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I have just found this website and I'm surprised...

I have just found this website and I'm surprised that if wasn't told about pain at all. This is my second day with Invisalign and it hurts. Putting them on is not bad but taking off is a nightmare . My gums are actually bleeding every time I'm taking my trays off. I so hope it will go better. But I have to admit my teeth are horrible so I'm so looking forward to any improvement. I know it's my early days and I'm finding hard to get to the routine. first of all I'm starving!!! It's too much pain to take that off so I eat and drink only when I have to . I suppose I will have to change my routine. The biggest nightmare is not being able to drink my coffee . I'm a coffee addict as I have a low blood pressure and I'm tired most of the time . I just so hope to get rid of this pain ..

Day 5 tray 1

Slowly getting used to having something in my mouth .the Pain is easier to cope with but not completely gone. Now I realised how many snacks I used to have a day!! I'm starving !!! Because taking trays out hurts and all cleaning routine takes me about 8 min I'm sticking to 30 min for breakfast , 30 min for lunch and 1 h for dinner . I'm only size 8 but and not big eater but now I'm constantly hungry. It's hard not to have a snack in the office . Yesterday one if my colleagues had birthday and we had lots of cakes and chocolates which I couldn't touch. Than I went for a girly evening and drunk water all the way through. Girls assumed I'm on the diet so I kept it that way. So far nobody notice I have "braces" so I keep it quiet . I still feel uncomfortable

Feels guilty

Yesterday I went out to the town with my friends . We went for a meal and couple drinks. I think it was a first time I was on night out since my boy was born.(we talking 4 years) I was very nervous how I'm going to cope with the plastic in my mounth . Initially I was planning to take them out and leave at home, but that why I would not meet min 20 h. Bravely I kept them on. I waited till my good arrived and sneaked out to the bathroom. Luckily sink was placed very privately and I left my cousin by the door as a barycade . This time taking trays out went smoothly. I think I'm getting use to it. I had my meal and came back to the bathroom to make my hygiene routine which takes me 7 min. So far so good. Then the problem started.. Drinks... I was drinking Corona and Malibu Coke. There was no way I could take my trays out all the time, so I used a straw and rinse my mounth after every drink. Felt SO guilty, came back home and extended my brushing, cleaning, flushing routine to 10 min . I read so much about people complaining about the stain, smell ect .. It is really petryfing me. It's my 5 th day and so far there is no even mark on my trays... Is it really so bad to have a" straw" drink once for a while?????? Except that things are going better. There is no pain just a slight push. Only problem is a sharp end on my bottom tray which is hurting my lip from inside.

Tray 2- week 3

I have just changed my trays to second set and surprisingly there is no problem at all. They fitted smoothly and there is no pain so far. Nothing like tray one. I was expecting at least two days of pain again. I got used to hygiene routine and eating in certain time with no snaking between meals. But again... Nothing is never too easy for me. Two days ago I found out I'm pregnant !!!!!! After two years of trying and finally giving up here we go.. Now I'm scared again. How I'm going to cope with sickness and no snacking? Last two days were horrible . At work I was told I look green ... Well , felt "green " too...

Tray 3

I have just changed to tray 3. Somebody said it's easier to change trays on evening and sleep through the first pain . I think it's a good idea. This tray is much tighter than tray 2 , but I will post a better update in couple days. So far I can't see any change but I feel little bit diffrent in my bite.

Last couple weeks on tray 2 were horrible. I would lie if I said it was easy. Tray fitted nicely and I mastered in and outs quick and smoothly . There was no pain at all just a little bit of pressure at the first couple days. In normal conditions, no problem at all.. But well , it's not me... Being 7 weeks pregnant I do suffer with sickness . Nausea is my closest friend now and I throw up at least 3 times a day. Most of the time I managed to take trays out but it makes me sick even more. When they are in place its not bad , but moving them in and out causes a close meeting with a toilet straight away. The mint taste of tooth pAste and listerine is a big no no.. I'm using kids fruity tooth paste at the moment . So far, the bigger challenge was to snack before stomach starts asking for it. If I'm late I'm sick. So my meals were tiny but more frequent. Now , I'm in the stage of being off food completely. Only bread with butter and boiled potatoes. Tray 1 stayed in place for over 22 h easly, tray two vary but never below 20 hours. Only on Monday I had it out for about 4 hours as I didn't want to risk being sick in the plane. I wAs planning to extend tray two by day, but tray 3 fitted easly so I assumed I'm still on track. Summarising so far, I do not recommend this treatment during the pregnancy . It is extremely hard . Unless you are lucky and don't suffer from morning sickness .

Tray 4

Im on my 4 th tray now and things are getting better. Despite of morning sickness i managed to keep my trays on minimum 20 h a day. My dentist was happy with a progress and gave me another 3 sets of aligners. I was worried if my number 4 will fit as last couple weeks were hard and trays were constantly on and off . Luckily , all goes smoothly and there is no pain at all. Doctors put me on anti sickness tablets to help out and it's working so far. 11 weeks pregnant, 4th trays and just after breast operation . It's a lot for body to take . Hopefully these all will be worth it at the end.

Tray 8

It's been a while since I updated my review last time. Maybe it's because there was no much change and I was focusing ony pregnancy more than invisalign. It's my 8th tray and I'm 20 weeks pregnant. I'm still suffering with sickness and even trays became a part of my daily routine I don't think they helping with my nausea. That probably is the only problem. So far there is no pain just tightness when changing to the new tray. I can slowly see the progress as well. Especially bottom teeth look much better. I have to admit , due to sickness I don't take trays off every time I drink. Surprisingly milk shakes are my best remedy . I suppose because I can't snack they kind of replace the hunger . I keep a bottle always with me but not always I m in comfortable place to take off my trays. I just use a straw. So far no problem, yes after two weeks , trays are getting a little bit yellow but it's not noticeable . Unfortunately , I got a gum disease. Dentist said it might be due to pregnancy as my mounth higiene is very good. It's worrying me now

Tray 10

So far no major problems with trays although removing them is still making me sick. There is no pain but I can't see major changes neither . I hope it's just me. I'm not even half way through yet

Tray1 comparing to tray 10 pictures

Tray 10 second week and problems

Here we go.. I knew something will happen that's my luck. Yesterday
Got a message to come to see my doctor as he needs to discuss something before I continue a treatment. Despite of message saying" it's nothing to worry about" I knew something is not right. My dentist said he noticed on video Invisalign sent my bottom tooth require too much back and forward movement what might cause gums problems and tooth roots coming out or something :-( he called Invisalign and some specialist in London and all of them said risk is to high and they recommend to take two of my theeth out nr 4 top and 5th on bottom. It is my choice if I decide to take a risk. I desperately didn't want to take any healthy theeth out. At the beginning of the treatment I got two options and the only difference was my middle wouldn't be aligned , but I wasn't bothered. Now , I feel I have no choice as I already paid for treatment and I have already survived 5 horrible months dealing with morning sickness as well. So upset. My dentist had to take new impressions and i need to wait till a new plan and trays arrive. And my biggest nigtmare .. Need to take these two theeth out . Now I'm wearing my retainer for a night only till everything is sorted. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and I don't know how much more my body can take

Another set back

I'm furious . Now I found out there was a problem with my impressions taken before Christmas and they need to be re taken. 6 months of struggle with my trays and morning sickness, all for nothing. Need to start all the procedure again. Still waitinh for my new trays and teeth extraction. 31 weeks pregnant and not sure how safe it is to do now.

Starting all over again

Here we go. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I ve just had two theeth taken out. I was petrified but I'm glad it's done. That was the only way to move forward. My aligners has been already dispatched so will have them later this week. All my plan has changed. I'm expecting 30 trays for a bottom line and 40 on the top. Before I was planned to have 38 and I was already on my 10 th. I so hope it will be worth it. Just can't believe I was going through the nigtmare having trays and morning sickness for 6 months and now I'm back to start. Hopefully it will be easier now and trays will help me with post pregnancy diet haha

Back to tray 1

Here we go. Attachéments back into place and tray1 on. So far no pain. I'm glad morning sickness is finally over. That makes my life so much easier. The only problem, the next dentist visit is on my due day haha

Tray 5 - correction series

Well, my baby boy finally arrived on 18th of March safely at home. I'm so glad it's over. Luckily , I'm a stubborn person and kept up with Invisalign all the way through pregnancy and sickness. It wasn't easy and I would not recommend it to anybody. The only tip I can give: don't start Invisalign if you are trying for a baby unless you have very strong minded.I had my trays off only for 1 night through the labour. Now, my dentist cut my time between aligners to 10 days. I got 3 sets to see how it goes . I was also asked to bite a little bit of plastic 3 times a day ( not a chewy) Apparently, that might help to speed things up. At the moment my aligners are working on the gaps after my two theeth Extraction.I feel no pain and hopefully now everything will go smoothly

Tray number 12

There is no much to update as my trays are working on my back teeth. It's flustrating because I can't see any drastic changes and I'm wearing Invisalign for 10 months now. The new baby and Invisalign are a perfect diet. I lost 10 kg in 7 weeks. Now, I m changing my trays every 10 days. I'm used to them and they don't bother me anymore. There is no pain at all I just wish to see the results quicker

Tray 16 mid correction

I haven't wriiten for a long time. It's because I'm getting flustrated as changes are so slow. If not a mod correction I would be almost at the end of my treatment but now I'm not even half way. Still 27 trays ayes to go. I'm used to it now so much that I feel uncomfortable without it. I'm also not as careful with it as before and I don't stick with water only. I need my coffee no matter what. Obviously, I'm making sure the higine is kept properly. Now, I'm changing my trays every 12 days, it used to be 10 days but last tray didn't fit properly. Apparently some teeth are more tricky to move.

Dentist appointment

Today I pick up next two trays. I need to extend the time of wearing one tray back to two weeks. Apparently they working on shifting a middle line of my front teeth what is quite tricky. I will have something like little strings placed on my back teeth to help them to move. No idea how that will be look like. Below picture before Invisalign
And now

Tray 23

I can't believe it's been already 1.5 years I started this process. With set back I'm officially now half way through. I got used to wearing my trays but I have to admit I'm really getting tired of it. Now, my top tray seems to be slipping from my top teeth so dentist said he might have to take a mould again. That would be another delay. O hope it will be worth it at the end as I'm really starting to be fed up with it

Tray 23 of 43

Tray 30 of 43

Really loosing my patience. Now I have an ugly gap on the top. It's just not going . Bottom lip be looks better. Apparently it's almost done. Still not impressed. I'm so hoping to have everything done before summer. That's a picture two top before Invisalign two bottom now. Still a long way to go

Another correction tray 37

Just found out I have another 6 months to go. New impressions were taken and waiting for new sets of trays. It feels so weird to have no trays on at the moment. I have a constant feeling of quilt and j want to put them back on. I still brush my teeth after every meal or coffee drink. That's a habit now. It will take about 3 weeks till I get new sets

Another 22 trays

I can't believe I'm getting another 22 trays after correction . It means still 9 months to go. Originally, I should be done by July. It's been two years since I started. Really frustrated now. I'm not gonna make it before my big holidays

Already August 2016

There was no much to write in past couple months. The process is slow , but finally I see the proper results. Hopefully , will finish by Christmas. Unfortunately will not meet my goal which was October what means still having trays on my big holidays to Florida. I'm so used to them now that it's not such a big problem.

2 months to go

I haven't written for a while but because I'm so used to trays now I don't even notice them. Last week I found out I'm nearly to the end now. I'm not fully happy yet, but maybe it's just me..

A week to finish

Not far to go now but I'm not convinced. Maybe it's just me? I need an advice. Dentist said he can take another mould and send out to Invisalign if I'm not happy. Don't know what to do. The idea of the end of the process is tempting but I don't won't to regret after

Still not finished

Well, so close but not there yet. My dentist took another mould to check if Invisalign can do a little bit more. Just waiting for a new plan. It was tempting to finish now but I know I would regret . It was a long journey, couple more months won't make a difference as so used to it. At the moment just wearing my last tray as a retainer

Another 5 months

Well, o went back to dentist and told him I'm not convinced it should be a final result. He took another mould and send out to Invisalign. It took them 3 weeks to come back to us and I have another 9 trays to go. So I was right, it wasn't a final result.

2tray out of 9 second correction

This must the longest post on this website. And I'm still not done. Trays are part of my life and I'm so used to them that feel naked without them. I have noticed my jaws hurt if they not on. Hopefully next post will be the last one

4 trays to go, 10 days each

Here we go . Almost there. I have to admit I'm getting fed up of it now. Maybe it's because I know almost there? My time for wearing set is 10 days now. For some reason trays created a gap between my bottom front teeth which needs to be closed. It looks like my next post will be my last post :-)

Last tray

Little bit nervous today as tomorrow it should be my past dentist appointment . I heard that at the end of the process teeth need to be shaped by dentist. Need to ask this question. I'm going for overnight retainers. Initially I was told I will get fixed ones, but I was a little bit unsure of it

Almost there but not there

Another month to go... still two gaps to go .. started to think about retainer and decided for removable one. I have also asked about teeth shaping but my dentist said I won't need it. Let's see

I'm done !!

Hurray !!! I'm done !!! It was looking by journey , initially planned 18 month but it's been 3 years. I can smile again !!! For all who read my story , don't give up ! It is worth it at the end . I wear bright lipstick, I smile and I feel confident again! Good looking luck everybody on their journeys . Looks sometimes do matter !!!

After match

It's been two weeks since I finished my treatment and wear only ratainers... such a weird feeling. I'm still in the habit of brushing my teeth every time I eat or drink, my jaws feel uncomfortable and sometimes hurting. I'm assuming everything needs to settle. Retainers are much more bulku than Invisalign and not so comfortable. Probably just have to get used to it. I kept my last set of trays and still wear it once for a while as I feel my teeth are moving. Every time I put my trays on they are tighter and tighter. I can see this journey it's a life time treatment. But I'm desperate not to come back where I was ...
Dr Mark Johnson

Very little, brand new clinic . So far very good experience

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