time around, but no pain really. im really happy with the results from the second vial.

Pics from the second vial of juvederm in my lips

hey wanted to post a few pics from a few days after the second vial of juvederm to my lips. from Roxy Plastic in Powell Oh.

6 weeks Post OP update

hello everyone, updating my review again. at the 6 week mark post op. there is becoming less to update about as i have been all healed and back to work for the second week. everything has been going great, sitting and sleeping normal. and my butt is softening more and more each passing week, starting to feel real and jiggly again lol. i have been out a few times since my surgery and wow, this butt is causing a lot of ruckus ! lol. guys wont stop staring and women are constantly asking me about it... i cant wait to get back into the gym. i have done little to no exercise since my surgery, i have been taking it easy, but i will be starting back at the gym this week probably. here are some more pics, will be taking more soon, without bottoms on.

forgot to put a few lips pics inn

a few more pics

not much new going on since the last update. i had taken a few new pics today and wanted to share. :)
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Dr. Grawe was awesome, along with her staff. helpful, informative, and supportive. the whole experience has been relatively smooth with their help and the right preparation.

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