21 Years Old, Obese Class II, Battled with Weight All my Life! - Portsmouth, NH

I've always been overweight, but last summer I...

I've always been overweight, but last summer I gained over 25 lbs from steroid treatments following a huge poison ivy rash all over my body. I was very uncomfortable with myself and followed a low-carb diet at the beginning of 2016 to get rid of the recent 25, but knew I finally needed to take control and get down to a truly healthy weight. My ex got the vertical sleeve gastrectomy in September 2015 and so far has lost over 120 lbs. When he was going through approval I went in for a weigh-in and did not quite qualify as my BMI was slightly too low. This time around I met the 40 BMI threshhold and began the process on February 15, 2016.

I went to so many appointments, group therapy, psych evaluations, blood testing, physical therapy, had to lose 12 lbs (not an issue)... finally got the insurance authorization on June 2, and the surgeon's office called me June 3rd with my date of June 28. Took off 6 weeks using short-term disability insurance through my work. And...

I had my surgery yesterday! Tonight is my second and last night in the hospital. No complications, been up and walking a lot both days, starting phase 3 of the postop diet tonight with a shake for dinner and a shake for breakfast tomorrow.

Just dealing with gas pains - they started in my abdomen around my tummy and have moved up under my ribs. I'm sure they'll reach my shoulder(s) by the time I leave. They've given me fentanyl and oxycodone at different times, which helps. Other than the gas pains I honestly feel great, even without any narcotics in my system.

Yesterday evening my parents and best friend and one of my roommates came to visit. Today my girlfriend and father and ex and his girlfriend came to visit and signed my take-home WLS procedure picture pillow (which I will probably not be displaying front and center on my bed, despite the bariatric coordinator's encouragement!).

More details - was on a clear liquid diet all day Monday with nothing at all to pass my lips past midnight. Got up early and drove myself in at 6 yesterday morning, an absolute ball of nerves. Once I got to the hospital I was on autopilot. Went into surgery at 8:20 and woke up at 11:30 with 5 laparoscopic incisions. The first thing I did was reach under my blankets to make sure I didn't have a catheter in, lol. I put my body jewelry back in yesterday evening when my best friend visited, so I felt more like myself.

Yesterday I was sipping 30mL of water each hour. They had me on fentanyl in the evening which helped with the pain, but that was depressing my heart rate, so the HR monitor kept going off since my HR dipped below 50 bpm. (Note - I'm a healthy 21 year old female with no other health conditions.) Today I've had a popsicle, sf Jello, and vegetable broth from the hospital, plus about a cup of water each hour. My tummy doesn't like when I put things in it, but after ~30 seconds of grumbly pain it accepts its fate.

I've been using a few gas-x strips but haven't seen much of a difference yet. Just gotta keep walking and taking that oxy! I've felt ridiculously lucid these past few days, considering all the medication I was given.
Will update as the days/weeks progress!

My stats:
HW: 233
SW: 213.6
GW1: 180
GW2: 150
UGW: 120-130

One Month Out

Recovery has been exceptionally easy, but most of my weight loss occurred during the first week and I've been plateaued for a solid 3, which is disconcerting. I've moved on to mushed and pureed foods. My appetite isn't there but my head wants to eat sweets because it always has... surgery won't banish the intrusive emotional eating thoughts.
My nutritionist says I'm doing fine.
Dr. Molly Buzdon

Very knowledgeable surgeon, great bedside manner, no complications.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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