TT & Splenectomy scar revision,Age 37, 2 Kids, Portland, OR

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I had my consult in March for tummy tuck,...

I had my consult in March for tummy tuck, splenectomy scar revision, and breast augmentation. I decided to move forward with tummy tuck, scar revision, and liposuction to flanks this year. My pre op appt was on the 8th, an d my PS answered all my questions thoroughly. My surgey scheduled on June 22nd....getting very nervous! I feel very vain and selfish. My husband says I have buyers remorse beforeI buy anything. That being said, he is very supportative and knows I have wanted TT for years!

3 days until TT surgery...nervous nelly

Feeling like an old lady. After reading several comments about post surgery difficulties, I went and made some purchases. I have an armamentarium of goods ready to battle an gas/bloating or BM issues that may arise. :)

Less than 24 hrs until TT

Today feels like a waiting game. Get excited and nervous. Yesterday I started eating lighter meals that are easy to digest. My goal is to fuel my body to try and help with post surgery recovery the best I can. Spoke with nurse yesterday and she was very helpful. Waiting to hear from anesthesiologist today. All my errands and house work completed, so today I plan on relaxing and enjoying the sunshine :)

1 day post op TT

Went in for surgery yesterday at 7:30. Everything went great. I was able to stand well and walk out on my own. Came home and had lycein protein shake with fruit, spinach, and coconut water. I'm also walking every hour. Most important advice at this moment is stay ahead of pain and stay hydrated! Going for post op appt at 11:00.

TT 2 days post op

So I am 2 days post op and feel like I'm going down hill. My nights are the hardest, pain meds not helping. Tonight trying to sleep in different position. I am concerned with incision and how my belly is swollen on one side more than the other. Just can't wait to feel better and not be so swollen. Wish me luck sleeping tonight

Finally got some sleep!

Thanks for encourage words! Much needed. ..I'm so scared about how things are looking at the moment...trying to not look. Attempting shower hubby doesn't have stomach to help much in this department. Any words of wisdom for showering? I have stool and detachable shower head do I think I'll be good.

Splenectomy scar revision

Posting before and after photos of scar revision only...not ready to post TT photos

Walking walking walking

Finally had encouraging words regarding that. ..ugh. I feel better when I am walking but trying not to over due it, I end up paying in middle of night if I do much during the day. Look at my actual TT scar and waiting to see PS on Tuesday to make sure it's healing ok. So nervous it will end up hypertrophic like my splenectomy scar initially was. So happy with flank liposuction if I haven't already mentioned before. Starting to get cabin fever!

6 days post op TT

After reading others TT progress I am feeling behind. I am still taking pain meds (2 tabs) every 4 hrs and sometimes 3 tabs during night. I am walking but not doing any household chores. I return to work on 6th and hope I have energy to be at normal speed. I am dental assistant and right now can't image not needing nap after every patient, lol. I was hoping to be on Tylenol only by now. I am jealous of the women who have already been out and about. Ugh! Maybe tomorrow I will attempt to go to grocery store for 1 item only to see how I do....oh and drain tunes pinch! The area of incision feels like I'm getting waxing done repeatedly only in that area haha...still not wanting to post TT site, sorry. Had to have a chat with hubby about being better caregiver which he took like champ and admitted he doesn't do well under stressful situations when it comes to loved one...awww , sweet. .. buck up! :)

Laughing...a crying matter

Had my first good accidental laugh and I ended up crying it hurt so much...but still laughed through tears. I busted my family making fun of my modified laugh due to TT...they did good job too :)

1 week post op

Had one drain removed yesterday, do happy! The removal wasn't painful, more of a slight burn similar to getting waxed but way less. I am now in marena compression girdle and have discomfort in one particular area. This CG feels very unhygenic due to crotchless opening. I read another comment recommending using maxi pad in area it rubs along incision, great advice! Also, Dr. Hayes listened to each of my questions and adressed all my concerns in depth. His staff is great! Each time I have come in they have greeted me with familiarity and are very complimentary. Even if it's just routine greeting as a patient having gone through TT it feels great! Dr.Hayes has made himself very accessible throughout this entire process.

Back to work tomorrow. ...yikes!

I return to work tomorrow and am very nervous! I still have one drain tube in and it keeps moving upon standing/sitting which in turn causes burning irritation. I have no idea how this is going to work. I'm up and down all day long..can't exactly be adjusting when I'm sitting chairside with a I'm buying tape today to help keep tubing in hopefully the right position.

Made it through first week back to work

I was very nervous returning to work but made it to the end. My boss and co-workers were very helpful and supportive. Working with one drain tube in had it's challenges but taping the tubing along the inside of my thigh really helped. Mornings were challenging due to stiffness present when getting out of bed but by the time I left for work I was more mobile. By the end of each day I was exhausted and went to bed early. I think over all things went as well as can be expected. The most important thing to remember is that I am not at a 100% and need to have realistic expectations. Final drain tube removed today and so ecstatic to sit down without having to adjust any tube, LOL. This weekend is all about resting! I could do household chores but I'm going to see how long I can get away with my husband taking over running the house :)
I'm still swollen but notice every few days some improvement. My incisions are healing really well and am impressed with how thin they are. I can't wait to see how they look in 6 months to 1 year. Dr. Hayes was well aware of my concerns regarding scarring and its obvious he listened and took that into consideration when completing tummy tuck. He was not over ambition! Now that the drain tubes are out I will post photo's soon.

24 days post op

My 2nd week of work went so much better than the 1st week. I truly don't remember details about the 1st week. My boss reminded me of a couple stories abd I was clueless to what she was talking about. She got a good laugh thankfully. My energy level is improving greatly! Sleep is still a bit iffy. ..I have to change positions frequently otherwise I get sore/stiff. I wake in middle of night finding myself involuntarily stretching. I try to stop but it's like a yawn..once it starts can't exactly stop it. Incisions are looking better as well. I can tell my nerves are repairing because I get "zingers" and random twinges. Still not able to stand complete straight but very close. I'm excited to get back to exercising :) I forgot to mention in previous posts 2 things..
1) Funny story..during week 2 of recovery went to store and still had drain tubes in. At the story one came unclipped and was dangling out of my dress..super embarrassing! Not exactly easy to recover in middle of isle.
2) Dr.Hayes was very accommodating and worked with my work schedule to have second drain removed. I was seen by his medical assistant on their administrative day...meaning it was a non patient day, no doctors in. I work in medical field and greatly appreciated willingness to work with my schedule !!

Two photos to share

I'm still swollen and have bruise present but just a couple quick photo's.

Surgical glue

I am ecstatic to report that my surgical glue over my incisions are almost completely off AND I feel no need to use scar away or other such products! My PS truly has "magic hands" incisions are so thin!! Of course they are still red and healing but I am beyond impressed! I admit I was skeptical when my PS said it would be in his hands the outcome of incision by the amount of tension applied...dare I say my incisions look great! Thanks Dr.Hayes!
Photos to follow:)

5 week post op

I had my 5 week post op today. Dr.Hayes and I are both really pleased with results! We looked at pre and post op pictures and WOW what an improvement! I have been given the ok to start working out in a week. Anxious to get fit!! I've had a "mom" body since I was 17 and excited for this new & improved me. This has been a real confidence booster. I was as prepared as one can possibly be for surgery but not prepared for how overjoyed I am!!

Pre and post op pictures


I have never worn a bikini due to insecurities with scar on my tummy as a result from surgery as a child. After having TT, Dr. Hayes was confident I would wear one. I may not have the courage but I now have the body to actually wear one :)


My energy level has been back to normal for several weeks now, and I have the green light to exercise with no restrictions. I'm so ready to get back into my routine. I jump rope for my cardio, don't enjoy running. I do a weight circuit and jump rope for my HIIT. That being said , I tried just jumping right back into routine knowing I would use less weights and shorten my cardio. Well, the weight lifting was fine as long as I went slow and steady. Now when it came time to jump rope....not so comfortable. I realized I needed more support about 4 rotations in. So I put my spanx on and tried again. I definitely felt improvement in the ab area, but my flanks where lipo completed was on burning, stinging...ouch! No Bueno! I was not concerned just curious as to how long to expect this sensation. So I shoot my PS an email and he was quick to respond. Bottom line.. listen to my body and be patient. will go away. I'm just feeling good and ready to resume all my activities that I forget my insides are still healing. Also, I noticed the next day after weight lifting (only using 7 1/2-10 lbs) that my rib cage area on left side felt really tender/sore. All very normal but took my a bit to find other realselfers with similar tenderness. Well, I guess I'll just have to slow my roll! :)
*Side note: I switched from wearing my spanx to CG when working out. I felt more support with CG, and I wear spanx post work out to help reduce any swelling. Yes, I noticed some swelling several hrs after work out.

8 weeks post op!

So happy to already be this far along in recovery! I no longer have to wear spanx, and thought it would be a welcome relief. It's a double edged sword. It's a pain to wear while working. ..mainly bathroom breaks. After working a 10 hour day without spanx I feel tender, raw,and swollen. I miss the support, I feel like my tummy is unprotected. I kept accidentally bumping my stomach into counter and realized the spanx added a thin barrier to help protect the skin in a sense. I'll see how day 2 goes. All part of the process and so worth it!

3 months post op

Wow! Already 3 months....
I feel great! I find myself enjoying shopping again. Since surgery I have lost 10 lbs and have gone from a size 4/6 to 0/2! (Mind you I'm only 4'9" and curvy.) I'm finding myself smiling all the time. I can't believe how much I was truley affected by having the excess baggage on my tummy. My goal is to get toned and stay fit. I must confess its been challenging with collegiate and National football season in full swing...I love a good game, burger, and brew :) I occassionally will bend/arch/stretch a certain way and go ohhh thats right still healing...dont do that again. I still have faint numbness present in a particular area but improves with each passing week. Other than that ,all is good! I'll post pictures soon!
Happy healing!

3 month post op pictures

So for the past 19 years I've always needed to wear control top undergarments/ spank to hide longer needed! Feeling sexy for first time ever :)))

6 months already!

Can't believe its been 6 months since NY TT! Loving my results! My scar is fading and no issues with concealing behind undies or bikini bottoms. I used to hate trying on clothes because of excess skin, now I love it!

First time in my life wearing a bikini!

Went to Vegas for a wedding and braved wearing a bikini for first time in my life! ( it was low 60s but pool was heated and hot tub was amazing) After having TT and BL I finally felt confident enough to take the plunge, haha, pun intended. Yes, I still have stretch marks, and vertical scar is revision from childhood surgery, but I felt fantastic!! OK, so when picture was taken I felt silly posing but it had to be documented! This was a big moment in my life and I never would have guessed how much having these procedures boosted my confidence.
Portland Plastic Surgeon

I was very impressed with Dr. Hayes from the very first consultation appointment. After reviewing his credentials and accolades it was very evident I chose a PS that was driven, accomplished, and intelligent. He is thorough in his consultations and listens to your desired results. He explains everything in detail and makes himself available for any follow up questions you may have. Dr. Hayes delivers amazing results and personal pre/post-operative care. He truly has masterful hands and is the best kept secret in Portland. His staff from front office to OR nurse are very kind and caring. He has a great team supporting him as well as his patients.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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