Mesotheraphy and Endermologie Consequences and Afterwards Problems - Portugal

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I had 30 treatments with both endermologie and...

I had 30 treatments with both endermologie and mesotherapy(with needles), no real pain or big bruising. My skin was actually firmer(a big problem for me) and cellulite( I didn't have much) disappeared.

I stop treatments 1month and a half and I think I'm even worst and getting worst by the day, in the last week the changes were amazing. My belly is almost has big and the skin shows more laxity, the skin lost all the tone I had from the treatments, and because I lost fat, yes, I was going only to have a few common problematic areas worked on and I'm quite thin, but she injected me everywhere. I never had problems with her so I trusted it was the way to go (no idea mesotheraphy could dissolve so much fat), because of this the skin tone in my legs is even worse than it was before, because some fat is gone and also was not gone in a homogeneous way, now I understand that it's better not to do it with needles, because the fat dissolves only in that area, just near that, it stays the same, or is this just my experience and someone can report a good experience with needles?

Now that I know is so effective I can understand that is quite difficult to dissolve fat in a homogeneous way by a person injecting you here and there( I read you can do it without needles and supposedly is not so effective, I wish I've chosen that way). Also because of this problem the shape of my legs changed, the inner knees have a depression for lack of fat and the inner part of the leg, in the middle also has a evident depression (these kind of depressions are common to appear with age and machines like VelaSmooth even advertise that are able to make this better, I did not have it, and now, after paying to be better I do! How ironic!

I had to be the one to tell her not to inject me with the fluid to burn fat in those areas anymore! But the damaged was done. Also have more fat near the left knee than in my right one! I can feel fat deposits here and there that in order for my legs to be homogeneous shouldn't be there, so instead of a clean line I have small bumps here and there, another great side effect, obviously with all this problems, also my legs are not the equal, the left has more fat in the tie than the other, the right has more fat in the inner tie than the other. My buttocks are getting even worse than before because I had already lack of firmness there, and know after she dissolved so much fat it's even worse, so I got rid of almost all the cellulite (but some come back already), but now it looks even worse because the firmness effect from the treatments is gone.

I was always worried about dissolving fat because of the tendency that my skin has to laxity, but the skin tone was so much better that I stopped worrying about it and let her do her thing... My skin in some areas if I pressed it, a bunch of lines formed, now I have this effect all over, the skin looks much more fragile, and the tone of the stretch marks( that I get even without loosing more than 1Kg) are starting to appear worse than before. I feel terrible about all this, and not knowing what to do, and worrying how much is going to get worse. If anyone had a similar experience, or can review herself with my skin problems and had a good experiences from doing something, please share.

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Too many undesirable consequences.

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