TriSculpt with Sono Bello Thighs & Abdomen - Portland, OR

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Day One. Surgery was easy. About an hour or so. ...

Day One.
Surgery was easy. About an hour or so. Removed 1 liter of fat (2.2 pounds) from my abdomen. And about a 1/10 of that worth from my thighs. Felt like a massage, not bad at all, except a couple areas felt sharp pain where I had prior surgeries. Drainage was over within about 30 hours, in the mean time changed a lot of bandages. Can't see my results yet, due to swelling, but I'm up and about and feel pretty good. Just a little more tired than usual. Wearing compression garments 24/7 for the first few days.

1 week

No changes noticed yet.

30 days post op

I was sore to the touch on my abdomen for the first three weeks, now I have zero discomfort. My activity level was never altered past the first week. All and all i feel the procedure was a breeze still. I'm down 13 pounds, mainly from surgery combined with the compression garment. This garment is tight and I can't over eat wearing it! I'm down about four inches overall between my hips and waist. My pants are too big, they sag now. I need to add my before pictures, but i'm posting a current shot for now. I still feel puffy to the touch so likely still swollen. I'm hoping to lose another 10-15 pounds while awaiting my final results, we'll see...

Picture update

30 days

6 months post surgery

My abdomen looked better in the 30 day photo than it does today. I think i will go in and have my hips done now, which should help. The price is cheaper for subsequent surgeries because I won't have to pay for the surgical room fee again. So each area I have treated from here on our will be around 1500. This cost is based on my BMI at the time of my original quote. There was also a special for two areas, I received the third free. I won't get that discount again, but 1500 to have my hips done isn't bad. And from my experience, the procedure is painless, post op is minimal pain- mainly discomfort for a few weeks when the area is touched. Overall, I am satisfied with my results.
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