Eight weeks post-op TT PICS!

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HI ALL! I am very excited as I finally got my...

I am very excited as I finally got my surgery date: September 27. I have my pre-op 9/19 and thank to this forum I have a ton of questions for Dr. lee.
I am 39 years old, mother of a wonderful 12 year old girl. Ia m5'9" 164 lbs. I am a very active woman, runner, big skier. I was not thinking of having a TT but husband brought it up as a "gift" for my 40s. I promised him I was going to think about it and scheduled a consult with Dr. lee. I really liked him so I said to myself:"heck, why not?".
I had a lipoprotein 2 years ago that eliminated a big pack of fat I had on my lower belly due to my pregnancy. I gained 70 pounds with my daughter and I haven't been able to go back to my original 150 lbs. I run everyday 4-7 miles but my skin is really all over the place and I have love handles that I hate!
My expectations for my surgery are very realistic but it's what I need to start working on my 6pack :) . Anyway, I will be posting pro-op pics before the surgery. Wish me luck, this board will be a great post op therapy ;)

Getting restless

Ok, so I have my pre-op scheduled for Thursday 9/19 and I am pretty busy at work, certainly have plenty to do between now and my surgery and for the life of me, I want to get this thing done now.
I went to the supermarket to get my iron supplement, arnica Montana, and some vitamin C. Got some turmeric for after the surgery.
Since I have had a AL before I know what is in store for me. Days of feeling icky, worthless and uncomfortable. Yikes! How is everybody else feeling?

Pre-op tomorrow

Don't forget about me! My pre-op is tomorrow at 1:30pm PST. Wish me luck and send me good energy! :)

Pre-op done! Payment, done!

Ok so I had my pre-op on Thursday. I got the chance to seat with my doc for 20 minutes and he patiently answered all my questions. Signed my paperwork, got the arrival time for the surgery center : 6:15 am... Yikes! I live 90 minutes away from the SC which means this is going to be an early commute :))
We talked about things to do before the surgery and he said: vitamin c and zinc are a must! So all of you who are getting ready to have any surgery, and of course TT should start popping the pills ASAP :)
I have been very busy at work and with after school stuff with my daughter so this week flew by. Hope next week goes fast as well.
I am going to go and take some pics of my not so good abdomen so you can help me say goodbye to it ;)
Talk to you guys later!

Pic of the tummmmmmyyyyyyy

Monster from the side :)

The other side

Look at this cute belly! not!

Got compression? What's your favorite?

Since i had a lipo a couple of years ago, i know i am going to struggle with the compression garments. i bought this one, in black size L. We will see!

Tick tock tick tock

Show time is coming up. I have soooooo much to do but here I am reading all your wonderful stories and watching house hunters international! :)
I am making a checklist that I will publish tomorrow. Oh! House hunters is back from commercials! Talk to you guys tomorrow!


Ok, so if you live in a small town, beware of the fact that some pharmacies may run out of OxyContin or oxycodone ( pain meds) . That happened to me today, I had to go to 3 pharmacies where they could fill the rx given my PS.
Also, if you are taking zinc, take it with food! Boy that zinc made me sick today! Yuck!
I have gone around the house finding all the clothes that I will need for the fist week. I will put them on a suitcase in my bathroom so if people are helping me, they know they need to go yo the suitcase and find all the clothes, undies, etc that I need.
Paying my bills too, sending all the checks on Thursday. Thank god for electronic payments!
I am also putting all my meds in a basket! What else?

Got a call from the surgery center with pre-op instructions

Got two calls actually, first from the business side to pay the fee and the anesthesiologist fee. Took care of that, $1,500 for the surgery center and $900 for anesthesia. Second call was from nursing staff to go over health questionnaire and go over pre-op instructions.
Got some hair dye :) god knows when I will be able to go out in public but.... I don't want to look like a castaway:)
I don't think I will have time to get my nails done but we'll see.
The nurse from the sc said that my arrival time is 6:15 but my surgery won't start until 7:30. It will take around 3 hours, I will be in recovery for 45 minutes, then moved to a second stage recovery unit where they will go over discharge instructions, where I will see my husband and after I pee and eat some crackers and drink juice they will take me by wheelchair to my car. Woooohooo!
Then the fun starts.
Talked to my boss too. I will be working remotely for two weeks. Which is great because I really hate post op time. The less stuff I do, the more I think, the weirder I get and become very gloomy. Not this time though, I am going to take care of myself but ensure I keep my mind busy.
Tomorrow is the last day I have to get ready, so if you have any tips pre-op send them my way!

Boy it was not easy!

Had my procedure done yesterday. That part was easy, I felt fine, very mobile. The ride home was great, the 70 miles distance were not a problem. Got home around 2:30 pm. My procedure was scheduled to take 3 hours but took 4, don't ask me why.
Got home, my bed was all ready, I got this right ! Then, around 3 pm I asked my daughter to help me get up to the bathroom and I got all dizzy, clammy , ready to pass out. Manage to go to the bathroom , came back and I felt horrible after that. Around 7 pm I puked, we have some friends a doc and a nurse came by to see how I was doing and they freaked out: I was cold, pale, my lips were white and my bp was 70/44. They put me on fluids, gave me some potato chips to boost up my sodium, checked my drainage and waited. Took 3 hours for me to become "normal" again.
I slept fine last night, I have been to the bathroom twice with no problem, walked all over the house and felt ok, tired but not sick.
Drainage is steady, bloody but clear. Looks good.
I will post more when I have more energy but I wanted to let all of you know that surgery was ok!

Running a low grade fever

So, I am a bit feverish which is pretty normal. Taking my meds as prescribed. Having one oxycodon every 4-5 hours though. I am not regular when healthy, the pain meds will break havoc on my system.
I am peeing very often, which is great because it makes me get off the bed and walk. This granny walk is doing numbers on my back but heck, I don't see getting comfy on any other position.
The funny thing is that I am hungry but I don't eat, had some chicken broth and that was it. I am not complaining, I am very thirsty so my body knows how to prioritize I guess.
My doc wants to see me tomorrow Sunday at 9 am in his office. Not looking forward to that drive but what a sweetheart!
I will post more tomorrow. Where's is everybody????

Mega bloated - that chicken noodle soup sure did a number on my poor tummy!

Still bloated, got my period , took a shower, went #2

All in one morning! Gah!!!! No wonder I was so bloated. I didn't realize I was going to get my period until it was here.
Glad I was able to go #2. Not much but I will take it.
Took a shower, the drains are a pain in the neck but the water felt good. Put some neosporin on the bb and on the sites where the drains come out.
The CG is a intolerable! I think that all the pain I have comes from wearing that stupid #%}#. Tried to put it together after shower, but I guess I will have dh adjust it when he comes from work. I love that is not too tight, because I wasn't able to breath the passed days. It feels tight now but comfortable-ish.
Joined a work meeting and it felt good. I have another one at noon. Helps the day pass by quicker. I am bored to death and want to start my normal life ASAP! Oh well. How is everyone doing?

Three days post op!

Is this supposed to get easier?

I am moving better, but my stomach is really not happy. I am not eating much but I am able to hold my beloved muscle milk and seems to be working against this malaise feeling.
I haven't had pain perse, just discomfort that could be attributed to my period. I took on pain pill last night but makes my head into mush so I am definitely not taking anymore. Flexoril and Tylenol are doing the trick.
Thank you to those who brought up the idea if using a tank top under the Compression garment: is working great!
So it's raining cats and dogs outside, this is my second day alone in the house, dh is at work and kid at school. I like it! I figure that I don't like to be a burden for the fam, especially if it's for an elective surgery ;)
So the govt shut down today but I have my drs appointment tomorrow, he is like the mail :) :) :)
I gave to join a conference call in 20 min so I will sign off for now. Will write some more later!

Feeling better but it's getting cold on here

Guess what? Not feeling like a want to vomit anymore. Ate rice pudding and avocado with crackers. So far so good! My pain is not there, but I feel uncomfortable. My drains are 50-70 very red but I guess it's is expected because of my post op vomiting. I am very cold though, so my bp must be really low.
I am getting very sleepy so I will go to bed pretty soon, I have to go to the dr's office and it's an hour drive from where I live. I will try to post some pics I took with my phone, the cloud does not seem to be working for me!

4 days post op pic

Second post op visit with PS done! Removed one drain!

Hi all,
Hope everybody is doing great. First week post op is going very slowly but I ave had some progress: my bm are very regular and almost normal, swelling and pain seem to be under control, incision looks great ( ps removed tape yesterday) and one of the drains is out. Output in the drain that was left is steady between 30-40.
Right now I am not wearing my cg, I just took a shower, put neosporin on incision and drain and bb areas and waiting for my skin to dry out a bit more before putting on the evil cg.
Yesterday's trip to see my ps really wore me out. My dr asked me to start with it on again as I have lost blood and I am pale and feeling a tad weaker than normal.
This morning made myself a sandwich, I , for the first time since my TT felt a little hungrier than usual. Yay!!
How is everybody else?

Pics on day 6 post op

Went to a work meeting

Sat on a chair for 4 hours with one drain draining like you wouldn't believe it. Feeling better. Sick of the cg though. I need to wash it tomorrow. I will put the Marena garment while I wait for the binder to dry. We'll see.

Still with drain :(

Ok so days have passed since my last update. I am doing better, not using pain meds or muscle relaxers. When in pain I pop a Tylenol. I am sleeping a little propped on pillows but waking up almost flat. Lol! No problems sleeping!
I was supposed to go to get my drain out today but on last check up Dr. Wanted me to call him with output before driving de 1 1/2 hour from my home to his office, it's 70 miles. I talked to him and he decided to make me come in tomorrow( call first). I have an hematoma on top of my bb that is draining so he wanted to go really tight on the compression garment, actually wrap a towel and then the cg on top. The goal is to push that blood out now that I have the cg. No big deal. I can do that.
I worked all day from home but actually sitting on my home office. It was ok. Not mega bloated but yes, there is some of that.
My husband does not let me drive anywhere until dr says it's ok, so I am getting a little anxious. It's raining, getting cold but I am looking forward to the skiing season to start. Yesterday was the Portland marathon, that I could not run because of the surgery but we'll, I will run it next year wearing shorts and a tank top :)
Is anybody reading this??? I will post a pic I took today in a bit!

10 day post op pic

No more drains but inches of foam and towels under the binder!!!!

Ok so I am finally drain-free, yupiiiiiii! On the downside, I am still draining from the whole where there was one that evil drain. I have changed dressings three times! But not complaining, all that fluid will eventually stop... Which brings the other issue. My ps is a perfectionist, so he is a good friend of continuous improvement. He strongly believed in binders, using them 24/7, using foam pads under the binder in certain areas, and after he pulls all the drains he asks you to wear, not one, but two towels under my binder on top if my tummy. The idea is to have a mega level of compression, the purpose, avoid seroma.
He told me that he took almost 4 pounds of skin and did quite a bit of loop in the front and flank, so if the risk of seroma is high, in my case is high-er. So hubby was happy to hear that I would be wearing that cg and towels/pad for a week or so, all day and night. He has grown very fond of helping me with my binder and he always said that I was leaving the binder too loose.
Anyway, being the pessimistic I am, I am sure I will develop the aforementioned seroma. I am preparing myself mentally for it. I am scheduled to see my ps again on Thursday.
I can't drive, dr's orders, maybe a bit around my town but no way I can drive the 70 miles to Portland To Salem, where I had a meeting next week. We'll have to tell the boss.
Work is going well, working remotely is a blessing, but family is getting a little edgy. I may need to start doing some more around the house. Guess days of being pampered are over :) lol!

No seroma so far....

Had my appointment with ps today. I did not see him but saw his nurse, Patty. She is retrieving after 20 some years with him. Wow!
Anyway, she was very nice, checked my abdomen for seroma,found nothing, checked my incision, looks great and I am to start massaging my scar once a day with this cream named Kelso-cote, that they really like.
I have another appointment on Monday, where they will check for seroma gain, and if then there is nothing I can stop wearing the two towels under the compression garment. Yay!
I still can't drive long distances so that means I will still be working from home at least until Monday.
Today I am very tired, the whole where the drain was keeps leaking. Went to the supermarket for the first time today and when I came back the area was drenched in blood and gunk coming from the area. Yuck, but at the same time, no wonder I haven't had seroma.
Other than that and the killer back pain I have, all is good. I am so ready to sleep on my tummy though.... Anyway, that's it for me. I am cooking some artichokes I have been craving since forever and I may even have a beer!!! Yay!!!!!!

Day 14 post op pic and latest news

Today, two weeks ago, I had my TT and lipo. No regrets but it hasn't been easy.
The drain whole keeps draining and I had to change pads 3 times and clothes twice because the gunk leaked everywhere. Needless to say once I changed I simply had to sit down and take it easy to keep the "bleeding under control". Activity seems to trigger the leak so I have to reduce my movements. What a pain.
Took a ling shower today and washed my hair, blow dried it and looks great.
Apply my first round of kelo-cote with a gentle massage to the scar as instructed yesterday. It didn't feel to weird but the sea station is not normal. No biggie.
Took a picture of me , I think it's the first one I post without the drains. How is everyone doing?

Seroma has arrived

Under my bb :( I have a follow up with my ps on Monday. We'll see what he says. I have pics too. What a bummer!!!

Brutal night

Ok so I have been dealing with this potential seroma and proactively as I can. I have also tried to go back to my home routine, I have been out and about : supermarket, coffee shop, friends house, etc I have been eating a bit more everyday. I am overall feeling with more energy, maybe less sore, at 70% maybe. However, the last 2 nights have been rough : I wake up and can't fall asleep, the cg gets tighter and uncomfortable, my body craves to sleep on my tummy, or on the side, my tummy feels a bit bloated and tight, uncomfortable. My posture is not normal yet, walking hunched over some. Had to take a muscle relaxer today after days, maybe more than a week since I took something.
I am positive I will see quite a bit of improvement this week, but boy this has been a test on my patience and resilience.....and if you add this this that hubby doesn't want me to drive, drink or do anything ( fun, he would like me to start cooking though ;)) I am maybe having a mild case of cabin fever.
Hopefully it will go away soon. How's everybody doing? Are you guys reading?

Yup it is seroma

Today I had an appt with my ps, I seemed to have diagnosed myself appropriately : seroma. So he pulled drawers open and puts together a syringe and needle and takes 115ml of gunk from my tummy. My husband wanted to die, I think he was ready to pass out.
Other than than I am ok, scar is healing nicely, my BB ( although a bit neglected) is doing well, I am bit puffy but it is all the "swell hell" that sets in after they take your drains out. My drain sites stopped leaking, hence the seroma and I had a great night's sleep last night. I feel a bit like myself today. Frustrated with the seroma setback? Sure! Is this the end of the world? Nope, I am very happy with the results. I miss driving and drinking that's for sure, but I can wait a couple of weeks more.
My appetite has not come back yet. Actually of I eat too much I feel horrible so eating very small meals is the way to go for me. Not like I am complaining, I am down from 165 pre surgery weight to 156 post surgery, so more pounds I lose the better.
I miss running though I open my FB account and all my friends are postings pics of their marathons, and 10ks, etc and I can am barely allowed to go to the mailbox. Pfffff.... Well, I will be healed soon and start my running routine in no time, and one year from now I will be running my fall marathon!
Anyway, thanks dot" listening".

Pics 17 days PO

The good the bad and the pregnant

Well I have good and bad news. The good news is that I am wearing jeans today, left the black gym pants and decided to face the music. Now, do I look great? No way as I have the cig and two towels folded under it to increase the pressure and reduce Seroma. Do I look pregnant? Pretty much, around. 6 months. However, I am sort of relieved that I don't need to wear gym clothes anymore. Now the bad news, I have a sore throat, cough and a fever of 102. I think I may have strep throat. Yeah.... Of course. I can feel it, feels like crap. Anyway, that's all I have to report! Hope tomorrow is a better day for all of us! I will post a pic of my and the pants so you guys can get a laugh at it. Spent 10k to look preggers ;)

Pics of me plus compression garment plus towels and foam

Here's my look to avoid Seroma: what two towels under your compression garment, make them at least one inch thick, add some foam, close the compression garment. Result, have of the seroma you had the last time, the only inconvenience is that you look 6 months pregnant. I am still happy with the results, this thing is just temporary!

With jeans!! B

Wearing a compression garment and no seroma ;)

Hi all,
So there has been quite a bit of improvement. I saw my doctor on Thursday and he now lifted restrictions for driving, so next week I will be back at my office in the city and out and about. The last time I saw him I got 60 ccs aspirated and asked me to come back today, Sunday! I mean I love the guy, he has seen me on Sunday like three times now, just because he wants to make sure I am doing ok. Anyway, dh and I drove to his office, and there he was, he put the needle in and guess what : no seroma. He was super happy but he asked me to continue wearing the padding and towels until my next appointment on Thursday.
I have been out and about, went to two parties, went shopping today. I am wearing my regular clothes now, everything fits fine, and although I am swollen, the cg makes everything look ok, better than it was before, even when I am wearing the padding.
Anyway, I am really looking forward to next week where I can resume my normal life. I can't do much though like no exercise and I have to be careful with my movements but overall I think things are moving in the right direction. How is everybody doing?

Survived first day of work, conference and commute!!!

As you know, after my surgery I started working the following week. I am able to telecommute so I dove in with full schedule. Since I was unable to drive my schedule was full of conference calls, webinars,etc.
yesterday I drove to a city nearby for a work meeting and it was fine. It was a good rehearsal of what today would bring: carrying laptop, easels, etc; attending meetings; presenting at a conference; facilitating workshops etc PLUS driving one and a half hour each way from home to work and viceversa .
Well, this 16 hour day is over and although I am tired, I feel I did well. I wore the girdle but did not wear the extra padding or towel. I kept myself straight, not hunched over, or at least I think I did ;)
I was in high spirits and pretty energetic. I am so glad for that. Tomorrow and Friday are equally long and busy so send me some energies!
I have an appointment with my ps tomorrow at lunch, so I hope he finds no seroma. Fingers crossed!!!

Pics of me on Tuesday

The pics are of me on work clothes with girdle 2 sets of foam padding and two towels. Today I did not wear padding or towel. Forgot to take a pic. I will though! Will post some tomorrow!

Another day another dollar and no more seroma!

Another hectic day for me. In the midst of all this coming and going I manage to stop by my beloved ps where I received happy news. No more seroma! I am a bit swollen under my breast above the bb so I have to put some padding there but no more towels! Yupiiii! The trick worked! I am doing so well that he said to start doing exercise, start slow, walk before you run. I cannot do any ab work until next month. He asked me to come back in two weeks!!! I am going to miss him :( but he's happy I am doing so well and I am too!!!

Pics from this morning when I was not that swollen ;)

I haven't used those pants in a couple if years. They are size 10 and I am usually 12. 10s used to fit but were snug , not anymore. They felt great and were pretty baggy in the front! Yay!


For all of you that have asked me about the foam I wear under my binder I have some pics. The foam was provided by my ps and one side is kind of sticky so it adheres to my skin ( not really sticky but sticky enough). I put it above my bb now but when I had seroma I also put it above my incision under my bb.

Scar therapy

So my ps swears that Kelso-cote is the best thing for scars. I have been using it for two weeks now and I have to admit, the thing is good. My scar looks really good and I am not one to heal that easily.
I started now to apply the kelo-cote twice a day and my ps says that massaging the scar will work the kinks under it. What is everyone doing for scar therapy? I am curious !

Painful period and pics :)

I got my period this weekend and it has been extra painful and I am extra swollen. Thank god for ibuprofen! I took some pics over the weekend. Friday was my one month TT anniversary . Clothes fit fine and swelling is worst in the afternoon. My appetite hasn't really come back but it will probably when I start exercising more.

Two sizes down!!!

Ok! First of all the disclaimer, I haven't been eating much since the TT for some reason my stomach gets full really fast and I haven't been hungry overall. So I may be skinnier , probably around 160. Maybe less.
Regardless, since week 2 post op I was able to start wearing my jeans and I have been wearing other pieces of clothing that prior to the TT were a bit snug and uncomfortable. They are now confortable and not big, but certainly not snug :).
Anyway, there is a pair of skinny black pants I wore years ago when I was mega skinny and I have never given them away because, you know, I guess I was hopeful. They are size 8.
Today is Halloween and my costume calls for skinny black pants and I pulled them from the closet and left them on top of the bed. I told my husband at lunch time that I had to change the idea of wearing pants with the costume because I only had those skinny pants that I was sure won't fit. He says:" why dont you try them on?" I was like...."Okkeeeyyyy". Tried them on and they fit!! they look great!!! they are not tight!!! they are awesome and I always loved them!!!!!!!
Anyway, I wanted to share a moment of glory with all of you....that makes those 8 grand I spent worth it :)))))))

5 weeks!

Weeks keep passing by and I am almost normal. Clothes are fitting great, energy is back, still wearing my cg, swelling is a problem in the afternoon but overall, I would do it again and again.
Saw my ps yesterday after 2 weeks, he was pleased with my progress. Told me to stop the neosporin on the belly button and start scar therapy there. I have to massage my stomach and also my incision area. Next appointment will him will be early January. Yay! I was released to start exercises but must wait 4 more weeks for ab work so my insanity workout will have to wait! How's everybody??

7 weeks pics!

Here I am 7 weeks after surgery :)

What's new?

Ok so this is the written update as I posted the pics from my phone. Not much has changed. I should make the clarification about the update that said 5 weeks should have said 6 weeks. On friday I will be 7 weeks post op. Time flies.
I am still doing scar thereapy but I am using Mederma instead just because hubby went to buy my beloved Kelo-Cote and since he could not find it bought mederma instead. So far so good, it is a bit more "creamy" than kelo-cote but seems to be doing its job.
I am no longer wearing my binder. I feel that I should graduate to big leagues and I am only wearing a CG or a Flexee top and does the trick. The binder I wear only when I work out for "mental support". I started working out, and run my first 4 miles at 10 minute per mile pace...not bad, huh? Did I pay afterwards? sure I did. I was planning on working out everyday but the run took its toll.I should learn to listen to my body, and yes I run faster that 10 minute miles but does not mean I can do it 6 weeks after a major surgery.....jeeezzzzz! what was I thinking?????
Anyway, I will not let that set back deter me, so i will try again next weekend, at an easier pace and take it easy. Listen to my body, take it easy, this is not a competition, I should have this as my mantra..... I signed up for a marathon though, I have plenty of time to train as it will not happen until early May, but I work better if I have objectives clear on the horizon.
The pics I posted are a reflection of swelling I have been suffering ( worlcome the club, right??). Since I am not wearing the binder, the swelling seems to be more evident. Feels like I am going to bust at the seams, lol!
Here is the clothes report : Fantastic!!! Everything fits and looks nice. I was trying my ski clothes and they are huge!!! I am going to wear them this season anyway and just buy a nice funky belt :)))))
I think that's all I have to report. Hope these updates are helpful :)

8 weeks post op pics!

Here I am! Dealing with swelling but getting back to normal... Soon!

I had this surgery simply because I really liked the guy, how straight forward he is, to the point he is, no bells, no whistles. I have seen him and only him every time I was in his office. My surgery was on Friday and he asked me to come on Sunday to his clinic, just because he wanted to ensure my post op was going accordingly. A Sunday! His bedside manners are fantastic, he's meticulous, professional and very affordable. I read great reviews about him so I know my gut feeling was wright, he will do the best he can.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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