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Since last fall I have lost 65 pounds. But I still...

Since last fall I have lost 65 pounds. But I still have a roll around my middle and I want it gone!!!! I really haven't considered lipo very long, but after seeing the before and after pictures on this site and finding out that I could finance it, I decided very quickly to do it. I went to Sonobello and have been very pleased with their professionalism and their readiness to respond to my many questions. I am having upper and lower abdomen and sides done. My weight is 148 now. I really want to get under 142 so that my BMI will be in the normal range. Also my waist circumference is 36 which I know is unhealthy, besides just looking bad.
I have not seen many older women posting to this site and I'm not sure why, but I must say that I am 60 years old. Since losing the 65 lbs I do feel better about myself and I look better in clothes but I want more. The woman at Sonobello said that the max that the surgeon can take off someone my size is about 7 lbs. and that it would address about 70-80% of the fat. I will be very happy with that result!!
I'm not too worried about the procedure itself. I think the draining will be a bit of a drag but happily it won't last long. I'm not looking forward to living in a compression garment, especially in the middle of summer, but that is such a minor inconvenience. Maybe I will be surprised and it will be hard, but my mind is made up that I will sail through this to the other side. I will meet the surgeon in a week. The salesperson ( who was very helpful and informative) said that he is aggressive at removing the maximum fat, which made me happy. The Sonobello enterprise seems well run and like they really have the details all figured out, so I have confidence in them. I can't wait for August 5 to be here!!!!

Nearly to my Pre-op!!

I am so excited and cannot wait until this next Sat when I will meet my doctor and hopefully find out more about what he can actually do and what I can expect. I have been getting supplies such as maxi pads, lipo foam, and washing lots of towels so they will be ready.
Question : how long for most people have drainage? I am not looking forward to that that aspect too much.
Now I just want the next week and a half to fly by!!!!

Today's Pre Op

I was so happy to have my preop today. I like Dr Malin very much and he seemed very honest and detail oriented. He grabbed my fat and said that he would be able to remove everything he grabbed. That was great news!
He emphasized that I shouldn't let my dog sleep on my bed while I am healing due to the danger of infection. That will be hard to do, but I will work it out. The nurse was really helpful and she made me feel right at ease. She had actually had the same procedure will the same doc herself. Both she and Dr Malin asked me repeatedly if I had questions and they took plenty of time to explain things to me.
It was a little hard to get weighed, measured, and to bare it all for the preop pictures. But the nurse made me feel at ease as much as possible.
After the preop I had a Venus Legacy treatment on my face which was complementary. It is non invasive and supposed to help collagen grow. It was relaxing and the woman who administered it was very well trained and nice.
Everyone at the Sonobello office is really nice and professional. It is a pleasure to go there because they are very positive and they seem to like their work. My first impression of Dr Malin is that he is serious about getting positive results and will be thorough about me getting excellent care.
Now I have less than a week to the procedure!!
I can't wait!!

In just three days!!!

Today I filled my prescriptions for pain medication, antibiotic,, nausea drug, and valium for the morning of the procedure. I am starting to get more anxious than I was earlier. I want to have really positive expectations and a positive attitude, but I must admit that I am a bit scared of the prospective discomfort and I also wonder if I will be able to do everything I need to do on my own, like shower and put on the compression garment. My procedure is Friday and I also took the following Monday off work. I really hope that in 3 -4 weeks that the main part of the healing process will be over because I have a trip planned out of state to visit family and I want to look good. A very dear friend is going to drive me to and from the appointment and stay with me a night. I have had a variety of medical procedures in the past, some invasive, and I guess that I am pretty tough, but I have a bit of self doubt still. I guess that fear of the unknown is really what is bothering me. Having this site does help a lot!!!

Today is the day.

My procedure is scheduled for about an hour from now. I just took the arnica and am having a big glass of water. I am maybe a tiny bit nervous but mostly I just want to get this done. The hardest part is just not knowing what it will be like for me. I have my bed all prepared for when I get home -- a peer pee pad under my sheets and towels.
My dearest friend is here to drive me and then stay with me today. Just am so grateful for her.
Well, please wish me luck!!!!! I will soon be in the surgeon 's hands!!!!

Day One post op

Yesterday was my big day. My friend took me to Sonobello early yesterday morning.
My nurse for the procedure was very easy to talk to and I immediately felt like I was in good hands with her. When she put in my IV she only had to stick me once-- usually I have really hard veins to find, but she was really skilled at it, gratefully. I felt like she and Dr Malin were really competent and I didn't feel anxious after things got started. The injections of the lidocaine were not bad--- and I was worried about one right next to my belly button, but it really was easier than I had anticipated. Once he started the poking, thrusting and pulling I was quite comfortable. It felt strange at times, but it really wasn't uncomfortable. I was medicated enough that I was not too aware of what was going on. Finally it was over and they put the compression garment on me--and I was pretty out of it as it was going on. Yesterday I felt very stiff and there has been discomfort, but it is really manageable. Also, I was really surprised to get a post op phone call from Dr Malin last night. I surely wasn't expecting it, but I really appreciated it.
Since the procedure yesterday morning I have had zero drainage. I asked Dr Malin if this was normal and he said that not everyone has drainage. I had put towels and puppy pads all over my bed, but so far I haven't needed any of it. I am glad to not be draining, but I sure don't want to hold on to a lot of extra liquid in my tissues. I do seem to have a good bit of swelling today, but it seems to be okay and unremarkable.
I have been taking the narcotic pain medication, but today I want to transition to ibuprofen.
When I am still I don't have any pain at all. When I get up or down there is some discomfort, but it seems a bit better than it was yesterday or even this morning.
Yesterday I went for a brief walk in my neighborhood and it felt good, even though I had to walk very gently. I have been moving around and not letting myself get too stiff.
My friend told me that she can see a difference already and that I look really good. That made me happy. So far I must say that this is easier than I anticipated --- it still feels like I had something major happen to me--- but I feel confident and strong.

Did I make a mistake?

So tonight I just got back from a mile long walk. It is the day after my procedure. I used feel pretty shakey, like maybe I shouldn't have taken the walk. Actually, what happened is that I took the binder off and looked at my abdomen and not a pretty sight!!!bruised and swollen, but I guess that should not be a surprise!!! And I was able to get the compression garment back,can into place with the binder on top. Tomorrow I get to lose the binder--yay!!!
I guess I am just in a post procedure funk. There is no going back now!!!! I probably just need to go to bed and sleep...

Does it help to be upside down?

So this is two days post op. Tonight I decided to try a little yoga and see how it feels. I think that if I can do it then it might really help the swelling. So I did the inverted pose -- the shoulder stand. It felt really good. No pain or discomfort. I kept thinking about how gravity was now pulling from a different direction and that seems like a desirable outcome. Tonight I really don't have any pain or discomfort except a little when I get up or down. I have tomorrow off work and am glad because so far I really haven't felt like doing much beside sleep and take little walks with my dog. I got an email from Sonobello today that said that for some people the hardest day is this one. So I dodged that one!!!

Third day after procedure

So last night, in the middle of the night, I got up and took off the compression garment. I put Arnica lotion on my bruises and swelling and went back to bed. Later this morning I took my first shower. It was great!
And then I was able to get back into the compression garment without any help. It wasn't hard at all. It was really nice having the garment off for a few hours. Then I was ready to put it back on. I also took a mile long walk. I think that the bruising is better today overall. I was surprised to see that I have a bruise that goes from the top of my thigh towards my knee. There is a lot of swelling and bruising in the groin area. I am also more sore on my back flanks today, but I think this is a good sign that work was done back there.
My doctor said I could wear the compression garment just 12 hours a day now, which is really nice. I think it helps to wear it some but also have some time without so that my body can adapt to the changes through its own strength.

Whoa Nellie!!!!

So I figured that since I had been going for walks and doing a little yoga that I was through the hardest part of the healing process. I had planned to take today off work, but in the afternoon I started thinking that I should really go into the office since I didn't feel sick. So I got dressed and went in. Oh my, I had not taken any ibuprofen since yesterday morning and only used the narcotic pain medication on the day of the procedure. So when I got to work I was quite uncomfortable, even just walking across the parking lot. And I now walk very slowly! I couldn't wait to take some ibuprofen --luckily I had some in my desk, and then I decided to just come home and chill. This is a learning experience!!!!! I guess I am not quite as tough as I thought!!!

Pain on day 5

I kinda wonder if I pushed too much too soon with getting off the pain medication. This morning I was pretty uncomfortable with even simple motions. I took some ibuprofen very early but then later said " screw it" and took a percocet. I have a full day at work today. Luckily I am don't have to sit every minute, except for a few meetings. Still I think I am having to revise my attitude on using pain medication. No more "Jane Wayne"!????

More pain, day 5

Well, today is my second day back at work and I really wish I could just take strong pain medication and do nothing!!! In some ways the pain today is worse than a few days ago. Maybe I stopped the percocet too early and got out of the compression garment too much ( didn't wear it to bed last night, but back on this morning). My doctor said to wear it 12 hours a day at this point, but I wonder if maybe my increase in pain is due to increased swelling because of not wearing it last night.
I sure will be glad to get through this stage!!!
My post op appointment is on Friday, three days from now. My bruising is better overall, but the increase in pain just doesn't make sense to me!

Day 6 post

So I have swelling still ( of course) but it is worse in my groin area. And my roll of fat is still there, although smaller, and it is very hard, tight, bruised and swollen. Other areas are further along with healing. But I am wondering if my situation is normal? Tomorrow is my one week post op appointment.

Pics so far --day 6

Doesn't look too good right now. I am making progress with the bruising, but have much swelling. I am hesitant to show these pictures as I feel a bit self conscious, but I want other people to see what it is like.I guess part of the real work right now is self acceptance and self care.

Day 7 Post Op appointment

Well, this is an interesting experience and I keep getting surprised by different things. Today my discomfort level is down and I am using percocet in the morning and ibuprofen in the afternoon. Tonight I will only use ibuprofen. EXCEPT here in Oregon cannabis is legal and certain types of it are really amazing at treating pain. So I went to a dispensary after my doctors appointment today and got what I need to treat the pain without needing narcotic pain medication. It is definitely a helpful option to have. Plus it is pretty relaxing to use it, so that is an extra benefit.
At Sonobello today I got weighed, photographed and the woman answered a bunch of questions about how long it will take to heal. She said that after the first two weeks it gets easier. She also said that in three months most of my swelling will be down, but it will take a whole year for my skin to fully tighten up. I am just happy to hear that it will. I had asked Dr. malin if I was going to have a lot of loose skin and he said no. So I just have to be patient. I ordered a second stage garment which I am looking forward to, but they didn't have the exact design I wanted. I was hoping for something more like a camisole, but what I ended up with is fairly similar to the first one except no zippers or hooks. Tonight I cut the legs off my current garment and it is much more comfortable in the 97 degree heat. I am walking at least 10,000 steps everyday now and am doing yoga everyday and doing strength training on my arms three times a week. All good. Oh today the woman at Sonobello said I should self massage the hard swollen areas. She said it is too early for lymphatic massage, but in a few weeks it should be OK.
I think that tomorrow I will order a second 2nd stage garment in a light color so I c an wear white pants and light colored tops.
Well, that is the latest!

Getting encouraged

Well, today is the first day that I can really see a change for the better. Still swollen and a bit bruised, but I can see a difference from day to day. Today is the 9th day since the procedure. I am using ibuprofen still, but am walking about 10,000 steps a day and doing some yoga and strength training ( for my arms) every night.
I am sure that it is going to take a long time for my skin to smooth out, but my doctor said it would and that extra skin wouldn't be a problem for me. But it could take a whole year for the skin to adapt to the new shape.
I have a date with someone in about 5 days and I have not told him about having this done. I don't want to tell him, but I hope that I can get by without him seeing and asking questions.

Second Stage!!!

My second stage garment came today and I am really thrilled to have it. Yes it really is more comfortable, once it is on. Kind of a pain to put it on though. It had legs to mid-summer thigh but I cut them off shorter since it is the middle of summer and quite warm.
I really prefer the open crotch. I ordered another 2nd Stage garment in a different color and I plan to cut the crotch panel out of it to make it open as well.
Also I think I have turned the corner and am not past the worst part of healing!

3 months post-op

So it has been 3 months... I still have some swelling, but overall, it has mostly been resolved. I have some lose skin, but hey, I'm 61 years old, so I'm not too surprised by it. My doc says that in a year the skin will tighten up. Have to keep my eyes on the prize....
So since my procedure I have lost about 20 lbs., through restricting calories and increased exercise. I have actually been on this diet for about 15 months overall and have lost a total of 85 lbs. Have gone from an size 20 to a 4. It used to be the the waist of my clothes was always tight but I am enjoying not having that problem anymore. I am still wearing a Spanx Assets body shaper; I like how it feels and plan to continue wearing them. I feel more sexy and confident in my appearance. I really am happy with my new body! The liposuction was just one part of the overall transformation --- losing the weight has really been important. I think I still have some healing to do, so I think that in another 3 months months that things will even be better.

One year's progress

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