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Hi all! I had my consult with Dr.Gaudette today....

Hi all!
I had my consult with Dr.Gaudette today. I'm happy I found someone local with experience. All the staff was super helpful. They truly made me feel welcome. I explained I could only do certain dates and they rearranged the schedule for me!! I will need to go for my pre op. Any advice for this upper bleph. I am beyond nervous because all you take is ativan. I'm not sure how I feel about being awake...


Figured a pic would help. Not terrible but saggy , heavy lid For 36..


Really wondering if I jumped the gun. I'm so paranoid to go through thid and charge it... I'm such a picky person that I fear I won't be happy. I'm really worried about a bad visible scar. That was something I hadn't thought of prior..

Next week is pre op appt.

Nerves are setting in. Thinking am I crazy for doing this ? I hope my scars arnt to bad and I regret it.

All done

It was a breeze. I talked the entire time. Dr gaudette was so Awesome . It didn't hurt. Out to breakfast with yu mom.

Day one stitches.

This pocedure was so much easier than I anticipated! I took 2 mg ativan. I normally take 1 every day so 2 was ok. I felt a little pinch when using the needle to numb the eyes. Then nothing else. We chatted the entire time. Talking helped me forget that they were you know cutting my eyes. :) it took like an hour. I felt stinging for a couple hours due to the numbing stuff but now just a tightness. I have no pain. Day one is a breeze. Lets see what tomorrow brings for bruising. :)

Next day

Still no pain. I just feel like lids are tight and like they have sand in them. No bruising under the eye yet, perhaps I Will get lucky. The lids are.more swillen amd red. I iced and applied the cream prescribed. I look like hell bit feel ok. I wish I could clean, my house needs it.

Very pink....

My lids are soo weird looking. I have started to swell under the eye. My right eye has some weird bubbling ttpe skin in the corner. The sand gritty feeling drives me nuts! I have been using eye drops as well as iced today too.

Well still pink and swollen.

Still swollen amd pink. Inner corners feel tight and gritty. Most people foes through healing phases. I seem to be stuck at pink and super swollen lids... mu upper crease looks bad, I have weird skin in my left inner eye.

Upper crease

Is it me or does this look odd? ?

Another day

Hi ladies.
I ventured out with a hat on today :) feeling ok, iced a few times. I just needed some drops, my eyes felt like dry and gritty. One more day until work... thinking Mon I'm not going in .

Another day, same.

Tonight I finally bought arnica cream. Better late than never ? Lol. Thinking about getting a drs note to wear a hat to work. . My stiches except for outer lid are like invincible. Wondering if I got dissolvable ones? I'm calling in am for check up...

Stiches out

Hi ladies.
Today stiches came out. I guess I have 2 internal ones. Doc says I look average. I guess in my head I had unrealistic expectations. Also I was icing, they said I should've been doing warm compresses. Soo lesson learned. I went to ulta and bought some stuff to cover red and some other make up they suggested to hide the red. Lets just pray lids go down eventually. Tomorrow I have to work. I plan to tell my gossiping co workers I had eye trauma. Lol

Getting better.

Getting better day by day, feeling optimistic.

Feeling wayyyy better!

Since I got home I have been using warm compresses. It works! Gettung excited for my eyes. :)

An app I found.

Playing with an app.


So my right eyebis still way more swollen. The left has a crease still. I was hoping it would be gone and several people said I look chinese. Lets pray after swelling I'm happy.


Hi ladies!
I'm slowly healing. I did some cleaning today, think I over did it. My eyes feel tired and heavy. Well work was Intresting. I wore hoodies for a few days and it worked well to cover my eyes. A few nosy people asked , I said I was cold. That isn't unusual for me. I'm hoping the right eye catches up. I shall wait patiently for healing. :) hope your Saturday is going well.


I have this weird feelimg in the corner of my right eye. Its hard to describe. Feels more annoying than hurts. Like a bleeding type sensation, something in there. Started last night. I don't see anything and vision is fine. Paranoid. Eyes arn't anything to mess with. I did do a lot cleaning yesterday.

Not happy...

The swelling has gone done. I like the right eye but very unhappy with the left. I have more skin on the left. I saw a woman at my daycare who works in an eye. Drs office and she saw it too. I was hoping it was swelling the past 2 weeks. I hate the left and want the tiny crease gone to match the right. I can even feel the extra , its bot in my imagination. So I'm highly disappointed. I don't have another vacation nor money that I want to deal with this again.

Forgot the pics.

Bad lighting. No make up.

Better pics

Close up pics

Make up

I'm not great with make up. Oh I also got one syringe juvederm in laugh lines. Waiting for it to settle, I see no diff. I throw my hands up! Still have a heavy crease imo and I look horrible ...really thinking a nose job or chin implant. Thoughts?

Another pic.

Omg left eye looks worse than before :(


Little more change.

Update. .

Hi all!
I hope you had nice holidays. I'm doing ok. Discovered left eye outer crease has like a lump under the skin. Great .it feels good su ze, bigger than a pimple.. lol

Forgot the pic

Oops sorry! Forgot a pic.

A comparisom

A comparison..

Almost a year!

Hey ladies.
It's been almost a year. I can say im glad I did this ..I still wish more skin , especially the left eye didn't sag so much but I don't want a revision. I never even asked for one, I just dealt with it. I think my dr was just I the convertible side and perhaps my left wasn't perfect prior. oh well.
So if you're interested debating this surgery , go for it !
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