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I just want to start off by saying teens, 20's I...

I just want to start off by saying teens, 20's I never thought at 28 I'd be seeing changes with my face, aging signs this early. I've been a long distance runner my whole life, lean and less then a hundred pounds. Burned through most of my subcutaneous fat layer.

Going through pregnancy and it was rough. Complications, pain, bed bound most of it. By the time I had given birth I was 185 pounds. Yes Unbelievable! Lol. As soon as I was able to, I threw myself back into fitness and lost 90 pounds. Back down to under a hundred.

Well, despite all my effort I started noticing looser skin, lines appearing down the side of my nose. They nasolabial lines just got deeper and more obvious. I thought about it for the next several years and decided on a mini face lift.

My plastic surgeon did my first surgery, a Breast augmentation years back. I consulted w him and decided it was the right decision. He is the only doctor in town that I trusted in knowing I was in the best of hands. Knowing him for 16 years he was still the same kind, attentive, empathetic, wonderful doctor. That and I've referred everyone I know to him over the years with similar excellent results.

It's been 4 days now, and I'm very antsy to get back to normal life. I'm quite a sight right now, feeling extremely tight and numb from my mid face down through my jaw and ears. No suprises....It was what I expected doing my research and weighing my decision on it the last 4 years.

As soon as I got home, I was so happy to look at a smooth, much younger face without the harsh smile lines. I was feeling great! By evening, I did a 360. The anesthesia wore off and I was as a huge swollen pumpkin. My face felt very sore and extremely tight. Pain meds kept everything under control so I was pretty much comfortable and relaxed.

My doctor did a subtle mini lift and wanted it to be as minimal as possible given my age. He removed aittle bit of excess skin, tightened up my muscle tissue underneath and made the incisions behind my ears. I'm hoping in a week or 2 I'll be back to daily life, work and social settings. So happy I finally had the guts to do it!!!! It's been only 4 days. I'm very excited to see the final results with incisions and swelling healed so I can wear my hair up again. I highly recommend Dr.Bohley for anyone in Oregon as he is also known as the best boobie doctor Ha! :).

Day 6

Day 6. It's sunny and beautiful, I'm feeling ok. My face is no longer resembling SpongeBob and settling down. I still have 60% swelling, half my face is a strange feeling of tightness and numbness. I don't have much movement, and opening my mouth to eat resembles a bunny taking little bites. My check up is tomorrow and hopefully I will hear good news on how things are looking and when stitches come out. I do have to say that no matter how much I researched before this procedure, in my opinion....... Reading about it sounds do much easier then actually going through it yourself. It sounds so easy......Barely a week you're suppose to be back to your normal life ect..... At 6 days now, im at least comftorable to go out, with large glasses on, running light errands. My hair is back but in a loose ponytail, sides loose over my ears. It is very obvious and scary with the dark bruising and S shape incision running from the front to the back of my ears. IMO A mini sounds trivial, this is an invasive procedure, with stages of recovery. Having skin removed, pulled back, separation of tissues, tightening it back up and redraping your skin. From looking scary, to having doubts at times about the outcome, loss of feeling in your face, new sensations that you never had before. I'm overall a positive thinker and understand this is a roller coaster ride and you have to be patient. Healing takes time. My struggle is being restless and putting a pause on my fitness activities. It's driving me crazy but I understand how important it is to take it easy and not over do it hurting the recovery process. Tomorrow is my check up and hopefully I will hear good profess :).

13 days post :)

13 days post surgery. I am feeling and looking close to normal again. It has been just a waiting period but I understand patience is important. The swelling has gone down significantly. It will be awhile before I will be able to wear my hair up since the incisions around my ears are still fresh. In 3 weeks I will be starting on a scar skin repair treatment.

14 days post

Making good progress so far :). I am getting alot of feeling back in my face and it's not feeling so tight. I can still see a little of my smile lines, which I did debate on getting my mid cheeks lifted. But the intrusive nature of it and lower success rate held me back. Overall I am very happy with the subtle lift of my cheeks and skin. It's been 15 years since I've felt my skin this firm and tight.

14 months post op

Overall I'm pretty happy w results. Can't believe its been past a year now. I do have a bit of smile lines that bug me. I wish i had more plumpness, fat in my cheeks but I've been a long distance runner my whole life and my doctor said he sees it alot with runners as they age, burning through the subcutaneous fat layer. Just be thankful if you do have fuller cheeks cause that is what will help you retain a more youthful appearance as you age. When younger females want to suck fat out of their cheeks and I think please don't..... When you age you'll be thankful for rounder cheeks :).
Portland Plastic Surgeon

I've known him for 16 years and he's still the same kind, attentive, warm, compassionate doctor to this day.

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