Long and Pointy Nose

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I'm still researching. I have wanted to have this...

I'm still researching. I have wanted to have this done for several years. I first became aware of my big nose when I was in middle school. My mom took a profile picture of me holding my little brother and i was shocked. I recently got a really good job with higher pay, so i am setting aside at least $1000 a month for this procedure. I haven't told a single person yet. I would like to have this done this summer. I'm not sure when i should start doing consultations. I was thinking in March? Also, once you find your surgeon and schedule your procedure how long do you have to wait for your surgery typically? I am just trying to get a timeline. I'm a big planner so i want to know all of these kinds of details. If anyone has any advice on payment, procedures, what kind of nose shape i should be looking to get, or anything else please give it to me! I would love to hear any thoughts or advice! I love reading everyone else's reviews, and hope to have the same great results.

So hideous

Does anyone else take really ugly pictures of themselves to see how hideous they can make their noses look, or is that just mean? Ugh, I want this noise job so bad. :(

Do you think this nose shape is possible?

Do you think this nose shape would be possible on me? I'm not trying to look like a supermodel, but I really like the shape of her nose. It's hard to imagine what my nose could be. I have seen so many great results from other people. I am hoping for the same. Any advice would be welcomed by me. :)

Just some more "before" shots of my nose

I know it'll be awhile before I can get this done this summer, but I'm documenting everything. I am so tired of my nose. Now that I know that I as finally ready to change it, I actually have this newfound confidence. It feels empowering. I have been really focused on saving money. Every time i think about spending money I think "a quick pleasure or a lifetime with a nose I'll be happy with? " my goals are to lessen the projection of the tip, file down my slight bump on my bridge, and make my nostrils more circular. I don't want a pointy nose, I want it to be more rounded.

Dream noses

I like looking at other people's dream noses to see what kind of esthetic others like. Some I like, and others I don't. These are mine. I tend to like a long thin nose that i are close to the face with just a little swoop down the bridge.

Dr. Portuese???

Does anyone have any experience with Dr. Portuese? I've been seriously stalking his website, and i have looked at his before and afters a million times. It would be super convenient to go to him. The one thing i worry about are that his noses might be too subtle. I have a crappy nose, and I'm not looking for a subtle changes. Does he do a lot of tip work? Maybe I'm over thinking this since I haven't even had a consultation with him yet. I like that he hads a lot of experience and seems to really know his stuff. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Sinus rinse OR Neti pot?

I posted this in the forum and no one has responded so I'll ask it here. For those of you have had your surgery, did you use a Neti pot or a sinus rinse? Which should I purchase? It's a little ways off but I'm a planner so I'm getting everything taken care of. Any other advice on what to buy? So far I have one my list of things to get:
-Bromelaine (what dosage do I get? )
-Arnica gel and pills
-Memory foam neck pillow
-Biotene mouth spray
-Cough drops/vitamin drops
-Chap stick
Anything else?????

More hideous nose pictures

Here are some more nose pictures. It's hard to tell quite how big my nose its with the of my face gone, but I'm trying to stay anonymous.

Getting the ball rolling!

Okay, so I finally found my doctor, put the down payment towards my surgery, and I have my surgery date! I chose to go with Dr Elam. I loved his before and after photos. I knew he could work a miracle on me (I hope and pray he does). My surgery is on the 28th of June. I am so excited! If any of his former patients, or if anyone else has any advice please share it!! I have never been to Orange county
Michael Elam, MD

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