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Hello, I have been looking into getting a BA for...

Hello, I have been looking into getting a BA for years now. After seeing one of my co-workers go through the process (much better than looking at pictures daily) I have decided that it is something that I could handle. She gave me the information to this website and told me that it really helped her along the way and I am hoping it will do the same for me!

I think I am a 32A or 34AA cup at the moment. Will upload some before pics *cringes*

I have my consultation scheduled for Friday at 10am and I couldn't be more excited.

I have gotten negative feed back from a lot of people who hear I am interested so I am hoping you all lift me out of that! I have never been so sure of this but hearing "don't do it" over and over is hard!

Wish Boobs

I am really interested in having good cleavage without wearing a bra, implant suggestions?

What I DONT want

This separation in the center is something I am really afraid of having being so flat chested to start with :/


So my consultation was today. I went into my consultation hoping for saline implants. After consult I was told that a shaped textured impant would be best for me. I trust my surgeon as I have a very small frame and was open to suggestion. The weirdest part for me was seeing me with boobs! I hated the 3D pictures of me but I know that wasn't a realistic effect. I expected otherwise of course.. My major downfall was that I wanted good cleavage and I don't know if I will be able to get that with the bony chest that I have. Here are some pictures from my consultation. Anyone with a small frame please let me know what you went with.


I was very nervous for my consultation, but after meeting with my doctor I feel like I can trust her fully. I am feeling so many odd emotions because my friend highly recommended saline implants, and my doctor recommended I use textured sientra shaped implants because of the size of my body. I went into my consultation trusting my doctors suggestions. I knew that giving her a slight idea of what I wanted/didn't want she could form an educated decision from there. I told her that I didn't believe cup size was accurate to describe my wish boobs because after reading on here I know it varies! I showed her my wish pictures and here is where I was a little discouraged :( I was told that due to the center of my chest, I would not be able to get the cleavage I was hoping for without using a bra. My biggest fear is having boobs that are large and far apart. THEN I used the 3D imager. (I allowed a few extra staff members in the room because they were learning the device) I don't know if they used it incorrectly or not but the 3D image of my boobs had both of my nipples pointing directly outward and they were so far apart! I was honestly terrified at this point. They assured me that my boobs would not point outwards in surgery (thoughts?) After a few hours of thinking I want to still go through with everything. I feel like deep down I knew the center of my chest will be an issue, but either way it is going to be a part of my life so why not deal with it without a completely flat chest?

Another issue is that I have no idea how to tell my Dad.. I live with him and I care about his opinion and nobody else. I want to tell him before hand, but I am terrified just thinking about how he will react. Does anyone have any tips on "coming out" to someone about your boobs?

Thank you all in advance.

Surgery Date?

I have yet to pick a date for surgery but I want to schedule it sooner, rather than later. I am using Carecredit and I did not allot for enough credit so once I add more money to the card I will feel comfortable scheduling. I originally thought I wanted Saline and ended up going with Sientra Shaped. I am happy with my decision but it is about 3,000 more *sigh*

I forgot to upload my pictures so I will do that soon (I tried my first consultation post on my phone and it didn't upload with the pics which is why I have two posts)

My Dad questioned me about why I received a care credit card in the mail. I am the WORST liar ever and just said "because I want to get my boobs done" WHAT not how I wanted to tell him.. He told me he thinks its an irresponsible way to spend my money and says I should be saving instead of going into any kind of debt. I'm 23 and only live at home because my parents are divorced and my Dad was living in this 3 story house all alone and told me he wanted a room mate. I thought his opinion would make me not want to get this done but honestly I want it even more now, him finding out was the scariest part for me.

Scheduled for 10/14

I SET THE DATE! Any recommendations for pre-op? What should I buy and such..

7 days Pre

Bony Chest :(

Today is the day!

Surgery at 1 this afternoon! So nervous and excited ahhhhhhh

On the other side!

Everything went great! When I woke up I felt like my sternum was broken and I was crying from the pain. An hour and a half after my pain pills kicked in I was feeling much better, just a little sore. Took a quick peek laying down will post better pics tomorrow.

Day 1 post op


My surgical bra is giving me a rash all over. Any suggestions on what I can wear instead?

Day 2 PO

Because everyone loves a before and after pic!

3Dpo feeling pretty great aside from puking all of day 2 and a rash from my bra. Surprised the pain wasn't as bad as I prepared myself for! Definitely worth it so far.

Before and after 3day PO

One week!

I can't sleep
My only issue is that I cannot sleep on my back. It's not comfortable I was always a stomach sleeper. Not sleeping at night is killing my day! I can't handle this anymore I think I'm going to go insane!! Please someone tell me how you ended up sleeping through the night after you finished your meds?!

Day 9

Day 9
Day 9
Feeling little pain. Worse after a long day of errands. Taking Tylenol if I feel any pain. Been going through a rough time found out my boyfriend and I will not be continuing our relationship. Not because of my boobs though he really got the short end of the stick there. Silly men and their sneaky habits.

This used to be too big on me!

got sized at Victoria's Secret

At my one month update I was told I could wear a bra, so off to Victoria's Secret I went! I got sized a 32DD and days later I am still shocked. They don't look that big at all... But the 32DD fit snug! I know Victoria's Secret runs small but wowza! Here are pics of a bunch of different styles all unpadded except the blue which had slight padding and looks ridiculous haha. I bought the white one but that was all.

1 month post op

Photo update!


Scar treatment

Hi! I haven't been using a scar treatment other than massaging my scars. I was wondering what had the best results as my PS did not want to suggest anything that was not proved by science. Help ladies!

5 months? Only?!

It feels like these boobs have been mine forever. I still have issues with the center of my chest without a bra on it looks bony :(

Bony chest

Laying down it is very visible

Aside from the bony chest..

... Which I had before with nothing but nipples beside it..

I AM TRILLED WITH MY RESULTS! Nobodies bodies are perfect but wow what a transformation ????

Summer is here!

After hiding my boobs out all winter summer is finally here! A comparison of my wish pic (red) and me now (white)

Rippling :/

So my left side has been having some pretty intense rippling lately. I'm starting to only like one side of my chest.. I know I started with nothing at all and I mean nothing so I shouldn't complain but I am..

Mostly when I lay down but I did try and wear a dress with some side boob and decided against it because I didn't want to move a certain way and have a giant dent appear :/

Not a ripple in sight

Bottoming out?

I just went to take some after pics and noticed my left breast (right side of photo) is hanging much lower

Revision scheduled for January

Nobody wants this to happen to them but here I am, I'm bottoming out on both my implants one is noticeable the other not yet

Post op advice?

Hello ladies I was hoping you could provide me with some items that you could not live without post Op. I remember having a terrible time sleeping on my back so anything that could help with sleeping would be helpful! Thanks

Revision tomorrow

So I'm pretty nervous to go in for a revision tomorrow but I have heard it isn't nearly as bad as the original surgery. I feel like the days passed so fast since I made my appointment and I have so much to get together! I will take some before pictures later tonight and my surgery is at 12:15 tomorrow ahhhhhh

Before revision

Hi guys, my surgery went really well! It was really nothing compared to the first time. I posted some before photos from today. Just want to take a nap right now

Another before pic

My tattoo is back!

I quickly looked at where my tattoo is because my boob was sinking into it and it already looks amazing again! I shared a before and after (taken in the same day!)

Two days after revision before and after

Already loving my results, obviously need them to settle into the pockets and take it easy but I am happy I went through with the procedure. The pain isn't anywhere near the pain of the initial surgery, I am 4 days out and not on any pain medication and only feel slight discomfort.

Before and after

Portsmouth Plastic Surgeon

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