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I had this procedure January 29th in Seattle. I...

I had this procedure January 29th in Seattle. I did it because I liked the idea of a less-intrusive surgery, using local anesthetic, and because all the literature given to me, plus the consultation, made it all sound as if I would heal quickly and with few (if any) complications.

I now feel that this was very misleading, as it is almost 3 months, and I have had nothing but problems and anxiety. I have lumps and ridges all along both cheeks, which showed up about a month ago, and a large lump under my chin which is hideous and has been there from the start.

My doctor, at the 1-month consultation, looked at me for about 3 seconds and said, "It'll go away." That was it! I live 4 hours away from the clinic, and it is difficult for me to get there. I am very depressed and nervous. My face is not only a mess, but it still can feel very numb, and at times, as if I were being bitten by fire ants. Is this normal this long after surgery?

I was never told anything except that I would be healed much sooner; and I was not told what the lumps were, whether to massage them, or anything else. he did say to come in for a steroid injection, but that is in another month! Is that too late? Will these things go away? How long can I realistically expect to heal?

I feel as if I've been abandoned by the clinic and that I am a nuisance to the doctor, who just sort of ignores my worries. Help! Am I going to look and feel this way forever.

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He seems too busy and preoccupied to give proper reassurance.

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