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Expecting to lose 80 lbs. I've had this excess...

Expecting to lose 80 lbs. I've had this excess weight on for over 14 years since I had my first child. Tried to lose it hundreds of different ways but nothing changes. So I got the first approval from my normal doc, she sent me to the Bariatric Surgery dept. at the Naval Hospital. A week later I attended the information class about the surgery at the hospital, got my second approval to go ahead from the surgery dept. there. I had to get blood work ups, chest X-ray and ekg done before I could make an appt to see the surgeon. Got that done today which is less than a week after the class. I have an appt for next week to see the surgeon, so waiting on this(this is where we discuss the result of the labs, X-ray and ekg this one I know is normal). Once I'm approved by the surgeon then I need to be cleared by the psychic dept. and nutrition dept. then I see the surgeon again to set the date for my surgery. At this point in time I was told 4 months till surgery so that means Oct. I'm feeling nervous and wish things could move along a little faster. But oh well.

Waiting for the appt. day

So i'm scheduled to see the surgeon on the 25th. They will review my labs and X-ray with the ekg results and tell me to either see the physic and nutrition or tell me its a no go.

Almost done with the requirements for surgery.

I've taken my time, but I'm finally almost all done with the pre requirements for surgery. Tomorrow I go for my physic evaluation and once I have that approval I then go back to see my surgeon for the surgery date! Last I talked to him he stated a 3 month wait for surgery. So with that it looks like I might be having surgery at the end of January. Oh I can't wait anymore! But I also don't look forward to the 2 weeks of protein shakes before and after surgery. Ugh.......

Hit a big snag,

So I was one appointment away from meeting with the surgeon and getting my official surgery date, and then things hit a big stall. Part of the deal was that I had to get a recent pap done. Well the pap came back abnormal. So then I had to go for a colonoscopy and have further test done, so that came back with signs of moderate dysplasia. Now I have to go back to have LOOP surgery done.
When is this going to end?

Had Surgery on Aug 31st, now 10 days post op

Starting weight 212
Weight surgery day 208
Current weight 198
Total weight loss: 14 lbs

So far everything is ok, its has been frustrating sticking with the liquids diet. I sneak in a teaspoon of whipped peanut butter everyday. Today I had like 3 tablespoons of cream of wheat. 30 mins afterward I had this little way of heat go through me, it was not enough to break a sweat but yeah does anyone know what the heck that was about?
I have a doc visit on Friday to see if i'm ready for stage II, dear lord please I need to get off these protein shakes.

2 wk post op doc visit

Doc advanced me to the soft foods stage, I'm excited! Any ideas on what to put together with the soft foods list. lol!
Oh and the doc said I've lost 15% of my excess body weight!

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