23 Yrs Old, Tear Trough Fillers+ Lip Augmentation W/Juvederm - Portland, OR

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I always over draw my lips, and have always had...

I always over draw my lips, and have always had very hollow eyes. My cheekbones are high, so the discrepancy between my cheekbone and under eye area was even more exaggerated. I had half a syringe of Restalyne injected into my tear troughs (1/4 syringe under each eye) and a full syringe injected into my lips. I LOVE the lips, they're amazing. Just a little bumpy which I know will subside soon. BUT I wasn't prepared for the swelling under my eyes for this long. You can see little crescent/half moon ridges under each eye where the product was injected. It looks like really big bags under each eye. I thought this would last a day or two, but it's been 3 days now and the look hasn't improved much. I am just now learning that swelling from Restylane under the eyes can last up to 2 weeks! I was not fully aware of this, and I wish I would have cleared my schedule out a bit more. I will keep updating as the days go on. I'm sure I'll like the result in the end.

Going back in

It's officially been a long 5 days, and my under eyes have not smoothed out. I texted my extremely sweet and accommodating injector about the half-moon ridges in my tear trough area, and she suggested I come in sometime next week to have the area massaged so that it will smooth out. I really hope it works, and I also hope the puffiness is associated with swelling, and not over-injection of the product. I have been taking arnica pills all week, along with the week before the procedure. Last night I also got arnica cream which I have been using religiously. Crossing my fingers!

About to go in again!

Just wanted to add a quick before picture before I head to the office again. I will post another picture after my under eye area has been massaged to see if there is any difference


Went in, and Kate massaged the hell outta my tear troughs....they look PERFECT now. Both procedures are SO worth it. Go to Kate Shepherd at gorin plastic surgery and medspa! She is a magician. Trust.
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