Regretting a Brand New Tattoo - Portland, OR

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Hello all. I got my 1st tattoo in 15 yrs yesterday...

Hello all. I got my 1st tattoo in 15 yrs yesterday and I regretted it almost immediately. It's a concept I've had in mind for a long time but I don't like the size, placement, or colors. It's a really nice tattoo just not what I wanted. I don't think it's removable just based on my internet research. So I'm trying to come to grips with my mistake. Has anyone else been able to learn to at least like their tattoo that they regretted? I'm trying not to let this feeling of shame and regret engulf me but it's hard!

Why do I hate my tattoo

Okay, so everyone who sees my tattoo says they like it, it's so cute, really pretty, etc. So why do I hate it? It's not at all what I envisioned for my tattoo. I took in a drawing I had worked hard on (see picture). I wanted the vine to go around the very bottom of my ankle (top of my foot) with the open flower sitting on top of my foot and the other flower curving around my ankle bone. I wanted it with maybe some dark green on the leaves and the flower a light yellow with burgundy center.
The artist said it would be better to draw it directly on my ankle. When I got on the table he told me to lie all the way down. I couldn't see what he was doing at all, he drew for about 30 min or so then asked me to look. I said it was too high, he said doing it lower would look stupid and not fit well on my ankle. I said there were too many big leaves and asked him to take some off. He got all pissy and said he'd have to re-draw the whole thing and the balance would be off, blahblahblah.
This is where the artist's blame ends and mine begins: I convinced myself he was probably right and it would look good. SO STUPID! Why did I even care about this guy getting upset with me?! I should've just walked out the fucking door- asshole! But I didn't and I let him put this ridiculous thing on my ankle that is nothing like I envisioned. I think it looks awkward. And now I either have to live with it or go through a huge removal process.
My husband is very sweet and says he loves it. He feels partly to blame for making the appointment (he also got a tattoo the day before me). He says it's just a mistake, we all make mistakes that we have to live with and mine is in the form of a beautiful tattoo I don't like.
I just wish I could say fuck it, it's not that bad. But right now I can't, every time I look at it I think of all the things I don't like about it.
I've scheduled 2 consults in the upcoming months. Thing is, I have a stupid Rolling Stone tongue on my shoulder that is about 18 yrs old that I've wanted to take off for a long time. So I'm thinking I will do both or maybe start with my old tattoo that I for sure want gone and see where that leads me. Ugh, I am so down on myself right now. I broke into tears on the phone scheduling my consult when the lady asked me to describe my tattoo. I'm ashamed to talk to a lot of family and friends about it because I feel like it's such a stupid mistake, it's embarrassing! I'm thankful for this community, I've ready some very uplifting and insightful things on here, I'd probably be worse off if it wasn't for this place.

FYI: I found there to be conflicting info on removing a brand new tattoo- some Dr's recommended at least 6 weeks and up to 6 months, while others just said until healing is done. The place I scheduled with that has a Picosure laser said they consider a 'new tattoo' to be anything younger than 10 years. That it really doesn't matter in terms of fading and lines whether is brand new or less than 10 yrs old. It just needs to be fully healed.

First Consult Today

I went for my first laser removal consult today. It's a clinic with a Cutera Enlighten laser. It was recommended I wait another 4 weeks before starting treatment on my new tattoo. The tech didn't seem super optimistic about complete removal but said we wouldn't know until we started treatment. It's going to be costly, $1500 for 3 treatments and obviously it'll take a lot more than that. Kinda bummed about it. On the bright side, my other tattoo that I'm looking to get removed will only be $675 for 3 treatments and will likely be able to be removed completely. I have a consult next month at a place with a Picosure laser which I'm thinking might be a better option for my ankle tattoo. It just sucks that nobody can optimally treat both tattoos.

I think I found the place

I had another consult today and I think I've found the place. They use a Q-Plus C laser. This laser has 3 wavelengths so can actually treat all colors (black, green, and red). I've been doing a lot of research and I'm finding that Picosure might not be the best laser especially for my tattoos. A recent research study stated the newer Q lasers are still the gold standard for tattoo removal.
The other plus for me is this place is 15 min from my house and quoted me $275 for treating both my tattoos. I get a 10% discount if I pay for a package of 4. The certified laser tech seemed much more knowledgeable than the last place I went. I have to wait a month before starting treatment on my new tattoo so I scheduled an appointment for August. It will most likely take 8-12 treatments (I'm thinking definitely 12 or more for my ankle tattoo). So, come August I will be starting my removal journey!
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