Breast Lift, No Implants - 31 Years Old, 2 Kids

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Hi everybody, Here are the pics of my Mastopexy:...

Hi everybody,

Here are the pics of my Mastopexy: breast lift only, no implants.
Classic story - I always had big breast, 34DD/E before pregnancies, 34F/G during breast feeding. Afterwards my breast lost volume and I ended up with saggy 34C/D.

Was undecided for quite a long time between anchor breast lift and augmentation breast lift (my PC recommendation which most probably would be lollipop scar + 200cc implant). I read tons of literature about implants, pros/cons….and after all decided to go ahead without implants... for now :)
I want to see what size I'll be after I recover and my breast gets its natural shape. I want to experience this thinner boyish look, no bra dresses I could never wear etc etc etc…. And then I'll see if I miss big breast that much )

Re the surgery itself: I know it lasted 4 hours (which I obviously don't remember at all). My first post-op day was just AWFUL, sooooo much pain, no analgesic really worked. But it's getting better day after day. And today, 5 days post-op, I have almost no pain )

So, was it worth it? God, I hope so )))))

11 days post-op

The pain is over :) Still breasts need very gentle treatment and I'm already used to avoid certain movements, lifting weights, etc.
My breasts are still visibly higher then "normal", but it's absolutely normal, my PS says it will take up to 3-6 month until they are fully settled into their new position and shape.
I had 5 sessions of post op special lymph-drain massage and it helped greatly to reduce swelling.
I am wearing a compression bra 24 hours (PS recommends to use it for 1 month post op 24/7). But I already tried normal bras and apparently I will end up with 32C/34B size.
So far I'm very very happy with my breasts! …looking at the pre-op pictures: why did I wait so long for this surgery?!? )

1 month post op

Have seen my PS today. Everything is ok except fibrosis on the upper inside part of both breasts (especially right breast where a quail egg size lump is palpable; left breast has bigger but less concentrated firmness).
My PS says this sort of lump or firmness can resolve over time….otherwise lumps can be accessed from a small incision to be "treated" (cut/departed?) God, I hope I won't need it! Next PS appointment is a month from now to see fibrosis….so I'm fingers crossed.

Day-to-day: using ScarBan silicone bandage (aprox 16h/day) during next 2/3 month to minimize the scars.

New bra size

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