34 Year Old Mom of 2, 5'7 155lbs 34B, Mentor Under 450cc??? - Portsmouth, NH

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I am 34 years old and a Full time Mother of an 8...

I am 34 years old and a Full time Mother of an 8 and 10 year old and a part time Hair Designer. I am 5'7 and approx 155lbs with a goal weight of 145 before surgery. I am currently wearing a 34B bra only because I am broad in the shoulders and have wide breast tissue area. I look more like a 36A.
I had my first consult on August 17th knowing that surgery wouldn't be planned until after the new year. I wanted to have plenty of time to do research and plan. I went into my appointment having thinking one size and saline and left with a completely different size in mind and Silicone!
I was Very excited to view different sizes and options on a 3D photo screen of my body that the surgical center had to offer their patients. I will post those pictures, with 450cc and now, side by side. When I asked the nurse how accurate these photos were she pulled out a photo album with 3D photos and end results and let me say they were impressive. Extremely accurate.
Since the August consult I have discovered Real Self and LOVE reading your stories! I have learned so much and appreciate those that have shared their journeys. I have since booked a second consult for November 2nd to discuss sizing further and secure my surgery date...YIKES
I hope my story helps someone else and I Appreciate Any and ALL comments, feedback and advice!

2nd Pre op, Secured Date and Size!! Maybe..??!!

Today is November 2nd and I had a second pre op appointment to play with size again. I am 5'7, 155lbs and currently a Small 36b. I originally planned on going with 450cc moderate+ but have really been questioning if that would be large enough for me :)
I want a large breast but not a fake look, achieve fullness and fill out my cloths. I know that I need to take into consideration the 25cc loss with an under the muscle implant. I had a second 3D picture done to compare 475cc to 500cc and this pic takes the 25cc loss into consideration, shows any difference in size from left breast to the right, gives my breast width and tells the Dr. which size and profile range would best suit my frame! I loved the amount of information I received even the second time around and felt comfortable enough to put a down payment on a date!! So January 8th it is and the time is going to FLY because of the Holidays... AGHHH!

The dreaded, unflattering, bad lighting, small boob Before Pic... ughh

So here I am roughly 7 Weeks pre BA.
I knew I needed to add my "All Naturell pic" but my Gosh.. this takes as much courage as the procedure!! Anyway, quick recap.. 34 year old, mother of 2, 5ft 7in, 150lbs, 36b. I am scheduled to get moderate profile Silicone moderate profile implants January 8th..!!!!Eeeekkkk!! I have had 2 consultations and recently attended an open house at the Surgical Center where I will be operated on. There I had the pleasure of chatting with a representative from Mentor. I definitely enjoyed learning more about the company that is owned by Johnson & Johnson. Originally I decided on 450cc through the nipple and under the muscle, however, at my second pre op I left with 500cc in the books ;)
Looking forward to an Amazing Holiday and some Beautiful Boobies for the New Year!!
I have already stocked up on some items and wrote down others, anything you think was a Lifesaver after your Surgery?? Please share :)

Less than a MONTH!! What should I be doing to prepare???

YIKES!! It's already less than a month away and it's only coming faster with Christmas around the corner!!! I am 5'7, 150lbs getting moderate profile mentor implants, 500cc.... I am roughly a 36b. I have a pretty decent list of preparations such as what I want to get cleaned, meals to freeze and some supplies but what should I be doing for myself now?? DI'd anyone use a preventative stretch mark cream? Should I be taking any supplements that will help the healing process? Just curious if anyone has any month before advice that they wished they had done or did do. Thanks Boob Friends!!!

January 8th!!! 500cc silicone mentor

So I got a Wonderful Christmas Gift and can't wait to start preparations!! Can Not believe the day is almost here... really not sure where to focus my attention the most so the healing process goes as smooth as possible...?????

Is this Really Happening??!!!!!

I got the phone call from my Surgeons office yesterday morning. They told me to be there at 9:15 a.m, wear comfortable pants and easy to get on button up shirt. They asked me to tell them in my own words what I was having done, breast augmentation. The size, 500cc, the brand, Mentor, and the incision, nipple. I was told to have extra gauze, peroxide, bacitracin and cold packs on hand. I also started all my homeopathic remedies yesterday from Jenny Eden's, Eden know implants. Tissue repair, pain reliever, and an anti swelling and bruising. I have waxed my underarms and prepared my house like a Crazy Person for maximum recovery purposes, lol. I will probably finish out today with a few more frozen meals prepared and driving myself NUTS just thinking about the Surgery!!!! What am I forgetting.....????

Recovery space in my Bedroom

This should hopefully be comfortable :)

I made it to the BOOB side!!

Yesterday January 8th was surgery so I am just resting, resting and More resting! I will post more tomorrow, still in a fair amount of pain.

Quick update 2 days post

Hello Everyone! I am 5'7 about 150lbs with a pre augmentation size 36b or c. Very little breast tissue but a wide breast if that makes sense. I have 2 Children ages 8 and 10 and just missed out on the BOOBS! January 8th I checked in to my surgical center at 9:15. Surgery wasn't until about 10:45ish. The staff were amazing and I don't even remember falling asleep. I woke up to a nurse and my husband by my side. They told me as soon as I was feeling ok I could leave. The ride home was about 35-40 minutes to get home and I'm glad that's all because I just wanted to be home. Saving grace has been the recliners I set up to sleep in. Best purchase thus far is the memory foam neck pillow I purchased from Walmart.com.
I am taking a muscle relaxer every 6 hours and pain pill every 12. I would say the most pain is lifting my arms. I do have to wear the surgical bra and band until my 1 week post op on Thursday and then we will see from there. I am also experiencing extremely over oily skin, my face particularly. From what I have read it is most likely from anesthesia leaving the body along with any other toxins. Drinking a TON of water and mostly just resting. I make myself get up to just walk around but boy does it tire me out. Oh Yea, I minimal to NO bruising :)
Hopefully I can get a pic up today of the new girls!!

500cc, Mentor under muscle through nipple

Had an Amazing nights sleep last night and this is the last day I will have my Awesome care taker home with me, my husband. Not sure how I would have gotten through this without all his support and help.
I have gained a lot more mobility in my arms and have become more and more independent. Lots of icing and drinking g a ton of water. Here is a pic after my shower on day 3. This is really happening. ... omg

Just a few tips...

So I woke up feeling like a million bucks this morning, able to move my arms to shoulder height, sitting up and down without help and just feeling good.
JUST DONT! My advice is if this feeling comes this soon in recovery it is a deceiving little troll of a LIE! I can't remember 3p.m to about 6 p.m. I remember being so tired I couldn't even tell my husband. I was a little warm he said and I felt like CRAP!
We all want to be "better" quicker but when u have people to help let them.
I also washed my surgical bra today... I was told that was fine and to just leave it off until it was clean and ready. Well I put it back on and later that night when we went to clean my stiches I got VERY light headed. I noticed my bra was so tight you could see the gauze imprints on my nipples. Until then it was just snug, but this was so tight it was making me nauseous. GET BACK UP BRAS!! I purchased 4 zip front sports bras in XL and have decided to wear one with my band. I don't think I would have even slept tonight... it was SO tight!
I'm drinking a lot of water, peppermint tea and cranberry raspberry juice. I think the water and liquids is helping to flush some of the toxins causing my skin to be greasy, out of my body. I beleive this is being caused from the anesthesia but who really knows.. I have been experiencing a really yucky taste in my mouth and find I'm brushing my teeth constantly. I recommend milk shakes and fruit smoothies!!! Why NOT?! We deserve it!! Please keep all your questions, comments and advice coming, I LOVE IT!

Bras and medication

These pictures are 5 days post 500cc mentor through the nipple. I left surgery with a surgical bra, strap, muscle relaxer and pain pill. My medication went a little like this- Every 2am, 8am, 2pm and 8pm I had a muscle relaxer. Every 6pm and 6am I would take a pain pill. The first few days I even took an ib prof or a Tylenol before bed. Well, needless to say the first few days I was a zombie. I am feeling less pain just a lot of pressure so I am going to cut my pill dosage. I am now going to take my muscle relaxer at 2 pm, 10 pm, and 6 pm. I am going to take ONE pain pill as needed at 8 am. I just need to get my energy and appetite back. Other than that, feeling good.
I beleive I wrote a post about my surgical bra being WAY to tight on day 3? Anyway, I ended up wearing a sports bra that I purchased at kohls. It was champion brand with a zip front. I also bought 2 danskin Now zip front bras from Walmart that were recommended on here and I LOVE them! $8. I will also post that pic.
Today I noticed a little more bruising and my left breast has dropped a little bit. My right is still high and very tight. Stitches look Amazing and come out tomorrow.
My girlfriends have decided to open up a Bra size guessing Pool and I can't wait to be sized! I won't be doing that for a few months but it's still exciting to think about. Now I have to come up with a prize for the Bra size Winner!!!

What a difference a week makes!!!

So promised myself in Journaling this life change that I would be 100% honest, open and as informative as possible. I must say that I feel like a Million Bucks compared to last Friday when I came home from surgery. SO much happens in the first week and my BEST advice is give yourself MORE time than you think you may need to heal and listen to your body. With all that said, here I am, one week post. I went in for my first post op appointment yesterday around 11 and had my stiches out. My incisions were glued and sterile strips placed across incisions. They will most likely fall off in 10 days. Ok, Yes, I did voice my concern about the incisions opening and my implants falling out.... but I was only 90% joking. 1 week doesn't seem long enough to heal but I was :)
I do NOT have to wear the Surgical bra from Hell anymore and only need to keep the strap on until monday because my right side is still a bit higher than left. I have been instructed to start LIGHT massage in the morning and at night for 10 minutes each. I am to do small circles with my fingers as I make my way around the nipple. This will help prevent scar tissue and soften. I am also told to sort of rub in a downward motion from my collar bone toward the top of my breast. This will help bring the implant down in its pocket.
I definitely feel as though they look much bigger in the picture. Not having any boob greed but very curious what these girls will look like when all healed. I feel like the implant was way bigger than my breasts look at this time, I guess time will tell :)
I am 2 days off pain medication and taking a muscle relaxer when I wake up and at Bed time. I didn't realize how yucky the pain pill made me feel until day 4 or 5. I just wasn't getting my energy back and always felt I was in a fog. NOT a good feeling. YES, I am also VERY impatient when it comes to, well, ANYTHING. Resting has been a HUGE struggle for me... But it's a MUST!
What else.... hmmm... ok, well there is the part where these new breasts don't exactly feel like a part of me yet but the massage has helped with that. I was very afraid to touch them before yesterday and the massage is kind of like a bonding experience lol yea, stupid, I know. Anyway, I hope some of this information was helpful and as always, please ask me ANYTHING!!

If you just had Surgery *MUST READ*

So it's about 11:00 at night and more than once today I had this thought... So I now, having had this reaccuring thought a few times today, I can't sleep without sharing and my main goal is that someone 3, 4, even 5 days post op sees it and it helps them.
Before surgery I focused on people's recovery stories. I don't know about you but I seemed to have read a LOT that just Felt like quick, easy recovery. Again, that's just how some stories made me feel and I'm sure that they were Very challenging. My point is, around day 5, 6, or even 7, I had moments of, "what the Hell is wrong, why aren't I better??!!"
I was seeing other woman talking about only having a week or 10 days to heal before going back to work and on those days I could barely do a flight of stairs without feeling completely drained.
I NEED and Must let anyone that may have the same mind set as me, feel like they aren't getting back to themselves, think your not ever going to feel nornal, I WAS THERE! I felt those feelings at times and boy was I wrong. On Friday I promised myself I wasn't going to decide if I was going back to work next week, on Saturday I said I might be able to and today, sunday, I know that it won't even be a problem!! Each day is SO different! You may sit longer in bed one day but you easily wash your own hair! I didn't leave my house for a week but when I did I was driving my kids to shool and felt like we were perfectly safe because I was ready! Give yourself TIME and PATIENTS!! I have NEVER had even the smallest surgery and didn't realize the progress I was making until my husband and I talked about how different I was from 3 or 4 or 2 days ago.
Plan NOTHING if you can, if you have kids plan for help, it goes by SO fast and I am SO happy I made this choice!! I am feeling SO wonderful today and can't beleive it's only been 9 days! 1-3 are the hardest, 4-6 you think nothing has changed but your just sore!! 7-9, I'm realizing this "vacation" is almost over lol
Anyway, don't compare your healing to all the other stories. It's ok, to not feel good on day 5 like the girl who is ready to hit the gym! I definitely struggled with my energy level and felt like I NEVER read about others with as little energy and lack of motivation as I had.... I know now it's ok! I'm doing SO good and just thought it was important to share this. It ALL passes and quicker and slower for some. I promise to any of you post op reading this, tomorrow has HIGH potential to be a better day than TODAY!!
Not going to edit so sorry for any confusion or mistakes. It's late, I'm EXHAUSTED but I feel 50x better than yesterday ;)

This is what 500cc looks like on my body... I can't believe I'm sharing these ughhh

Ok, so the pics I have enjoyed the most are some full body images cause let's face it, we are all different shapes and sizes and the more information the better, right?! Well I am feeling even better today than yesterday so I decided it was time for some more pics. At this moment I am feeling good but scared of my lack of activity catching up with me and getting Very out of shape. I am 5'7, 150ish lbs. I religiously do 100 crunches every night for the past, FOR EVER to try and somewhat counteract the 60 plus lbs I gained with each of my children. My stomach will never be the same but that's ok:)
At this point I feel like I am still suffering from anesthesia bloat.. is this even possible?? I also just stopped breathing heavy after any sort of lengthy activity. Probably at 7 Days post op I decided I needed to explore some healthy new eatting habits and focused on some "Super foods". I am currently waking up and drinking a half lemon in warm water before my morning coffee. I LOVE breakfast food so I am eatting whatever I want for that! Snacks are what I focused on the most because I Despise Diets. I am eatting bananas, cherries, Greek yogurt and ALMONDS!!! Tons of water ALL day and lunch if I feel like it, most of the time I'm to lazy to make so an early full dinner at night. I already feel "different". Not sure if it regular healing taking place or if I'm helping with these added foods that aren't a regular everyday thing in my normal life. Check out some of the benefits of these simple snacks and see if you could benefit as well. I think eatting some of these are just good for my brain, ya know, knowing I'm trying to take care of my body helps the process I think.
So the dreaded full body... these are today, first day without my compression band. I think it started hurting my back... wearing a Charlotte Russe bralette sz large. My right seems smaller but is also dropping slower and more sensitive lately. Other than that I guess the pics speak for themselves. I hope these are a better look into what 500cc do to any of you sharing similar stats. Good Luck on any healing happening and as usual, don't hold back, I love hearing others thoughts!!!

Just over 2 Weeks

So here I am, 2 weeks 2 days post 500cc. I decided to take off the tape that was over my incisions. I have been dying to so I could start my scar salve but also wanted it to stay as long as it needed to keep these babies together! So I'm feeling Great, right is higher and looking smaller. I believe once it settles a little the fullness will catch up. I am super careful with any activity and movement.. I am not looking to mess things up so I ask a lot from my kiddos and they are an Amazing help! My right side is hurting a bit now just under the breast near my armpit. I do however recall a lot of discomfort on my left side last week so I am not freaking out.

I am continuing my morning massage in the shower for 10 minutes then again at night before bed with my Eden Boobie Butter. Amazing Stuff! I do believe this butter has aided in the lack of stretch marks as well. So far so good. So the pics are of my incisions right after tape removal and before ANY kind of scar treatment, I am happy with how they look :)
I have started back to work as of day 12. I am a Hair designer and just spreading my clients out and planning for plenty of time. I rarely need ANY medication but have taken a muscle relaxer on the two first days back to work.
I recently posted about some foods I was concentrating on eatting and trying to drop the belly bulge. Well I feel Much better and my energy level has jumped! My stomach is flattening out and I am feeling better in my cloths. Warm lemon water as soon as I wake up, Almonds all day, Greek yogurt with flax seed, bananas and organic apple juice.

So I do not have boob greed but honestly want you to know that I DID expect them to be larger for 500cc. I can easily hide any change in cloths but feel like they look Big naked... sooooo... just an fyi.
Anyway, I will continue to update in 2 weeks then every month unless I get SO excited about something or have News that just CAN'T wait!! LOL
ZERO Regrets and can't wait to feel 100%

Suppose to be with last post

500cc Mentor GeL under the muscle 5'7 150lbs

Here is my one month photo updates!!
Not a whole lot to post on, just really starting to get used to these new additions :)
For the most part "Morning boob" is gone, not waking up in pain anymore.
I did make an appearance at the surgeons freaking out at about 3 wks 6 days post. I could feel hardening behind my nipple area and under in my breast tissue. Of course I panicked and self diagnosed myself with the help of the Internet... Bad, bad idea! Don't do IT, call your Dr. and just breathe. Of course they had me come right in and told me it was scar tissue forming and it was time for more aggressive massage especially in those areas. I was told this was Very normal/common, all part of the healing process for some. I am also experiencing Very sensitive/DRY nipples. Ok, YES, super happy they have sensation but the dryness is sore. BOOBIE BUTTER it is!! www.edenknowsimplants.com

What else..... OH YES, since my Birthday is in 2 days, my adorable husband took me out Saturday. Just for giggles I sauntered into VS and browsed through the wireless bras. I however dI'd let the nice girl on the floor size me very well knowing this may easily change in the next month or 2. I also kinda wanted a size at one month to compare to 2 months, 3, 4, you know what I mean ;)
The girl said I measured at 36DDD.... I called BS.
I fit more it a 36D. Also tried on a 34DD which was to small... so weird but SO interesting! Anyway, can not wait for the day when I know my New Boob Size!!
( • ) ( • )
Feeling Super Lucky and a Little Spoiled this week!!! :)
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