Rhinoplasty + Chin Implant, Finally Doing It! Portugal

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Hello everyone! I'm 26 years old and I'm finally...

Hello everyone!

I'm 26 years old and I'm finally doing it! I'm not the kind of person to share much about me, but I feel this will be an important point on my life so I thought it would be great to have some kind of report to check later. Hope we can help each other, feel free to ask any questions.

So, I have a big nose and a deviated septum. It started bothering me in my adolescence but it was not until 2 ou 3 years ago that the possibility of getting a rhinoplasty popped up in my head. I started gathering information about it and searched the doctors with best reviews on my zone. Had some consultations and this doctor I chose told me that I should also get a chin implant, it would improve much my profile. I was not expecting that it could all be done in the same surgery and it was only 400€ more. So I decided to go ahead with rhino + chin implant.

I have it booked for 18/04 and I have a last consultation tomorrow. I'm not afraid of the surgery or recuperation at all. I'm more concerned with the results, particularly the chin, I'm afraid of looking like tutankamon lol!

I don't really like the tip of my nose but don't know how I would change it, so I will leave in the hands of the surgeon, what do you think?


p.s. I have a beard now, will post some more photos after the consultation tomorrow.

Day before the surgery update!

So, tomorrow is the day!

I was afraid that the surgery had to be postponed because my blood tests showed a quite low platelet count (137). Before I send the tests to my doctor, by chance, I met another doctor specialist on rhinoplasty on my job. He told me if it was with him he would postpone the surgery and make sure to raise the platelet count a bit to avoid any complications. Anyways, I sent the full exams to my doctor and he said that there's no problem.

I have to be at the hospital at 12:30 pm and I have to fast since 8:00 am, I'm expecting to undergo surgery during afternoon. I will stay one night at the hospital if everything goes right.

I will shave today but I will post some more pictures before the surgery for future record. I will try to update daily during the first week of the recuperation.


Surgery postponed!

So, I was at the hospital all set to go. Talked with the doctor, he asked if I was ok and so on, I thought that I was going to be sedated soon. Some minutes later, the anesthetist came to speak with me, asked some questions like previous diseases or allergies and I reported some episodes of arrhythmia some months ago. I saw that he got concerned right away and asked a lot of questions around that subject. I said I did a stress test and results were normal but had to make a Holter test to be sure. He said he would not anesthetize me before checking the Holter test and explained why.

So yea, I'm a bit disappointed after all the anticipation, but is a safe measure and I completely understand. I went to a cardio clinic and booked the holter test for tomorrow.

Hope everything is fine and I can do the surgery after the holter results. I will update with any news.


Surgery booked again! This time is for real

Quick update. I managed to get the Holter results sooner. Everything is fine, they were normal. Talked to my doctor and with the anesthetist and he was able to book me again on May 2! So, quite soon I will be under the knife. :)

Day of operation!

Aaaand I finally did it.

Arrived at the hospital at 7h45 am, 30min later I was sleeping! It was all very fast, which was good because I didn't even have time to get nervous. Just remember the anesthesist asking if I was feeling something and I said "yes, slightly", literally 1sec later I was out! lol really enjoyed the experience. I woke up around 13h00 with an insane need to pee. That was actually the worst part, because I had to do it while laying down, which I was not used at all, so I would feel my bladder really full but just couldn't do it. Other than that I have absolutely no pain or headache or anything. I'm under the medication, I expect tomorrow to be more painful. My mouth was quite dry but after dinner it got better. Food was great, I ate everything lol

You can see in the photo the brusing is starting to kick in. More news tomorrow.


Forgot to upload the pics.

Day 1 post op! Arrived home

I woke up at around 6h30 am to get the medication. Night was very smooth. Took a shower, had lunch at the hospital and then I came home. Feeling 100%, no pain whatsoever. My nose is still bleeding a little bit, but nothing major. Talked with the doctor, he said everything went fine. Looking forward to see how it will be tonight, now that I'm at home. Some more pics.

Day 2 & 3 post op

A quick update, nothing really new. Day 2 and 3 were not that bad.. Nose is more congested which makes it harder to breath and it's annoying. Day 2 before going to bed I was cleaning the nostrils and I felt a little dizzy. Had to sit down for a minute or two. I've been sleeping all night, although I wake up early to take the meds and breakfast, but after that I fall asleep again. Today I was able to take a shower which felt really good!

1 week post op - cast is off

First week is gone and today was time to remove the splint and those things inside the nose. Almost fainted at the hospital. I wasn't nervous and it was not painfull at all, but I started to get very dizzy for some reason. So I got to see my nose. I hated it at first impression.. don't really know why, but I felt it didn't fit my face at all. I know it's very early and it will change a lot, but is quite a diference from my previous nose. Also the tip seems a bit turned up and I can't smile yet. Hope it will turn down a bit and I'm able to smile. Have any of you experienced something similar? I changed the bandage from the chin implant and I was able to take a look a it as well. I felt that I didn't get much horizontal projection as I was expecting but rather some verticality. It's also very swollen but I'm a bit apprehensive now. Now that I got some time with the new nose, I'm starting to accept it better, I'm positive that it will improve a lot still. So, today was quite a hard day for me. lol I will update when I remove the bandage from the chin, so I can show it better. thank you

2 weeks post op. Really happy with the results

Two weeks have passed and I'm super pleased with the results! My doctor told me that after removing the cast the nose looks very artificial for 1 or 2 days, and it really was! That's why I didn't like it at first. But now I really like what I see, even though the tip is probably still a bit swollen.
The nose it's not super straight ( doctor told me before that he would put it 100% straight but, most likely, it would shift a bit because of how deviated it was before. It doesn't really bother me, it's so much better than before. Also I think the chin implant looks good. A bit more horizontal projection would be great but it's definitely better than before!

So, overall for now I am really happy and glad I did it, I feel more confident already. Hope it continues this way as it continues to heal. What do you think? :)
Have a nice week everybody!
Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira

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