46 Y/o Mom of 8..Ready to Let Outside Reflect Inside - Portsmouth, VA

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I am so excited I can't sleep!! Surgery is 11...

I am so excited I can't sleep!! Surgery is 11 hours and 45 min from now. My nerves are all over the place!! Ive been anxious and nervous and terrified all at the same time. I have waited YEARS for this procedure. I can hardly believe Im finally about to have my body back. I had my first child at 15 and my second at 20. At 24 I married and over the course of 20 years I had 6 more ( theres a set of twins in there). In 2009 my marriage went belly up but by the Grace of God me and the kids ( thru stayed with me) rebounded. I am so blessed. Its been a long and tough journey being a single parent but I am rich from the experience. My kids have been soooo supportive and I wouldnt be where I am now without their love and encouragement. Idk but it seems like they are more excited about the ps than I am :)... In fact, my 19 yo suggested I join this group and it has been such an encouragement/learning experience viewing the posts. I cant wait to add my progress and hopefully be able to provide just a little of what Ive received:.. more to follow RS family

Surgery Day

Oh my!!!! Im headed to the hospital. Checkin only one hour away!!! Im sooo nervous and excited


So I arrive at the hospital.. It takes forever to find a park but we did it. so i go to check in and the person checkin me in is standing behind me. he asks for my name and fhen asks if i need to provide a urine sample. he was speaking loudly so in a slightly lower voice i say no. then he asks oh did you have a hysterectomy.. i just stared at him and asked if he could lower his voice. im not upset aboit my hysterectomy it was the best thing i couldve done but i didnt exactly want the whole

Looking good so far

Day 4 Post op

This is my first update since br, tt w/mr. Overall Im doing well. Yesterday was the worst so far. My drains kept pinching my skin and I was in alot of pain. Today has been blah. I move around slowly so as to not cause my drains to pinch and pull. I love the way I look and I know I have a journey ahead of me. If I had to do it again I would. My surgeon and his staff were top notch. They calmed my fears and left me feeling calm and relaxed. I sleep in a sports bra and that keeps my boobs contained without being uncomfortable. I have to wear my binder for 10 days but its not so bad. My kids have been with me every step of the way. I am so blessed to have them take care of me. I dont want for anything. I will add more photos as I progress. I hope my posts help.
Naval Hospital

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