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June 14,2016 I had a consultation with Dr. Gray...

June 14,2016
I had a consultation with Dr. Gray from Atlantic Plastic Surgery. I am interested in a breast augmentation and am shopping for doctors. I had to sit for a half hour and watch a video about breast aug. Waste of time. Dr Gray came in afterwards wearing a suit, introduced himself, and sat down. No smile or anything. My first impression was that he was uptight, too overly professional, and lacked personality/bedside manner. Though I am looking for a doc that does good work, I also want one that I can feel comfortable talking to. There needs to be a level of trust to some degree before I can feel comfortable enough having somebody do cosmetic surgery on my body. I had been to another plastic surgeon before him and he immediately asked who it was. When I told him "Dr. Waldman," gray said that he was a young guy. Gray mentioned all of the things that he did "better" than Dr. Waldman. He mentioned that his nurses were better and that surgeries were done at the surgery building, not a hospital, which he said would mean that patients were better taken care of. But really, those things are not proving that he is "better" than waldman. The fact that gray began the consult by trying to put himself on a pedestal just made him look bad. I gave him a fair chance but quickly decided that i didnt like him. The consult continued. He asked me what bra size i was and what size i would have liked to be. I told him that i didnt know exactly what size, only that i wanted "big fake boobs." He said the nurse could use the medical imaging system to figure out what size. He walked away and was walking around from room to room talking to people. I heard him talking about other patients in the hall. I then heard him say to a nurse "this one says she wants big fake boobs." The nurse looked at me and laughed. I waited a good 15 minutes for the nurse lady to being me to the exam room. It took another 5-10 minutes to get the medical imaging computer working. The lady didnt say anything to me while trying to get the computer on, didnt introduce herself either. I wouldnt have minded all that waiting if the people were friendly. There were lots of silicone samples to feel. Im interested in saline. The only saline sample was old and disintegrated, so it was a big implant shell with only a little saline. I couldnt really get a good feel for how the saline felt. The nurse lady and i figured out a size. Then she got the doctor. He looked at my boobs quick, took one measurement, then told me that he wanted to do a periareolar incision and put the implant under the muscle. He didnt ask what i wanted. He just told me what he wanted. Still not one single smile. He asked if i had any questions and i asked him if he thought i needed a lift. He said " you didn't ask about a lift so thats why i didn't mention it. A lift would be another surgery in the future if you want. ". Sorta snapped at me a bit. I didn't dare ask any more questions. Didn't say thank you. Didn't tell me to have a nice day. Also, when i looked at his book of boobs, many of the nipples looked lopsided. When i look through an entire book of boobs and cant seem to find any nice looking ones that i like, thats also a sign that i prob shouldn't see that surgeon.

So, to sum it all up- dr gray has zero personality and did not listen to me at all. And many of his boob surgeries appeared unsuccessful to me. So i give him a zero and i would def not ever have him do my boob job.

So far, dr waldman is winning. I have a review on him, also.
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