Excited About Revision with Dr Michael M Kim - Portland, OR

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I had a rhinoplasty in 2008 from Dr Menick in...

I had a rhinoplasty in 2008 from Dr Menick in Tucson AZ. I wish I had known about his botched surgeries before I got it done. My nose was straight before but had a hump and a hanging collumella. Now it has a bump still on one side, is super crooked, curves in an S shape, is fat on one side, still has a hanging collumella and is overall just not a good result. I finally got the courage to talk to Dr Kim a month ago and I feel confident he can fix my nose. I will update after my surgery :)

Found embarrassing old before and after photos!!

I found my old before and afters from makemeheal back in 2008-2009! Oh man i have to admit even though I feel my primary was botched, it's sadly still a huge improvement. I think I was 18 or 19 with that terrible hair do and unfortunate genetics. Haha

Pre-op appointment today

Went in for my Pre-op with Dr Kim this morning to go over everything and make sure we're on the same page with my rhinoplasty, and to see if I'm ok for surgery. Everything went great and he reassured me that he's confident that he can make a big improvement to my nose symmetry, as well as making it not appear as long, and to remove my hanging columella. They prescribed me Xanax for anxiety, hydrocodone, and an antibiotic. I got to speak with my anesthesiologist too which was pretty cool. Everyone involved in my surgery is so nice and helpful and made me feel so at ease. I'm not even nervous (yet). I also ran into someone I've been talking to on this website for a month or so and she got her surgery yesterday and looks great! It was so crazy running into someone from here! She reassured me that he's a good surgeon and that I have nothing to worry about. I'm kind of excited and want to do it already but I know that feeling will fade soon as I get closer to my surgery date. It's only 6 days away. I'll keep everyone updated and post pics soon!

Revision rhino and septoplasty finally done yesterday!

It's finally over! My surgery was yesterday at 7am and it was 3-4 hours. I wasn't even nervous going in but I did take the prescribed Xanax. I just wanted it done and over with. I got to my pre op room, changed, got my iv in and they said they were gonna bring to another room shortly to her started. That's all I remember. I got an anti nausea patch behind my ear but still ended up throwing up like 5 times. It wasn't that bad though. I was in a bit of pain at first so they gave me oxycodone which I immediately threw up too. I was so out of it waking up and kept nodding off for a while. Eventually I got to leave and could only eat a little soup. My throat is sore from having a tube in it but it's not terrible. This surgery was way less painful than my first one. My surgeon also took ear cartilage to help support my septum cartilage and my ear had stitches but it doesn't really hurt. I took a couple Vicodins so far but I think in the next couple days I'll be fine with ibuprofen. My face is extremely swollen and I can tel my nose is too. My tip and nostril area looks fat and uneven but I know it's swelling because there's no way my nose got bigger somehow hahaha. Anyway here's some pics of my mug. Sorry bout how dark they are. Its dark in my apartment and my phone camera sucks. I'll post better ones tomorrow.

Pics from today

I'm waiting for my surgeon to come clean out my nose and I'm so scared it's gonna hurt!

Crazy nostrils :(

I know 1 day post op is insanely early to be freaking out, but I've never noticed anyone else's post surgery pics have giant weird shaped, uneven nostrils and I'm reeeeally hoping it's just swelling. I can deal with my nose not being perfect but I seriously hope I'm not gonna have a wonky piggy nose as my result :( did anyone else have super huge uneven nostrils? Sorry for dark photo...

Pics of uneven nostrils/swelling?

Day 3 eyes swelled almost shut.

I want this part to be over with already. I can deal with swelling on my nose, but my whole face??! I can barely see enough to type this. Waiting on a nurse to call me back to see if everything is ok.

Day 6 update. Feeling better finally.

I had planned on updating this thing every day but I've been so depressed and out of it the last few days. I honestly thought that after going through this once before, talking with everyone on here, and having what I consider to be a pretty realistic outlook on things, that I would be able to handle the healing process of this surgery. Boy, was I wrong! It's so different when it actually happens and you look at yourself in the mirror and don't recognize the person staring back at you. It has been a tough process for me. I swelled up much more than most people do, but I had a lot of work done and was told there would be a lot of swelling. I also got cartilage grafts taken from my ear on top of everything else and I just felt like my whole face was gonna fall off. My eyes swelled almost completely shut and I was crying which didn't help. I seriously was a wreck this last week! But now I'm feeling so much better FINALLY! My swelling has gone down a lot, there's till bruising but it's mostly yellow now and not too bad. I can see again and am taking regular Tylenol for pain, which isn't too terrible. I'm still having trouble sleeping because I can't freaking breathe and my mouth gets soooo dry. Also I have internal stents(?) from my septoplasty and I can feel them going all through my face which is really creepy. The good news is that I can see that they're what's causing my nostrils to look so gigantic so hopefully once those suckers come out along with my cast, I will look a little more presentable. There's a lot of gross crusty crap built up along my nostrils where the tubes are but I've been spraying like crazy and the nurse told me not to mess with it. Will update when my cast comes off!

Cast off 2 days ago

Got my cast off Tuesday morning but I've been lazy and kinda bummed about my nose. There's a lot of swelling on one side still but it gets a little bit better every day. It looks different every time I look in the mirror, sometimes better, sometimes worse. I'm being pretty patient and optimistic though. Also I can say that pineapple really does seem to work for swelling! I tried it today. Here's a few pics from the last few days including one I took right after eating a bunch of pineapple where it looks the best it has so far. My nostrils are still super uneven but they probably always will be to an extent. It's an improvement and it gets a little better each day so I'm not making any assumptions. Either way, even when I look like squidward at times, I still think it looks better than before! My entire left side (your right) is extremely swollen and rock hard so I know it will continue to change. My favorite part is my columella! Love it :)

Update 3.5 weeks post op

I was gonna wait to update till after my next follow up appointment with Dr Kim on the 19th but I've been getting a lot I messages asking me how I'm doing.
I've got a lot of swelling still which is all over the place and better on some days than others. It seems to be switching sides on me too. My tip and nostrils are still hard and uneven but I'm not super worried about it. I was kind of freaking out because I noticed a small bump on my bridge that wasn't there before and I know my surgeon noticed it too when he took the cast off because he pushed on it but said nothing. As the swelling went down it became more and more noticeable and seemed to grow but after reading about it, I'm pretty sure it's a bone callous which should go away on it's own and i can get a steroid shot to help it too. I'm gonna ask about it when I go back in. Sometimes I worry about it and sometimes I don't but it seems pointless to freak out now when there's nothing I can do.
I also am a little congested but breathing much better than before. I have slight discomfort still but it gets better slowly. I have some pics from last week and some from today. Still have uneven swelling but overall I am happy and see an improvement from before.
For some reason I keep getting an error message when I try to upload pictures so I'll keep trying... :,(

Pics from the last week

Some of these we're taken at my work at a tattoo shop so ignore the weird backgrounds. I'll add details to each one explaining when I took it and what's going on.
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon

The consultation was great. He seemed very confident and explained everything he thought should be done in great detail and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I went in extremely nervous and left feeling excited. I am so ready to get it done already, but I'm also very nervous. I will post more pics asap!

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