"Portrait" Skin Regeneration Procedure Disaster!!

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The "Portrait" procedure for skin...

The "Portrait" procedure for skin resurfacing by Rhytec was a horrible experience administered by an ignorant, greedy doctor with ugly results. I am sick about the unattractive aging of my face it caused (I am 68 years old and had a very youthful face), the wasted use of $3600, and the discomfort and loss of time it required to recover enough to leave the house.

Pros: None

Cons: stretched facial skin; caused bags under the eyes; heavy folds between nose and mouth and mouth and chin; jowls increased; upper eye lids stretched and baggy; and other more minor negative results.

I originally sought removal of bumps under the skin on the cheeks of my face. My skin texture and tone were good. I had been doing an at-home exfoliation (10% glycolic acid) and moisturizing program, which had really improved my skin, and I wanted the bumps under the skin to disappear. The doctor recommended using "Portrait" procedure by Rhytec. She stated that it would also improve wrinkles, etc. I was warned about one possible negative sideeffect, the possibility of pigmentation problems.

The "Portrait" procedure applies plasma energy (heat) to the treated area without direct contact to the skin. It took one hour for an applied cream to deaden the area and about 40 minutes for the actual procedure.

The face became very red and extremely swollen. It was extremely swollen for one week resulting in stretched skin. As the swelling subsided on Day 8, I was horrified to see deep folds developing between the nose and mouth and mouth and chin. Before the procedure, there were lines in that area and I had considered using a filler, but after the procedure very deep folds developed. I had no bags under my eyes before the procedure, but after the procedure the areas under the eyes were and remain swollen, and puffy and make deep shadows, all very unattractive. The upper eyelids stretched so much that I could no longer wear eyeliner without it smearing all over the eyes. Now, nearly 4 months later, the skin continues to sag. I dread looking in the mirror each day.

I have learned, after visiting two dermatologists, that the bumps I had originally sought to remove were sweat glands and too deep in the skin for the Portrait procedure to reach. The doctor who did my procedure either knew nothing about skin and shouldn't have been doing this work or simply selected the most profitable procedure to do without conern for its appropriateness for removing the visible sweat glands.

Each time I informed her of the extreme swelling, she would laugh and act ammused and said that if she had informed me about it, I wouldn't have had the work done. She was so right, but informed consent is a requirement for a patient.

No one is certain why there was so much swelling or perhaps the professionals won't tell me. This procedure should not be used again unless the problem that caused by disaster is found and corrected. I noticed the same doctor advertising the Portrait procedure in the newspaper every day since my disaster. She has no concern if she damages another woman's face. Ladies, BEWARE.

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Ignorant of dermatologoy field, and greedy (selects treatment based on her profit) and unskilled (handles needle poorly), no empathy for patient. This female doctor trained in Family medicine and has no training in dermatology, except for a workshop held in San Diego on using the machine needed for the procedure

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