V-Beam Major Laser Damage. Portland, OR

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In January 2014 I had one V-Beam procedure...

In January 2014 I had one V-Beam procedure performed by Dr. Anna Barr of OHSU Hospital. I went in to only get one thread vein treated and possibly have a test spot done. Dr. Barr convinced me to do the procedure because a test spot would not be free and cost me $75 or whatever it was at the time and I could get my entire cheeks and midface treated for a little more than that. Like an idiot I opted to do the entire mid face not just the tiny thread vein I went there to be treated for. Now ive had photoderm done in the past which was one of the first IPL's out about 7--8 years prior to this and that felt like a rubber band snapping. This however felt like hot grease being poured all over my face. After the procedure I went home and noticed that parts of my face had swollen. I did my best to ice them and keep out of the sun. After about 3 days the swelling went down and I noticed that immediately after the procedure I had lost fat under my eyes and in my cheeks. Then the nightmare really began at about 2-3 weeks after the procedure I looked my best and my skin was healthy and slightly pink. Then the next day a crease started to form under my eye and hyperpigmentation began, then texture issues began with lines, open pores, scarring, indents, lines, and huge amounts of fat loss. and, and redness that persisted for months. My entire right cheek has lost fat from the eye down to the buccal / malar area. Nobody is ever symmetrical in their face but now I am very asymmetrical way more than I was before. This procedure has robbed me of my life and turned me into a hermit. I no longer socialize or go out and constantly try and find ways to fix the damage that has been done. In that time some of the texture has improved but not the fat loss. My face is completely unbalanced now and what hurts the most is the doctors lies. She tried to blame it on Rosacea or pretend she didn't see anything. I was informed of the risks of scarring, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation but not fat loss. Now I could opt for a fat transfer but that has its own inherit risks and that transferred fat since it comes from the body weighs more than facial fat and in a number of cases as a person has aged has caused their face to weigh down and sometimes migrate to other parts of the face. That's if it doesn't cause contour irregularities, lumps, reabsorption, etc... Fat transfer btw is not permanent so don't let anyone tell you that it is. After a year ive finally decided to post pictures because I want to help people from making the same mistake I did. I wish I could do a better job of capturing the texture issues but my camera isn't the greatest. Please don't do laser. I wish I never had and learned to love my old face more. The most comical thing about this entire experience is with all the damage that she caused she never did manage to get rid of the thread vein. One other thing to note Dr. Anna Barr told me she had performed this procedure a hundred times including on herself and had never had any problems. She did refund me my money but refused to accept or acknowledge the damage that she caused instead of blaming it on Rosacea or something else.

My skin

Just a quick update as I've been getting messages saying my skin looks good. Yes in the photos I took with the camera set on beauty mode it looks perfectly clear. I will update with another pic today from 3 months ago shoeing the hyperpigmentation atrophic scars on the left nasolabial area and fat loss underneath right nostril going past the nasolabial area to above the mouth as well as hopefully now you'll better be able to see the asymmetry.

New Pics

Okay the pic with the yellow lighting showing my hair is me about a month after the laser damage as you look at my right cheek (you the viewers left) you'll see how I haven't lost any fat in it quite yet and it looks the same as it did right before the IPL. This very day btw is when the texture issues began. If you zoom in under the yellow lighting you'll notice rough skin and weird lines. To this day the left side of my face has lost very little fat. My cheeks were never indented prior to the ipl and you can see that both cheeks are now. In addition the left side suffered hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, and atrophic scarring along the nasolabial lines. Now if you look at the second pic with me in a shower cap partially under white lighting you can see both cheeks indented now, the hyperpigmentation below my right eye, atrophic scarring with hyperpigmentation, along my nasolabial line, the wrinkly poor texture can't be captured with that camera and lighting but it's there on the right and now again I you compare left lower cheek to right you should be able to see the asymmetry.

Pics of before damage took hold and now

Dr. Anna Barr

Dr. Anna Barr seemed rushed during the procedure and seemed like she was always in a hurry when speaking to her but she was nice. I don't believe her when she says she never had any problems with the V-Beam procedure she performed on me. This has been a very painful and dark time in my life thanks to her and I hope I spare someone of this pain by steering them away from her and this procedure.

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