Full Tummy Tuck with a "Belly Button" Hernia Repair and a Small Groin Hernia Repair

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Eight weeks ago, I had a full tummy tuck with a...

Eight weeks ago, I had a full tummy tuck with a "belly button" hernia repair and a a small groin hernia repair. With the tummy tuck, the doctor also repaired my abdomen muscles as they were separated during the birth of my children. I can now sit and stand upright. However, after sitting for long periods of time I have the tendency to hunch over. Anytime I wear button pants, my abs feel sore and tugged on. One side is definitely more sore then the other.

Before the surgery, I exercised 4-5 times a week doing strength training regularly and running 3-8 miles a week. I really feel like my abdomen can't handle any exercise yet. I am frequently swollen in my very lower ab and pubic area.

I decided to have a tummy tuck to flatten my wrinkled stomach after having two children. I do like the way I look better, but I am struggling with the recovery time. I am use to being very active and the limitations are tedious. I am slowly gaining weight as a result.

I think the doctor did a great job and my complications are few. The jury is still out on whether I think it is worth it. I think in the end I will be happy with it, but need another month or two to feel normal.

Is this a normal recovery? I know I am getting stronger, but how long will it take to get back to exercising. Would you consider this an extensive tummy tuck or average? From reading other questions, I feel like I should be well on the way to exercising more and much better.

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Very competent. My doctor's office is very responsive to questions and concerns I have.

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