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Hey so im in the uk and thought I would share my...

Hey so im in the uk and thought I would share my experience as it goes with you guys if thats cool :)
Im 26 years old and a mother to a beautiful 2 year princess. I have never felt very feminine with my shape as im a uk size 8 with no hips so I pretty much go straight down!!! Boring!!!!
So here we go......
I met my surgeon for the First time a few weeks ago and had a fantastic consultation with him, his name is dr nicholas bennett.
Now I am around a natural C cup with a good amount of my own breast fat (lucky to not have any post baby sagging either) but as we can all agree it doesn't matter now they look to everyone else its how you feel about your body that matters. (I will add some pics soon)
So anyway he agreeded yes i do have pretty good breasts as it is but cam understand why I want them fuller to help with the more feminine shape I desire. We agreeed that 345cc would be great (not to big) but I did try on the 375cc just to see and my first impression was WOW THEY ARE MASSIVE!!
So when I left we settled on 345cc :) ........well as the last 2 weeks passed I decided maybe it wouldnt be to bad to go a little bigger I mean its only 6 teaspoons I booked a second consultation.
I had my second consultation yesterday. We had another go with the sizes and as I am having high profile in front of the muscle I would get a great shape from a 385cc!!!!
So thats settled 385cc all booked and now we wait :)

14 days to go.......quitting smoking! !!!!

So the big day is fast approaching! With only 14 days to go I have had to take up the advice of my surgeon and start the no smoking. I was advised that if I quit at least 14 days befor then it will greatly lower the risk of a blood clot and will also aid the healing process :)
So seen as I normally smoke around 10-15 a day I can see this being a real struggle :( I do t have alot of will power at the best of times, and when you have a 2 year old running around with your only 2 minute break is to sneak out for a little smoke, you just know this is going to be very hard. I have got myself a electric vapor liquid cigarette, my husband has been using his for over a year and not smoked since he started using it, and im going to try stick to the normal going to the back door to smoke it so I can break habit gradually as it think it will be easier.

The other thing im finding hard is I have had to stop my contraceptive pill as this also lower the risk of blood clots. I have a slight hormone inbalance and my pill helps to moderate it, so in short I have been a little bit emotional ha ha!!
I shall update daily as the time draws near to let you know how im getting on with the smoking but fingers crossed I can dig deep and gwt throught the next 2 weeks smole free.

befor pics!

Just thought I would add a few befor pics so we can see the difference pre and post op. I am currently a 32c.

12 days to go!!!

Yay my juliet bra turned up today :)
So my post op bra turned up today must say not the most attractive thing in the world but its gonna do the job to help me heal in comfort so I dont mind.
The no smoking didnt go very either I last 1 days ha ha!! I am smoking alot less them normal and I have started on zinc and iron supplements to help aid healing. With 12 days to go its getting rather exciting now.

8 days to go!!!!

So with 8 days to go I decided it was time to have a little update on what I have been doing.
I started taking some vitamins last week, iron and vitamim c and zinc tablets, to help boost my immune system and get it ready to do some good recovering after my surgery. Today I went shopping and got some comfy pjs that do up at the front (so no over the head business) and a cosy hoody with a zip, some new slippers and a few stretchy sports bras to go over my juliet bra as its see through!! I shall be picking up some arnica tablets this weekend to take after surgery I have heard alot of good things about them helping to combat any bruising.
I am a little bit boob obsessed at the moment constantly reading lots about it and its just making me more excited :)

hmmm 385cc????

Little question for you ladies....I am going ti be having 385cc high profile in front of the muscle. I am as you can see a 32c at the moment and have read sooooooo much about how everyone is different and how everyone looks different in the end but I was wondering if you anyone has similar measurements to me. Im a uk size 8 and about 5ft 5 and weigh around 8 and half stone. Would be great to hear what sort of results you got??? I have seen some go to a dd and some people have hit a whooping ff!!!!

6 days to go!!!up the size!!!!!

Well after some very detailed research and alot of measuring I sent an email to my surgeon to ask him to have the 415cc implants avaliable on the day! I am going to meet with him befor surgery on thursday morning and we are going to talk about what is going to be possible and what he thinks is best although even through email he seemed to agree with my decision anyway. But we are going to discuss it further and make the right choice on the day :) I will go with what ever he advises!!! I am sooooo excited with 6 days to go its all getting so real :)

5 days to go!!!! bad dreams!!

So with 5 days to go the nightmares have now started ha ha! Lastnight I dreamt everything went fantastic during surgery and I got sent home, I got into bed and went to sleep only to wake up laying on my left side! So I got up and as I sat up my left implant fell down out of mt breast and into my rib area, in a panic I stood up only to then feel the implant slide down the front of my body and place itself above my knee cap ha ha!!! I rushed to my surgeons office to be told it was my own fault and he would not fox it so ended up in an nhs hospital having it removed lol! !!! Thank god it was only a dream but my goodness the relief when I woke up to find out I hadnt even had it done yet was amazing!! Hahahaa!!! I feel there shall be plenty more of these dreams to come over the next few days I will keep you posted :)

ITS TOMORROW! !!! at 7am I shall be going into the lovely private hospital and getting prepped ready for my ba. Im so excited right now. I dont think I have mentioned my cousin is also coming in with as she is having her ba too :) we are both having the same surgeon so cant wait to see who goes down first! My husband is also going to be with me for support.
Tonight I have got everything ready so I can get up and go I dont want to be faffing around in the morning in a panic so Its all ready ti go. I will try to update every step of the way guys so keep an eye out :)

I GOT BOOBS!!!!!! lol x

Well yesterday was my ba and all 8 can say is wow!!!!!!
Sorry I didnt update yesterday I didnt really have time to as I was spending ti.e making sure I was one step ahead of pain relief so as I have been I dont really know if I would be anyway pain at all lol because I cant actually feel anything!!!!
Lets give a ryn down of how it all went...

I got to the hospital at 7am along with my husband and my cousin (as she always had her ba and looks great). We were taken up to our rooms unfortunately we were both put on different floors but it didnt matter to much we knew by the afternoon we would see eachother.
At 7.45am in my room I had a final little little meeting with my consultant/surgeon it all went brilliant and draw on my chest and all the lines I place ready and then told me I was the first one of the day and I will be going down for surgery by 8.30am! I was so happy that it was going to get done first and my cousin was second!
Oh I forgot to mention last week after a bit of research I emailed my consultant and asked if we could go the next size up from the 385cc hp and he agreed it would better and give more definition but i did day to him that when in surgery if they dont seem right at all just go back to the 385cc but I think secretly i was wishing for the big ones to be ok......anyway I got collected from my room amd weny down the theatre and was prepped ready for dr bennett. I had a bit of giggle with the nurses a d doctors befor I quickly fell fast asleep.
The next thing I know im awake and I have my bra on and a nurse telling me everything went amazing and I now just need to rest. Only took me 10 mins to wake up and then only 5 mins to fully wake up but while still dozzy I kept rubbing my new boobs ha ha!!!
Well the rest of the day was just full of little naps and taking pills to make syre im on top of it :) and so far I actually am not in pain at all and I do have some swelling but It's not a major as I was expecting which will prob happen as soon as I get home ha ha!!!

pics :)

So just to recap......started as 32c with good breast fat not much sagging and I have had 415cc over the muscles :) so far thwy are looking fab and I cant really feel any pain :)

1 days post op ....few more pics :)

So im home and very comfortable :) im not to sore and not in any pain really. I really do think the best thing you can do guys is stay on top of your pain meds!!! My cousin had a bit of a lag in keeping up with her meds and seems to be in a bit of bother trying to get back on top of the pain relief.
So my left boobs is alot harder then my right at the moment but this is normal from what I can tell as both side of your body react in different ways. I'm wearing a very comfortable post op bra its called the juliet bra and I love it.
Im still sat on fluffy clouds of pain killers so I may not of actually made much sense ha ha!! But tonight I shall add some pics of them out of the bra so we can really see how they are doing :)

1 day post op :)

2 days post op.

So morning number 2 with the new boobs. I woke up a few times in the night but I was actually really comfortable Through the night. My boobs are still pretty numb to be honest I cant really feel to much just the fact they are nice and tight and hard ha ha!!!
I decided to lay off the pain meds a bit today as I had spent the last 2 days pretty out of it and I was wondering if I actually needed that many pain meds. So I took paracetamol this morning and I have been absolutely fine and it has actually given me a bit of time to spend with my little girl. Had a little play and watched some films :)
I am very bloated still as cant really go to the loo properly yet due to all the meds and have had a few little nose bleeds but nothing major. I have slipped on a sports bra over the top of my post op bra to give me a bit more support as they are feeling rather heavy :) but I am so so happy!!!!!!!

day 3 post op

So today was day 3 :) and yep im so totally In love with my boobs!! I have not had any pain meds today at all just my arnica to keep the bruising at bay and so far so good. Pretty much all my swelling has gone down and they are feeling more like they belong on my body :)
They are still numb and my nipples are still a little bit crazy they seem to have a mind of their own really with only 1 becoming erect at a time. My husband seemed to be happy today when I let him have a feel and he said they are nowhere near as hard already.

I had a little play this morning by holding up my old bra to my boob to see if there was a differece and ummmm well the 32dd bra will not even cover my nipple ooops!!!

day 4 post op!!

So woop woop its day 4 and things are still going really well :) everyday im falling more more in love with my boobs. They are becoming softer already and still no swelling so everything seems to be pretty good. I took the plunge and went food shopping today so took Off my post op bra and wore a sports bra instead. Must say it makes a big difference because after a short amount of time I was aching more then I have been Amd I just wanted to out my post op bra back on....and as soon as I got home I slipped it back on. My husband went back to work today so me and the little princess had some fun she helped me do some tidying up (2 year old girls are very handy as they love helping) and we had a fun evening of singing and she danced around but was upset that I couldnt really join in. But I dont think it will be very long till im back at it with her :)

day 6 post op!

Well its day 6 and im still doing really well. Things are starting to feel a bit more normal, I habe got some feeling back in the breasts now amd my crazy nipples are now also starting to react again. But when they do start to become erect I do get a sharp feeling from them!
Tomorrow I have got my one week check and it will the first time I get to sew my incisions so im a little excited to see how they are getting on and how they are healing :)
Today my left breast started to drop....I thought this was very quick so I shall be asking them tomorrow just to check that it is normal to already be able to see a slight drop this early on.
Shall keep you guys updated tomoz at how its all going but so far this first week has been alot easier then I ever thought!!

1 week check up

So today I went for my 1 week post op incision check. All went really well I didnt get a chance to see my incisions as I was laying down and she said all was well and covered them back up again!!! But she did say I had a bit of oozing from my right incision but she said that was pretty normal......the work oozing was enought to make me worry though ha ha just womdering if you of you have had a bit of oozing and even though she said it was fine why am I still worrying lol! !!!! I want to be naughty and uncover them so I can see it for myself.

11 days post op

Soooooo day 11 post op and wow these nipples are super Sensitive lol everything has been so good I have not suffered any bruising at all and I pretty much have all feeling back in them now :) but like I said wow the sensitivity of my nipples right now is crazy even just my top moving over my bra sends little almost electric shock type feelings through them!!!! I know it will calm down soon so its all good :)
I have got another check tomoz with the nurse to see how my incisions are doing. On my last check she said my right side was a little bit oozing in the middle but it was nothing to worry about so im hoping that has now sorted itself out. Both my breast are pretty now too and are dropping nicely into a great shape. Shall give a much better update tomoz on hpw things are healing but will get some pics up tonight :)

day 12 post op!!! :)

Yay so today is day 12 post op and had my nurse check today on my incisions and they are looking fantastic so no more steri strips or pads im now able to let them free!!!! Yay!!!! I cant believe how amazing it feels to be able to see the whole of my boobs at last and they look amazing im so happy will get some pics up :)

day 12!!!

Few pics of my incisions healing nicely :) x

day 13

So I had a bit of a break today and took off the beautiful post op bra and had some free time in a sports bra and it felt soooooo good!! Ha ha gave me a chance to see how the girls actually felt and I must say it felt rather nice to see how they were when they were not being strapped down. I had my strips taken off yesterday and although I felt a little strange and felt like I needed to be more careful as they are not covered I alsp felt a sence of freedom and loke they actually belong to me :)

day 14!!

Wow has it really been 2 weeks already????!! Its gone so so quick. Healing is still going really well my incisions are looking great and seem to be fully closed just a little bit risen but I guess that goes down in time its still really early days.
Today I had to take my sister into town and while I was there I was a little bit naughty and had a little try on of a few bras. .....ummmm well it was a little shock as I thought maybe an e cup would be fine but oooooh no a 34f!!!!! Lol I expect once I can wiggle them into a bra I will be most comfy in a 32e but we shall see in a few weeks when I am able to be measured. I also tried a few of my own clothes on today without a bra and it was fun to see the difference will put some pics up. :)

18 days post op :)

Hey so I had a few days of no updates been so busy as life is back in full swing :)
Had a chance the weekend to meet with all our friends at a party but spent most of the night in and out the loo with my girlsfriends showing then the twins hahaha!!! And the verdict was they are amazing!!!! Yay!!!! I was still a good girl and was still wearing my compression bra so it was very hard to find something to wear but all was good :)
Like I said everything is pretty much back to normal now my lovely sensitive nipples have calmed down now thank goodness and they are both nice and soft and im able to squeeze them and they are starting to move a bit more breasts now when I dont have my bra on I can feel them moving lol!!
I shall put a few pics up of how they are looking now :)

3 weeks post op

Yay 3 weeks post op and it feels like it has flown by!!!
Everything is still going great the girls have settled in well and are nice and soft, both dropped nicely aswell. 1 more week and I can go get fitted for a proper bra!!! And I cant wait as now my breasts have softened they just feel like they are being squashed in this post op bra and I just want to show them off ha ha!!! My scars are still healing nicely and I can already tell they are going to be pretty well hidden and small so thats great :)

4 weeks post op

Yay made it to a month op so quickly!!!
So im 4 weeks post op and today I am off to be measured and im so excited im crossing my fingers for at least a dd but we shall see :)
Im doing really well they are fantastic and I love the look I have now got. Both have dropped really nicely and are nice and soft. I have had a a small issue with mondors cord its nothig major its just when the veins running up the fromt of your body swell, there is no real evidence of what causes it but they say I can be due to trauma. It just meant I couldnt stretch up to much as it was tight but with anti inflammatorys all had now calmed down :) shall let you know how I get on with the fitting

bra fitting :)

So yesterday I went for my first proper fitting and wow I was a little shocked at my size, I was expecting to be about an e but I have been fitted to a 30ff or in some places I did fit a 32f! I am more then happy with the result :)
I brought 2 beautiful bras and a bikini. I wish I could wear a bikini all the time they look amazing in them ha ha

just a few more pictures :)

5 weeks 2 days post op

Thought I would share some befor and after pics so you can see the difference :)


My girls are sitting pretty in a lovely bra size 30ff hee hee yay
dr nicholas bennett

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