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I have read so many RealSelf reviews and gotten so...

I have read so many RealSelf reviews and gotten so much information out of them that I felt it only fair that I add mine. So here is my story. I am 46yrs, 5’2” and weigh 165. A year ago I went on Phentermine and lost 30lbs in 3 months. As soon as I went off the Phentermine I gained it all back plus 1lb in less than a month and since then I just can’t seem to lose any weight. It has been a real struggle and I was getting to where I didn't want to do anything because none of my close fit and I have a 13 year old boy who needs to see some action! So my besty (best friend) and I decided to get a consultation for Smart Lipo. We scheduled our appointments and went in together… and I mean Together we both had our little hospital dress on and let the PS poke us in our fat and talk about our options, I am talkin true friendship!
OK, so this was my first consultation. I went in wanting some smartlipo and I left thinking that I need a tummy tuck, which I hadn't even considered. The bad part was that his quote for the TT was the cheapest at 6800.00 and he would throw in smart lipo to my flanks for free. Quote for mini TT was 5300.00 with lipo extra, and just lipo was 4500.00 for the first area and 2500.00 for any additional area. When I left there I didn't know what to do, I just knew that the most evasive was cheaper which I didn't even know was an option.
Second consultation I went alone. This PS had me put on the gown, had me lay on my back and lift my legs while he poked gently around my stomach. He said that I don’t even qualify for a full TT, maybe a mini TT but he would not recommend it no mention of lipo. Dr. #2 recommendation was for me to lose 30lbs….period! He didn’t feel that any kind of work for a PS was needed, if I lost 30 I’d look great and suggest Ideal Protein which is a Dr supervised diet and supposedly works great. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I did a little of both sitting in my car out in the parking lot.
I was scheduled for my 3rd consultation scheduled for July 26th which was about 10 days away from my 2nd consult. So I called my hubby and told him that I wanted lipo or a TT since he would be paying for it and asked him what he thought. He is a wonderful man and said what all men should say which was the standard I love you just the way you are blah, blah, blah….but if it would make you feel better than I support you 100% oh by the way how much is this going to cost? I tell him about 8000.00 and he says WHAT! That’s crazy? And I say the standard…yes it’s a lot but if I get this done I will want sex all the time…and I mean ALL THE TIME! He’s a little skeptical because I also once told him that, him rubbing my feet makes me horny. I had a good two year run with that one, until one day he called me on it.
While waiting for my 3rd consult I decided to call SonoBello in Portland Oregon, since it was close and it had great reviews. So I call SB and I speak to Shab who was really nice and informative. I tell her what I weigh and how tall I am and she gives me a quote over the phone of 7800.00 for abs (upper/lower) hips and waist. She said this is the “muffin top region.” I did not send a picture but she requested one, I did tell her that I am in the military and just could not afford that and since SB goes by your BMI I would call back when I lose some weight. She emails me back with a price of 6791.00 and asked if I could afford that…not really but I took the deal. This all took place on July 24, I then asked her when I would need to be there to get Dr. Angeles because he not only is rated high in reviews but he is known for the Dr that leaves “no fat behind.” She said this weekend, so it is the evening of the 24th that I pay over the phone, on the 26th I have my pre-op and 6am on the 27th my procedure.
Then I start to fret, I start worrying about what kind of Dr has this procedure scheduled before he even meets the patient? How good could he possibly be, and wondering if he does not have the right qualifications (like not a Real PS). But, it’s paid for and I am going.
I show up for my pre-op and they put me in the room and have me put on the standard paper panties and bra (It is late in the day about 530pm because I came from out of town and was running late so he waited for me). I could him him laughing out in the hall with the nurse and he came in to my room with maybe a 3-5 min wait. He was very distinguished looking and very nice. I told him about my other 2 consults and what the Dr said and he questioned me about the first Dr credentials. So as it turns out Dr Angeles is a PS from Bend OR, that’s where he has his practice and then he comes up to Portland and does work for the patients at SB. He told me to go to his web page and he thinks I will be very impressed with his work, especially the first photo of the before and after of a TT….I went to the page and it is nothing short of amazing! At this point I have total confidence with Dr Angeles.
When I get there for the procedure the next morning I have to get dressed in the usual paper under things, compression socks and booties. The nurse comes in takes my blood pressure, sets me up with an IV. The Dr comes in marks me goes over the pictures that were taken at the pre-op, then takes more pictures with the marks on me. Oh, I forgot to say that at my pre op the Dr gave me prescriptions for 4 drugs, an anxiety pill, antibiotics, pain pills, and nausea pills which I had filled at Fred Myer after I left the pre-op apt. I gave the nurse my pills and she dished out what I needed for the surgery and put the rest in care bag.
I walk into the adjoining room and it is all set up with my pict on the wall the table has a heated pad on it, I lay down, and nurse puts a warm blanket on me. It is very comfortable. The nurse then gives me a shot for pain and continues to due this throughout the procedure. The first part is uncomfortable, when he is iI think filling me up with that fluid stuff, it wasn’t unbearable at all, just uncomfortable, like may getting a little burn in a very small part of your body but he does it all over so it’s like little pricks of pain but it only lasts a second. Then he lets you sit for a while maybe 15 min while all your pain stuff really kicks in. By this time I was feeling pretty groovy lol. Dr comes back in and starts the actual lipo fat sucking part and you can see all the fat going into the canister. This part had moments of pain, but if I so much as grimaced the Dr would ask me how I was doing. He was very aware of how I was the whole time. Thru this whole thing we were talking which help the time to go by quickly. Once the Dr was done he asked how I felt which was fine, the nurse put me in my compression garment which is very comfortable and she packed my whole body with pads so I wouldn’t leak all the way home. Put me in a wheel chair and wheeled me to my car with my little care package. The whole procedure took about 3 hours from start to finish. I slept most of the 3 and a half hours home. Got home went to bed, slept all night until about 930am. I am on day two and feeling great. I will continue to take my antibiotics for 5 days but doubt that I will take any more of the prescription pain meds. Dr wants me to wear my compression garment for 30 day 24/7 then 12hrs a day for the next 2 months which seems like a lot compared to the other posts. He was also very clear that my garment should not be tight, just secure and comfortable.
Sorry if this was long but I wanted folks who are considering this procedure to get an idea of exactly what went on. I am going to take a shower right now and will post pictures when I get out.
Post day 2- I am sore but no pain, I stopped leaking yesterday. I only need the xtra strength Tylenol. There are numb parts and by stomach kinda reminds me of the birth of my first son, and second son for that matter, it feels kinda mushy. I will try to keep everyone updated on the results, because after all it is the final results that matter most.

Updated 13 days PO

It has been 13 days since I had my procedure. I feel good but I am still sore and my stomach and hips are numb. I am not in pain but I still feel achy at times. I am still really swollen and feel best in the morning when I first get out of bed. I see no difference, I am still the same size as before the procedure but I feel that it is now just a matter of time. I am posting new pictures because I know how important the visuals are for those researching the procedure and maybe even more so to those of us who have already had it and are worried about our own results. For me the hardest part about this procedure is the waiting, and the money. In my case there was really no pain. I ache and feel all the weird tingling and know that I am healing, but actual no joke pain, never happened. I do know that everyone heals differently and that some folks have terrible pain but that was never the case with me. If anyone has questions feel free to ask. I went to SB in Portland so can answer specific questions about them. The best to all of you.

Update 2 months post

At this point, I really regret not getting the tummy tuck. It was the same cost but I would have seen much better results. This was definitely not worth the money. I am still wearing my compression garment 24/7 and am required to wear them for another month. Overall not happy with the results this far. If I were to give advice to older women who have had children do the tummy tuck and by pass this procedure all together. Good luck to everyone .....blessings to all.
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