TT & Lipo 32 Year Old Mom of Three Boys; Long Distance Runner and Crossfit Friend - Portland, ME

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So I just booked my TT and Lipo (including inner...

So I just booked my TT and Lipo (including inner and outer thighs) and paid the deposit. I cannot believe I am going through with this but I just want to be happy and content with what I see in the mirror.
I am 5'7", and usually float around 155-160 pounds. (After kids...before kids I was around 130-140). I had a hysterectomy to help my weird bleeding and periods last December, and have struggled to keep my weight at 168 now. I'm hoping the lipo takes care of what the hysterectomy did to my, and the TT will take care of the excess skin I have. My last two babies were C sections.
I am extremely nervous, more about the cost and the pain/recovery. I was told by Dr Weisberg I will have little to no pain because of his anesthia practices and no drains are necessary. He seemed pleasant, and to be honest my husband and I didn't want to price shop this. We are limited on choices of PS around here, and everything I've read about Dr Weisberg seems positive and wonderful experiences.
I am a long distance runner with a full marathon under my belt and three half marathons along with countless 5ks. I do crossfit 2-3 times per week. Never Rx the weights but I feel strong and my cardio is great. I hate looking at my body, knowing I'm in the best shape of my life but you can't tell from the outside.

Pictures 12.8.15

These pics don't show my thighs but you can see my problematic stomach area.

One more pic

Headed out running. This body has run 26.2 miles...yet looking like jello.


100 Hours!!!

Only 100 hours until I'm under the knife. Super nervous and anxious - and also feel guilty. Worry about my three kids and how they'll handle it with Daddy. Need to clean my house thoroughly and get ahead of laundry and sheets first :( but we are having a big group here tonight for New Years. Hoping to lose weight during the recovery phase but eating clean and cutting out alcohol.
The Medical assistant who did my pre op had the same procedure by my doc and she showed me her scar (it was nearly invisible) and it was so reassuring. I wished i had been able to see the doc to finish my myriad of questioning but she was so loving and then answered my email q's too.
One if my bigger fears is doc won't be able pull down my skin enough and I'll have a vertical bb scar as well.

Leaving in 10 Minutes!

So nervous. Clinic is 1 hour away and I'm scheduled to be there at 7:15 am. I looking forward to taking the prescribed Gabapentin and Celbrex in 20 min (the said take 1 hr prior to arrival). Can't believe today is here!


Surgery went well. Doc and staff were amazing. I'm very nervous as he mentioned they couldn't pull the skin down far enough to get the whole belly button, and he knew i didn't want a vertical incision. So I don't know what it will look like. Shower tomorrow. Got very loopy and almost passed out when I got off the toilet from peeing, then got crazy cold sweats and almost threw up. Better now.


Ok I have a very high tolerance for pain (I've run on bilateral stress fractures and thought I was just sore...). The lipo areas feel like I've been beaten with a bat and the tummy area feels tight and burning similar to a c section. I'm on tramodol for pain and it's making me nauseas. I emailed the MA to see what else I can do. Back hurts from hunching over but I'm comfortable in bed propped up, although my butt cheeks are sore from sitting this way.
I'll post a pic later Today when I unzip this garment, which I'm convinced isn't small enough.

One more post day 1

Took my shower and took garment off. Very excited even with the swelling. From my understanding I didn't have enough skin to cut my own belly button out and he wanted to keep the incision low. Looks good so far! What do you think?

Better 'before' pictures

As I sit here in bed and eagerly anticipate getting back to my normal life, I found my original pre op photos that look worse than the ones I took. (Bad lighting etc). Here they are. I'm already so happy with the difference.

Swell Hell i look bigger and feel bigger than I did on post op day 1. The lipo areas are so painful and now I'm feeling this burning pain inside my upper abdomen which I am assuming is from the muscle repair. I finally had a bowel movement today. Took dolcolax yesterday and today along with coffee and that worked. Not painful.
It is depressing that my fat pants don't even fit but I'll try and be patient. I am still obsessing and upset the doc used a floating bb technique on me as I don't think my upper abdomen will be tight enough. My post op is in a few days and I want to know why he did this. I did mention right before surgery that I didn't want a vertical incision from my old bb but I didn't know this was what he would do!
Sitting around is getting old. Husband is very helpful and I have been to target a couple times with him. I have no pain meds left just a few tramodols. Yet I'm still in severe pain. I thought I had a high threshold....

Bruising, Swelling, and Boredom

Well day 4 is here and my swelling is hopefully at its peak. The bruising from the lipo hurts especially when sitting down. Doc only gave me enough pain meds for 3 days but I'll see him in 3 days so maybe I'll either feel better by then or he will give me more. I'm antsy to put clothes on other than sweatpants. I'm also worried about my plan next week as my husband is going back to work and I still can't lift my youngest child.

Lipo pain is real

Holy cow the pain from the lipo in my legs is the worse pain out of all of this. My belly button
Is oozing and crusted shut which is weird because it didn't have much done to it. Follow up is in two days so we will see. I am bloated like a tree trunk. Weight is still the same as pre surgery. Doc called in more Valium and tramodol but ibuprofen is the only thing that really helps.

Lipo and more swelling

Every day I'm more swollen. Anxiety is creeping in and I cannot wait until my post op tomorrow. I'm swollen above my bb and can't tell if it's a hematoma or just the muscle repair. Sitting hurts the most because of the lipo. My compression garment has become my friend. Husband is tired and getting sick....

Post op one week

Everything went well for post op, the pics of the skin and lipo were gross. Pre op pics made me feel bad.. Everything is healing nicely. Sad doc recommends no intimacy for two more weeks....ugh. I look smaller and weigh less but can't fit in my jeans yet. Patience patience. I do want my boobs done now....


So in a nutshell. My normal belly button (I had an umbilical float TT so they leave the outside of you bb alone and cut in and reattach underneath) began crusting shut. Long story short I started building hard fluid behind it and became more and more uncomfortable. Called docs office and of course doc is on vacation in Florida (I'm in Maine). So MA tells me to gently pull the adhesive tape sticking out of my bb and then clean with a q tip and peroxide. When I did the q tip literally went inside me almost the whole way (!) and when I pulled it out fluid came gushing out everywhere. Immediately called MA back and of course at this time it's 4:58 and I catch her leaving. Explain what happened and they tried to reassure me it was just a scab and just like if u picked a scab there's blood and Puss behind it. I had to argue and send pictures to show her and finally she realized and admitted ok it was a Seroma (though she wouldn't admit it..I asked is this a Seroma) which drained thru some popped stitch. Still don't know why there was a stitch in the first place in my bb but then she reasoned that all TtS have one which I then had to remind her I had an umbilical float. She had to google it!! Not reassuring. So two days go by and the Bb re shuts and the buildup begins again. Thankfully I got an appt with another practice that is covering for my doc and I explained everything. Doc there proceeds to betadine my bb and did the same thing with the q tip. And of course fluid gushed out again. So apparently my instructions are to do this nightly! Argh. My 3 week follow up is in a few days with my regular doc. Hope he is enjoying his week better than I am.
Anyways I am not happy with my results right now. I still feel big and very discouraged that the doc chose this route for me. I don't think he was trying to pull a fast one but when I speak with the medical assistants and their staff AND the surgical tech who all said either they had never heard of this procedure (umbilical float) or the tech saying it was the first one she had seen) I'm not confident.

Morning Pics

The only time of day I look good. I have lost 6 lbs and I'm still very swollen and cannot wear my regular pants.


I'm very pleased with my incision, especially after seeing some horror stories about wound issues and necrosis. I am seeing my doc for a three week post op tomorrow and I do have some fluid issues and my belly button needs to be addressed but I am overall pleased. I look amazing in the morning for about 10 min. Haha

Morning pic on the 3 week Mark

Here is my pic of this morning. Felt skinny but still swollen on the side profile. I refer to it as my tree trunk look. Thinking my breasts may need a lift. I like my cup size (34D) but wishing they were higher.

So it's been almost a year

I'll get photos soon. Right now I am not happy. The doctors office hasn't called to even schedule a post op. No photos. Nothing. I do see results but not $14k worth and I am still HIGHLY disappointed the doctor did the modified belly button float method without my knowledge until I woke up. I was looking forward to a new Bb as mine had issues and a scar from an old piercing anyways. Because he did this method I am now told I probably can get a re do, and there are at least 3-4 inches extra that should have been taken. His only explanation. "Oh this was a highly progressive method." My thought process is that I am some guinea pig and he wants new photos or documents for a medical journal.
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Staff was pleasant and nice. Doctor was knowledgeable but did the procedure different than expected and now I cannot get it fixed. Very sad upon waking up. I am not thrilled with the $14k results because of it and it was not worth the cost. A follow up was not scheduled at 6 months, no post ops were taken and the explanation was it was 'progressive'. I do see results but they could've been better. Dr Verne did give me a cell # I could reach him at and did call the first night. However I did develop an issue the following week and of course he was on vacation. Not his fault and it was worked out - I was sent to an on call doc in a different town. But it was not nearly as nice of a facility. Bad timing on both of our parts :) The initial intake that was done was very unprofessional an there happened to be a 'trainee'. Every other employee was highly professional and appeared organized. This woman looked like she could flip burgers for a living. Sorry. After the most embarrassing moments (photos)..then the camera breaks..then you come back for your pre op and they have to do photos again!? I'm scheduling an appt to see what we can do about this and I do trust his skill as a surgeon. I will update as we go from here.

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