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I'm 29 and I never had breasts but then I had 3...

I'm 29 and I never had breasts but then I had 3 kids and nursed them all and now I have less than small breasts. I have thought about getting a breast augmentation but I was nervous and didn't really know if it was worth the money. I finally decided that it would be worth it and since I already had vacation time scheduled at the end of this month I decided to just go for it. I saw two different plastic surgeons one really close to where I live and I thought for sure I would pick him but then one of my friends recommended a surgeon. Her husband is an RN also and worked with him in the OR and said he was really meticulous so I decided I'd go meet him and see what I thought. He was great he spent a lot of time explaining the risks and benefits of the procedure and measuring, stuff the other PS didn't do it all. Even though my appointment was at the end of the day I was there for well over two hours they gave me time to try on different size implants and see what I like within the range that my chest can accommodate. My daughter told me "wow you look like a mommy" when trying on implants. I scheduled my surgery that day. Now I'm just anxious and excited waiting for the month to pass. my husband says I've probably seen more boobies than him in the last week ; ) I'm still doing research because I want to be sure I pick the right size and shape for the implants. I'm sure he will help at my prep appt on 5/14 but I want to have an idea at least.
stats: 5'5" 125lbs most of my weight is in my hips. 34aa to 34a.


I thought I'd put some before photos up, they aren't great cuz I was trying to take them myself but you get the idea of how small my breast are. I got some ice packs today and a few shirts that button up the front so I'll have something I can put on myself. I also made some meatballs and put them in the freezer so the kids and hubby will have an easy dinner. I figure if I make 1-2 extra meals every week the next few weeks then we should be ok for dinners the week of my procedure. I'm really nervous about recovery with the kids. I think the 1st day after surgery my husband will take the boys to daycare and my daughter has school but day 2 I'm not sure what I'll do. I'm hoping a friend can come help me with the kids and maybe drive me to my appointment.

2nd thoughts

I've had a few days recently where I'm wondering if I'm making the right decision. After reading some other posts it seems this is fairly common but knowing something is normal and then dealing with the feeling associated with it are very different. I spent some time this weekend looking at the implant removal site which probably wasn't a great idea but I just wanted to know why some people were unhappy. I want to make an informed decision and feel like I need to be willing to accept the possibility something might go wrong but hope for the best.

I think my biggest concerns is surgery. I've never been under anesthesia before and aside from having kids I have never been seriously ill or in severe pain. I did have all my children naturally though so I can tolerate some pain. If the surgery goes ok then I'm not so worried about needing another one down the road but what if it's horrible then I've committed myself to at least 1 other surgery. I'm also worried about recovery with the kids. My husband isn't taking any time off and although he is supportive of having surgery but I don't know if he has realistic expectations about my recovery. I usually do everything with the kids even on the days I work and I'm afraid they will suffer if he isn't willing/able to step up.

On a more positive note I made some boobies to try just to see how I felt in them. I used Quinoa since I had a huge bag from Costco and no one will eat it. Aside from my fake boobs smelling a little funny (from the Quinoa) it worked fairly well. I really think I like the 350 ml size especially if it's going to look smaller under the muscle. I tried walking around the house with them & it felt OK. I'm afraid if I wear them to work they will fall out so I think I'll just hold off.

Pre op appointment is tomorrow so I'm hoping I will feel a little better after talking to him. I will also decide on a size tomorrow. I am definitely leaning towards the textured anatomic Sientra implants he suggested I just don't know what size.

2 weeks

Went to my preop appointment today, surgery is in 2 weeks. Paid surgeon's fee's in full and anesthesia so I can't back out now. Talking to my surgeon was really helpful, I had a page full of questions and he answered all of them. It made me feel a lot better talking to him. I also got to try on the implants again and settled on a size. Trying the implants on also made me feel much better about my decision. Since I am so small 350 is the biggest he thinks I should go and I trust his opinion. The only issue is that the L is bigger than my R so we are going slightly smaller on the L. My ribs are concave on the R so he thinks the tissue might be the same size but it falls into my ribs? So final decision is Sientra textured,shaped high profile implants 350 R & 325 L. He said he doesn't use sizer for these b/c you want the pocket to be tight so the implant doesn't turn. I'm hoping I get at least a full B but I would love,love, love a C. I kind of wish I could go bigger but I don't want to look funny or cause problems down the road. This also happens to be almost the same exact size the other surgeon recommended 350/315. The MA told me these look like the boobs I should have had, they are proportionate to my hips but not crazy big.

Those implants don't come in those sizes.

So I kind of freaked myself out b/c the sientra high profile shaped implants don't come in 325/350 they come in 270, 320 & 370. I called the office & he's in surgery the rest of the afternoon but they will call me back tomorrow. Now I'm worried 320 & 370 will be too big of difference & we will end up making the R bigger than the L. I guess the other doc was thinking 40 cc difference so 50 isn't that big of a change and they will probably be better than they are now.
These are the stats from Sientras product brochure.
high profile round implants High profile shaped on the
Width Projection Width Projection
11.1 4.2 315cc 10.7 5.3 270 cc
11.3 4.4 335 cc 11.3 5.5 320 cc
11.5 4.5 355 cc 11.9 5.7 370 cc

I think I'll just let him decide he knows what can fit better than I do.

: (

Feeling depressed today, sorry in advance for the whining. I think most of my feelings are due to other issues not related to BA. Hubby took the dog to the pound today. He was feeling overwhelmed with work & kids & the dog. I understand why he felt this way & we were not planning on having a 3rd child when we got her. She weighs as much as I do and drools and sheds all over the house. But the thing is I love her and the things that bother me about her aren't her fault. I hope she finds a better home somewhere with someone who can spend the time with her she deserves and doesn't mind that she drinks out of the toilet & flings it all over the walls.
Went for a run to relieve some stress and threw out my knee. Oh well, I was going to have to stop working out next week anyway.
Good news I picked up my meds and it was only $20 for the abx & pain med. The anti nausea med was $50 so I left it at the pharmacy & will have my hubby get it only if I need it. He prescribed Phenergan suppositories so I'm not really wanting to use them anyway, I think I'd rather puke.
Still haven't heard from PS what size he is going to order. Hopefully on Monday.

Dr. called

so the doctor actually called me today to talk about the sizes again he thinks 50 cc's is too big of a difference and that I should go with the same size implantable and he thinks I'll be very happy with results. still nervous and wondering if maybe I should have chosen round implants. if anyone has any feedback or experience with asymmetry I would be interested in your comments

6 days

Final decision is 320cc Sientra high profile, textured, anatomic implants under the muscle. These actually project more then the 350 high profile round implants by 1 cm and are the same width.

Reasons I choose the shaped implant (as recommended by my PS):
I have a very narrow chest with very little natural breast tissue.
I want a more natural look
No massage per my PS because you want them to attach to tissue while healing
They have to drop less
More projection for less cc's
Although they have the risk of rotating I believe after my research that is due a great deal to surgical technique, if the pocket created is the right size/shape and I am careful during recovery then I should minimize my risk of rotation.
I initially wanted saline because of my concerns about silicone leaking. Both surgeons strongly discouraged saline due to my size and after much research I have decided that silicone is best for me. If I'm going to spend this much money & have surgery I want them to as nice as they can be for my body. One pro to having saline would be that they would be able to correct my asymmetry a little but I don't think that would be worth it for me if I then had rippling. Also, I think I would be unhappy with how saline feels.

I am still trying to accept the fact that I will still have some asymmetry when the surgery is done. I have asked my surgeon twice about the R implant falling into that depression in my chest & he doesn't think that will happen. Fingers crossed he's right.
Just a side note based on what both the surgeons said during my consults - the asymmetry is due to my ribcage not the actual amount of breast tissue. The first PS said the foundation isn't equal & he would try to compensate visually by placing a larger implant on that side. My second consult (the one doing surgery) said it's very mild asymmetry and that he also feels it is due to my ribs. He doesn't think it is enough to try and compensate for.

Something everyone might think is stupid but I'm supper excited about is my new recovery water bottle. Glass with this cool red plastic cover and straw. It's 16 oz so it shouldn't be to heavy to lift. : )


I have decided that I'm going to consider this a type of vacation. I am so excited and terrified and I'm trying to think of all the good things rather then dwell on everything that might go wrong.
I get 1 week off work.
My kids are going to daycare for at least 3 days while I am recovering
My friend is coming over Thursday to help with the kids.
I don't have to clean the house, do laundry, dishes, cook or anything else beside take care of myself for at least a few days. Because I'm recovering I won't feel guilty for not doing these things.
Netflix has Once Upon a Time

Babys Sick really?

So my littlest one had a fever Friday night and I wasn't too worried because I figured it was just a cold and he should be better by Tuesday for daycare. Last night though the fever returned along with blisters on his face and this AM he has some red spots/rash on his hands. Now I'm totally paranoid that he either won't be well enough for daycare in which case hubby will have to stay home or the worse case is that I get it and have to cancel surgery. I guess we will be going to UCC today and see if they have any idea what it is. Please don't let it be hand foot and mouth : (

I hate being right sometimes.

Yep, it's Hand foot and mouth. That means no daycare for at least 1 week until his rash heals. The pro is at least I won't get in trouble for calling out sick.

I called the clinic and the surgeon on call said I probably wouldn't want to have anesthesia if I had mouth sores or a fever but as long as I don't have sx it's OK to have my surgery, whew! Even if I get it after surgery it won't cause problems with the implants I will just be uncomfortable.

Here is my plea to any greater force in the universe that might care: Please, Please, Please for the love of god don't let me get sick after surgery but, if I must get sick please let it be after surgery so I can at least be miserable with boobies. (generally adults get a mild case but I am concerned if my body is already stressed from surgery if it might be more severe.)

So, new plan doesn't sound like much of a boobcation but I'll go with it. Hubby has to come home early Tuesday so he can watch the baby, the pro to this is that he can take me to my surgery.

I went online today and found a babysitter in the area that will come stay with me from 7-5 the day after my surgery (hubby should be home by 5:45) It sucks b/c I will probably end up watching Scooby doo all day but oh-well. She also said she would help me start dinner. I'm not too worried about the kids since I'll be home and can supervise but I really hope she shows up.

Thursday friend will come over and hopefully I feel better Friday but if not the same babysitter is free all day.

Regarding surgery prep: Went to Costco today and got easy dinners for the family along with some stuff for baby and mom to eat when we don't feel well. Ice packs are in the fridge along with frozen spinach ice cubes for smoothies and mint/raspberry ice cubes to make water a little more appealing. I moved the fridge around so stuff I need is in the door about chest level so I don't have to reach. Hopefully hubby can move the TV upstairs for me but I'm not sure I can get in our bed alone. Does anyone have any feedback. The bed is at least as high as my waist do you think I will I have trouble getting?

Thanks in advance for any feedback or prayers : )

today's the day!!!

Surgery is scheduled for 345 today. So far I'm not sick which is great. The poor baby looks awful but he's sleeping better and eating thankfully. I am so excited and nervous. I am almost more nervous that I will get sick after surgery. My 6 yr old daughter told me to think of something else because it helped her (she just had dental work under sedation). She also told me not to give up. She made me an adorable gift bag filled with little things she found. She is such a sweetheart.

Hmm... I hear the baby, maybe I spoke too soon about him sleeping better.

4 hours to go

So first I'm starving. They said I could eat as long as it was 8 hr's before surgery so I had a smoothie & toast with coffee. Coffee may have been a bad idea b/c I felt kind of shaky from the mix of nerves and caffeine. I could drink until 4 hours prior which is now. I thought it wouldn't be as big a deal but I would have much rather had surgery first thing in the AM and skipped this part.

I cleaned the house, walked my daughter to school and then dropped my older boy off at daycare. Here is where it gets good. The daycare doesn't exclude for hand foot and mouth so POD 1 I will only have my daughter, recovery will be so much easier. I moved all my supplies downstairs to accommodate the change in plans. I think it will be easier for everyone if I sleep on the couch.

I have bobbies

Home from surgery. The kids are fighting over who gets to help. My sternum is very painful and makes it difficult to breath. Otherwise I feel ok just tired and unsteady. Thanks for all the support.

Can't sleep

So I tried taking only one pain pill right after surgery and fell asleep. I woke up in severe pain. It had only been 3 hours but i took the second pill (I can take 1-2) and was able to sleep. Woke up again at 1:30am this is about when next pain meds were due soI decided to try 2 this time. While getting my apple sauce I stumbled upon this mouse. Woke up hubby to kill it lets just say ewww. Now I can't fall back asleep and I'm feeling itchy. I'm not sure if I can do stretches because I dont want implants to turn. I'll ask at my post op thursday.

Some tightness but better than when I was nursing.
I have to consciously think about relaxing my shoulders. I didn't get any muscle relaxant so if it continues maybe I will ask for some.
Prior to pain meds I had sharp pain under my breasts R> L.
my primary pain is in my sternum its a constant ache thats worse with breathing.

post op day 2

Had my post op visit today, ps said it looks great I can do light massage and start wearing the band. I'm not gonna lie whe he took the bandage off I was freaking out the L is so much bigger. He said it has more swelling and it was the larger breast anyway so I was expecting some difference just not that much. It took me an hour to calm down and remeber i need to be patient.
I was a little sad the post op bra I got was too big. I got the smallest zip bra I could find preop but I still didn't fill out the cups and it definitely wasn't giving any support. My friend was so nice and took me to the store where I found a back close bra 34c I can get on/off and gives good support. I'm mostly upset I wasted the money on the other one.
I was able to take just 1 norco every 4 hours this afternoon but after being alone with the kids all am, doing light housework, appointment, and store I definitely think I over did it today and I'm having quite a bit of pain. Today's also the first day I didn't take a nap so I'm feeling really tired.

post op day 3

Day 3 I'm definitely feeling better and needing less pain medication. I walked ~ 1 mile today & could have gone further if I wanted to. Since the kids were gone again today I decided to rest most of the day & take a nap. I'm going to be alone with them all day tomorrow so I know I won't get much rest.

The pain in my sternum and under my arms seems to be the worse. Both are worse with movement. My L ribs/upper abdomen is tender to touch. Below both breasts it is numb L > R. The L breast seems to have more swelling also. both are still high & tight. Now at the end of the day the pain is getting worse & I also feel some pain under the breasts.

Morning boob

I finally understand what everyone is talking about with morning boob. When I woke up this am they fell really tight and firm and now after being up for a few hours and taking a pain pill they feel much better. Honestly I'm thinking I'm kind of done needing the pain pills except maybe at night. I just took one this AM and am feeling dizzy and just kind of off. I guess I'm feeling better b/c I didn't notice feeling that way the last few days.

I had a fleeting thought this AM about if it was worth it but it passed quickly. Overall I am still very happy that I made this choice.
It's odd to have boobs and sometimes when I look at them I wish they were bigger but I think I will be really happy with the size one they are healed.

I found that pictures were very helpful for me when I was doing my research and I also would like to compare my healing day to day so I have uploaded some pictures. These were taken yesterday POD 3. I'm really happy how they look in a bra right now but I can't wait till they look good naked too.

Very Unhappy

My L breast doesn't seem to be getting any smaller and the R seems like the swelling maybe went down some. I have seen plenty of pictures of women POD 1 or 2 who had hard/firm but equal breasts and mine are very asymmetrical and it seems worse than before surgery. I am regretting letting the surgeon put in the same size implants and wondering if I should have done round ones so at least I would have 2 different sizes to try and correct the asymmetry. My hubby doesn't mind because they look on in clothes as long as you can't see my nipples which aren't equal height.
I'm not regretting surgery just the type of implants. They look OK & the same from the top but the bottom & inner pole of the L one are larger than the R. It seems the difference is much bigger than prior to surgery.

Better maybe

I took pictures again today and in at least one they look a little more even.

3 week update

Tomorrow is 3 weeks since surgery. I will post pics later. Honestly I haven't wanted to post any because I'm so disappointed with my results. At my post op last Wed ps said they were healing well and he was happy with left one. He still thinks they will even up but told me if not he would replace the r implant with larger one for free except anesthesia and surg center fees. He said it should be less than 2000.



Overall I would say Dr. Popowich and his staff are great. I would definitely recommend them. Please forgive me for forgetting the other staff members names. Dr. Popowich was very friendly, professional and competent. He did a great job at explaining the risk associated with breast augmentation and answered all my questions at the pre-op appointment. I felt like he gave me the information I needed to make an informed decision. I felt comfortable with him instantly. The nurse at the clinic was friendly and offered to let me comeback anytime with my husband to try on sizers. The office closes at 5 but she said she is usually there until 6 so if I needed to come later due to my husbands work schedule we could work something out. I wasn't able to come back but I appreciated her being so willing to work with our schedule. She also gave my daughter a juice box while we were waiting for the DR. The scheduler was very friendly and spent quite a bit of time calling the surgery center in an attempt to schedule a surgery time that worked with our schedule. The only very small negative I have in this regard is that I was under the impression she was going to call again to confirm the time (I was told it might be moved forward). I didn't hear from her so I called the surgery center myself the Friday prior. Dr.Popowich's MA was great and gave me great feedback regarding the sizers. She even helped me take a picture to show my hubby. I had my 2 young boys with me and they were being a little bit of a handful during sizing but she was calm and supper nice to them (she has kids). The reason I marked phone responsiveness lower is because after sizing I came home and had a question when I called back the MA said she would check with Dr.Popowich after surgery and call me the next day. I received a call the next week from the DR himself. The issue was something that could wait for sure I just wish she had followed thru with what she said even if it was just to tell me that the DR would call me in a few days. On the other hand when my son was sick over Memorial Day weekend and I wasn't sure if I needed to cancel surgery I called the office & was put thru to a after hours messaging service. The DR on call returned my call probably less than 5 minutes after I left the message. She was very friendly and didn't seemed rushed or upset that I had bothered her. Overall I am happy with their responsiveness and I am confident that if I had a serious issue I could get a hold of someone. The surgery center was nice, clean and the staff was very professional. The anesthesiologist was great he made me feel safe and he didn't make me feel like my concerns of waking up during surgery were stupid. He spent some time explaining why the risk of waking during surgery is very low especially in this surgery which made me feel a lot better. The wait times varied and I think are what one would expect at any medical facility. Prior to appointments I waited between 5-20 minutes. Payment didn't seem bad. I paid the surgical fees at my preop appointment then called a number to pay the anesthesiologist. I could have paid the surgery center the day of surgery but I didn't want to bring a card so I called them and paid over the phone. The surgical fees include all post op visits which I like.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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