I Want my Leg Back!!!

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So, I am 23 years old, I have 3 tattoos currently,...

So, I am 23 years old, I have 3 tattoos currently, 2 non-visible but my newest tattoo had me in tears for days. I got it two weeks ago and it isn't a bad tattoo, don't get me wrong but it is 5 times bigger than I had it pictured in my head. I only wanted it barely visible when wearing shorts. The tattoo artist refused to do it any smaller though so now it barely peaks IN my shorts. Ugh. When he drew it up I kept saying "it's too big" but he said he wouldn't do it any smaller as it would lose detail qualities. There were a bunch of other people in the shop, on the artists side, so essentially I got peer pressured into this HUGE mess. This sounds messed up but I honestly just wanted it done so I could flee the tattoo shop, so now I'm stuck with this. I don't think clearly in those situations.
I cried for days afterwards. When I look in the mirror with this tattoo covering my thigh I don't see myself. I have never seen myself as a visible tattoo person so this literally threw me into an identity crisis. I thought maybe I would get used to it after a bit but I obsess over it to the point where it consumes my life. I think about how it'll affect future career choices, future partners and not to mention my family...they are tattoo haters!
With that said, I wasn't going to tell my mom but knowing how much she hates tattoos I knew she might be of help. She actually offered to help pay for laser removal but I am on the fence about getting it removed.
I see the terrifying looking blisters people get, the scarring, pigmentaion issues and horrible ghost outlines of their once tattoo. I don't want that! I haven't really seen any COMPLETE removals stories either to give me hope. I don't want to start removal of this tattoo if it will leave my leg looking worse than with the tattoo! Shorts are my favorite clothing item to wear too so that is a big deal to me! Haha. If it wasn't such a big, visible area I wouldn't even worry about it but I'm freaked out. I have become a tattoo hater like my family! Lol.
People compliment my tattoo all the time too but it just makes me sick to my stomach. I feel like it's the first thing people see when they look at me, I notice EVERY time someone looks at it and get depressed. My boyfriend tells me all the time I'm a complete idiot for wanting to get it removed and to stop whining about it, he doesn't support it at all. He has told me my leg is going to end up looking horrible after laser removal and I'll feel worse. I'm terrified of him being right. He threatens to leave me over it too which, I guess wouldn't be a bad thing. Ha. (He was also one of the people who peer pressured me into it and is friend with the tattoo artist so he wasn't advocating for me at all.)
If any one has any advice, support, experience or information to share...please do! Are new tattoos easier to remove? Do big tattoos take longer to remove? I have my constitution on Tuesday but I would love to be prepared with what to ask and such! I look forward to hearing back!

Picosure Tattoo Removal Consultation

So, I had my removal consulation today and it left me very feeling conflicted. I thought it would make me feel better but I almost feel like everything I was told is too good to be true. I was told 1.) my tattoo would be easy to remove since it's new and not set into my skin as much, 2.) it could be fully removed within 4-6 treatments, 3.) I wouldn't have hypopigmentation because of my light skin, 4.) it can be removed completely without a trace. That's all great but made me start questioning the validity of the answers since they were all perfect. She also quoted me $450/ treatment which is way better than I was expecting. I'm not sure if I'm psyching myself out or what.
My boyfriend has been threatening to leave me if I go through with removal. I get called a retard everyday and told that my leg is going to look worse after and I'll regret that even more. I'm terrified he'll be right. He thinks I should get the tattoo finished first and then decide if I like it or not but frankly, finishing my tattoo isn't going to make it smaller and it's going to make it more permanent so I really don't want to finish it.
I don't know what to do. Anyone have any comments or advice on the info I got from my consultation?


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