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First off, I've been stalking RS for a few weeks...

First off, I've been stalking RS for a few weeks now. You are all amazing! What a positive, supportive community. I love all the wonderful advice and comradery.
Now my quick back story. My second child (now 4 years old) was a 10 pounder and did a number on my body. I've been toying with the idea of a mommy makeover ever since then. Originally this was going to be my 40th birthday present to myself. Then about 3 months ago I had a realization..why put off to tomorrow what can be done today. Life is too short and I missed having that self confidence with my body. I envy those women who can be proud of their post-baby bodies, comparing their stretch marks to tiger strips and the like....I just can't get my mind to that point. So surgery it is.
My surgery is only three days away at this point! I figured now was the time to step out of the woodwork and stop stalking everyones page and post something myself. Also my nerves are starting to act up, and I am hoping that documenting my journey will help with that.
The nerves are just about the actual surgery. I wish I could fast forward to the end of the week as I am super excited to see the results. I am having a TT with muscle repair along with a BA. The TT will be no drains, which I am happy about, and the BA will hopefully even out my right breast which is smaller than the left. Hard to be believe in just a few short days I'll be on 'the flat side'!

Less than 48 hrs to go!

Less than 48 hrs to go! I feel like I'm in nesting mode, similar to an expectant mother right before her due date. House has been cleaned top to bottom, laundry done, groceries bought, etc etc. Nerves are definitely starting to kick in big time, but just trying to busy myself at work and around the house. The nurse call the other day and my surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am. While I am not an early morning person I'm glad to get it over with and not have to wait around much that day.
Right now just trying to figure out sleeping arrangements. We have a recliner already but it is a manual one so not sure I'd be able to open and close it by myself. Hoping to be able to use pillows and either prop myself up in my own bed or the guest room bed. Ready to do this!

First day in this new body

It's done! Everything went really well during the surgery. Right now just staying on top of the pain meds and muscle relaxers. Also taking some mirlax to help keep everything moving while I'm in the meds. Very tired and trying to just sleep and relax. Get to take a shower tomorrow - excited to see my tummy and breasts for the first time then.

Day 2 post-op

Overall it was a good day. I'm still taking the muscle relaxers but am dialing back on the pain meds and slowly switching over to Tylenol. The over the counter stuff doesn't completely take away the aches and pains but the benefits of not feeling nausea or constipated outweighs that. Have been trying to get up and walk around the house every hour or so and have already notice a change in my mobility since this morning. I also had my first BM today...i highly recommend Smooth Move tea. Oh and I finally took my first shower tonight, poor husband was a trooper helping me. Although I am kind of wishing I had pick up a shower chair. There is something about fresh clothes and clean hair that immediately perks you up.
Posting a quick pic of my bruised and swollen body 48 hrs out. Belly button kind of freaks me out but I know from looking at everyone else's pictures that everything kind of sorts itself out in the end. Trying to keep my eyes on the prize and looking forward to the positive changes over the coming weeks. Hope all the other November Mommy makeovers are going well!

Day 3

Pain is definitely manageable on the Tylenol now and I feel like I'm not as hunched over as well. The big change today is the swelling, I might have over done in yesterday since I was feeling so good. Today has been all about resting and icing. My right breast also started showing some bruising this morning around the nipple. This was the smaller of the two and therefore got the bigger implant. My left by comparison looks and feels great already.
Mentally I am started to get very restless. I don't like sitting around the house all day. On the plus side Amazon has been getting a lot of business from me this week and I might just finish up my Christmas shopping early this year ;)

Day 6

Feeling good pain wise. Down to Tylenol as needed. Loving my boobs! Very happy with the size I went with. I'll post a quick picture just to show the bruising that showed up day 3 around the nipple. Bruises are now yellowing. Stomach is still very swollen but I am really trying to limit activity and use ice packs as much as possible. Went out to do some errands this afternoon with my husband and it was sooo nice to just leave the house. Think it helped me mentally to get some fresh air and change of scenery. Tomorrow I have my post op visit. I am looking forward to seeing what the doctor says about my progress. Hopefully I get the green light to change out the CG I got postop and into spanx. What I got postop is starting to get really itching and uncomfortable.

Day 8 lots to be thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving! Past the one week mark and feeling more like myself everyday. This Thanksgiving I am blessed to have the opportunity to get back a body I can love, have continued good health, and family and friends who love and support me regardless.
Had my post op visit yesterday to take out stitches. Everything healing up nicely. Still a lot of swelling so will be wearing the cg the PS gave me for atleast two more weeks before switching over to spanx. Can stand about 90% upright and able to walk longer distances before getting winded. I find that getting out of the house has really helped mentally. Also past two days have gotten out of my PJs and put on 'real clothes'. Seeing the difference in how they fit (even despite swelling) has been a huge pick me up. Happy healing everyone!

Week 2

Life is starting to return to normal. I'm able to do most of my daily routine, just a bit slower. I can now stand up straight but when walking I still hunch over a little. A few things I've noticed the past week.
1) I slightly freaked out when I saw a plastic string coming out of my body near my tummy tuck incision. Turns out it's fairly normal and just the leftover internal stitches after the PS knotted it. Should dissolve over the next few weeks and fall off. Great. For now I covered it with a bandage as it was catching on my CG.
2. Drink water, lots or water. Then repeat. I have a cup of coffee in the morning, glass of wine with dinner, otherwise it's water all day long. I notice a big difference in nighttime swelling on the days I drink a lot of water.
3. Even though I don't need to wear the 'booby band' anymore (aka that elastic bandage across your chest the guide the implants down), I prefer to wear it to sleep. I've been sleeping more and more on my back, and find it helps with any discomfort I get from my BA when in that position.
Other big thing to note, my pants fit again! Which is nice as it was getting boring wear leggings day in and day out.
Posted some pictures from this morning, seeing a little more definition everyday. My PS leaves the steri-strips on until they fall off on their own, which is the bandage you see over my incisions. The stripes look a little nasty at this point, but otherwise aren't bothering me at all.

3 weeks

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks and I feel like I'm turning a corner. No more soreness, standing upright, not as tired, and I can finally sleep comfortably on my side. Swelling is still there, although I see small progress each day.
Today I started digging through the back of my closet. Those clothes I haven't worn confidently in 4 years. Despite the remaining swelling, I am loving my new figure. So happy I went ahead with this surgery.

30 days post op!

I am now officially 30 days post-op. I am glad I took a few pictures along the way. I'm a pretty modest person, so taking a selfie...let alone one so exposed... is way out of my comfort zone, but it has been fun to track the results week to week. It doesn't seem like much difference between each subsequent picture, but then when you go back and view them in total it is amazing. So happy with my results just 4 weeks out.
I can't wait to see how things progress as I know I still have more healing to do. The bandages finally fell off my belly button. Although they are still on my BA and TT incisions. Swelling is mostly gone. The areas that it remains are mostly around my tummy tuck incision as well as along the vertical muscle repair area. My belly button also kind of freaks me out. The nurse assures me the tissue is still inflammed and swollen and that as that subsides my belly button with 'settle down'. So at this point just trusting in the skill of my PS, which was the reason I choose him.
Speaking of my doctor, going in for a scheduled post op visit Tuesday. Hoping to hear everything looks good and get the green light to up my workout routine.
For now posting two pictures taken 30 days apart. :)
Dr. Lawrence Gray

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