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I had a consult with Dr. Gray regarding a breast...

I had a consult with Dr. Gray regarding a breast lift and I wanted to talk about possibilities of a tummy tuck or mommy makeover as I've heard the term referred to, when doing both procedures at once. I was forewarned Dr. Gray's personality was off-putting and dry. I chose him based on a friend's experience of surgery results only.

Dr. Grey came into the conference room and asked if I was happy with my size breasts. I said yes, but wouldn't mind going down a cup size so tops would fit better. He immediately went into an insurance conversation. I honestly was taken aback as I never mentioned a medical history or problem based on my breast size. Dr. Gray informed me the insurance I carry, he doesn't take and would refer me to another Dr. In his office. He did do a very brief, few second exam of my breasts and Wanted to scheduled a time for me to come back. While I understand Dr. Gray thought he might be saving me money doing something through insurance, I'm not a foolish person who is eager to go through a process of proving medical reason for a surgery I am
choosing to do. My insurance deductible is a skyrocketing $8000 and the most I was told a surgery would cost is $3500-$8500. It's not necessarily a benefit of having my insurance cover $500 if the Dr/Patient experience is horrible.

To sum up my overall consult experience, Dr. Gray doesn't want to hear your thoughts, he makes conclusions without getting all the information or an exam and from the very first phone call, costs were always put first. I'm aware elective surgeries cost a good amount of money. I would not have made contact and proceed down the road of changes to my body with plastic surgery without first being prepared to invest. I doubt Dr. Gray will even remember my name as the 5 minutes spent in his office were the most hurried, uncomfortable minutes I have spent. I have sought out another PS with good reviews not only for results, but also bedside mannerism and follow up. I would lot recommend Dr. Gray to anyone, much less a timid person as the experience can shake confidence in the decision to proceed with plastic surgery.

Made it tgrough

In so much pain. My ps told my husband he took off 10lbs. I hate the way to pills make me feel. Nausea was a huge problem for me after. In the hotel now. Ate just a few bites then had to cough ???? Ugh. Go in for follow up a 9am
Portsmouth Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gray lacks in the personable area. He is very off-putting. Not a listener and the way he conducted the consult gave me an overall bad impression of how he conducts his business.

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