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My breast reduction is next Thursday (9/15), and...

My breast reduction is next Thursday (9/15), and I'm so excited! I have constant back pain which a year of physical and massage therapy hasn't resolved. I'm really hoping this will make a difference.
I've have big boobs since I was very young, and they have always been such a nuisance. They have caused me so much physical pain, and I really struggled with body image when I was young because of their large size.
I seriously can't wait to fit into regular bras!!! No more ugly beige minimizers for me! My PS thinks the smallest he will be able to get me is a C cup. I've told him I want to be as small as possible (within the realm of safe, of course). I was looking at bras the other day and a C cup seems so small! Can't wait!

Really the only thing I'm worried about is when the time comes to go back to work. My job is relatively physical (I'm a nanny), and I'm worried about hurting myself lifting the two year old. I'll have about two weeks off, but I'm worried that won't be enough. Anyone have experience with how long it took you to be able to keep up with a toddler???

Pre Op Appointment

I had my pre op appointment today over the phone. Nothing super exciting, we basically just went over some basic info I already knew (either from my initial appointment or from the millions of reviews I've read!).

The only question I had was about what to expect if I'm in my period the day of surgery (which is likely, unfortunately). She said just to wear a pad and to not worry about it so that was good to hear.

I'm definitely starting to feel nervous now that I'm so close to the finish line. But mostly I'm just excited!

I've added a few more before shots to look back on after my surgery. Had to wear a long sleeve shirt to cover up my tattoos since I'd like to keep this as anonymous as possible!
They are in black in white cause I'm classy like that ;)

Taking pictures of your boobs is hard!!

More before photos!

These didn't attach to the last post. Oops!

Before Pictures

Gonna try one more time to upload these! What am I doing wrong???

bummed and a little annoyed

I got a call yesterday saying that my surgeon was no longer available on the 15th, and that my surgery would have to be moved to the 19th.
I'm slightly annoyed because it was difficult for me to work out rides for the day of, and my post op appointments, and now I had to do it all over again. I feel so bad because people had postponed vacations and taken off work to drive me! It also means I have four less days to recover, and I'll have to go back to one of my jobs after 5 day (ugh).

Is being rescheduled like this normal?? I felt a little blind sighted when I got the call so I didn't ask many questions.


I was wondering how many days other people waited before driving after surgery? I'm just curious about how many rides I should try and plan out ahead of time!

starting to feel a little nervous

Today I got a call today telling me what time I need to arrive for my procedure, and it made it all feel so much more real. My surgery is in four days!! I'm starting to feel a little more anxious and nervous and the day gets closer, but I'm also more and more excited as each day passes.

Could anyone else who's had a BR tell me how they were feeling after 4/5 days? Were you able to drive yet?

Added another before photo for comparisons after!

Tomorrows the Day!

It's finally happening tomorrow! I feel incredibly nervous and excited.
Honestly my biggest worry is having an IV put in. I've had some pretty negative experiences having blood drawn/getting IVs in the last year, and now I have a lot of anxiety about it. Hopefully it's not too terrible!!
Any suggestions on helpful things to have packed in my bag?


Today was the day, and I feel like a could cry happy tears. Everything went so smoothly, and I am so happy with the results. Here are a few pictures. I'll definitely take a bunch more later, but I just got home and I'm feeling totally exhausted.

Side note, I was totally in love with both my nurses, and it was sad to say goodbye! They both have gotten breast reductions so it was great to hear their advice.

More Details!

Everything went so incredible well today!

I was mostly nervous about getting an IV but she got me on the first try, which I've never done before (last time it took six tries). I did try and roll over before I was totally knocked out right before surgery which pulled it out, so they had to place it in my other hand. But I don't remember any of that!

I felt so sleepy for quite a while after I woke from anesthesia, but it's mostly worn off now. I was in surgery for about 4 hours and recovery for about an hour and a half.

The pain is not great, but could be so much worse. They just feel really swollen and tender, with a little bit of a pinching feeling here and there. My right definitely hurts more, I have almost no pain in the left! I have all internal stitches, and then just some surgical glue on the outside so I'm already able to see the incisions and they look great.

I can't wait until I'm feeling well enough to try on some of the little bras I got! Also I'm excited to see how much better my old clothes fit now!

Last one for the night!

The compression on my surgical bra was too much, and so I switched into one of the soft little bras I bought and feel much better. The surgical bra straps were definitely making my neck hurt too! I still can't believe these little boobsare mine!

God, my nipples are throbbing! I just took two pain pills and hopefully they kick in fast!

More Pictures

Okay just a few more. I really wanted to try and get at least one shot of one the day of, but this was the best I can do.

I can't believe my boobs used to go down to those lines. Looking forward to the stomach bloating going away!

My pain seems to be getting a little worse, and getting up to pee totally exhausts me and makes me feel dizzy/nauseated. Heading to bed now!

Sore Collarbone

My collarbones (especially on the left side) are super sore/tender. Has anyone else experienced this? This seems so odd since it's not anywhere near the incisions!

Still feeling super nauseated. I think it's from the OxyContin. It's fine if I'm laying down, but by the time I get back into bed every time I pee I'm a sweaty dizzy mess and I have to try really hard not to throw up. Thank god for Zofran because that helps a little!

Shower Time

My PS said I could take a shower today, so I decided to go for it. The pain meds I'm taking make me feel pretty week and nauseated so I only lasted a few minutes before I needed to get out. I just let the water hit my back and roll over my shoulders on to my boobs like the doctor suggested and it didn't hurt at all like I was afraid it would.

It was also the first time I've really seen the incisions. Since I don't have bandages/tape I could really see everything which interesting. The shape is definitely odd, but I know that they will relax over time. My stomach still feels and looks so bloated and I can't wait for that to go down, it's making me crazy!

Made it through the first day.

This morning started out rough, but I started feeling much better throughout the day! I could hardly walk to the kitchen and back in the morning, and by 7pm I was up and moving around so much better. My girlfriend and I walked to the store, and I had to go pretty slow, but it was about a 15 block walk and I felt great. It was also nice to get out of the house. I took a second shower before bed because I felt kind of sweaty and gross from walking.

Still feeling really bloated and haven't had a BM since before surgery so I've started adding miralax into my water. Fingers crossed that helps!

scoline pain

I think the bad pain in my upper chest is scoline pain. Apparently it's pretty common for young women, and goes away in 2/3 days. It is so uncomfortable though! My actual boobs/incisions hardly hurt at all, but my upper chest feels awful. I've been using ice and heat on it, but it hasn't helped much. I'm really hoping since I'm on day two it will go away soon!

Still haven't had a BM, hopefully today is the day. Fingers crossed!

What I Would Do!

I still haven't had a BM since Monday morning before surgery. I seriously feel so gross and bloated. I've been taking miralax but it hasn't helped move things along. I just got back from the store where I got some probiotic yogurt, and a some kind of natural laxative. I'm really hoping this works, cause I'm feels so gross!!

My boobs are feeling pretty great though! They are starting to get a little itchy on the sides, but nothing terrible yet. The bruising has gone down quite a bit which I'm happy about. I really want to try and get some good pics today since I haven't really done that yet!

Post Op Day 3

My entire body besides my boobs hurts (so weird). I'm feeling weirdly emotional and sensitive(emotionally) as well. A family friend said she felt the same after surgery so it's nice to know I'm not alone at least.
My whole body aches so bad though, my hips hurt so much it's hard to stand/walk but I'm trying to go on little walks around the neighborhood at least a few times a day.

On a more positive note, swelling and bruising is going down! I showered earlier, and afterwards I noticed a small spot on my nipple was bleeding a little, but it stopped fairly quickly. My stomach is so bloated that it's almost funny!

Can't wait for things to get easier.

I hate being so negative, but god, today has been really rough.
I went for a walk with my partner earlier, and was having such a hard time keeping my emotions under control. About five minutes into our walk I just burst into tears.
Then as we walked back from getting lunch I threw up and felt like I was going to pass out. I was so tired I felt like I wouldn't make it home. It was definitely my worst walk so far, which was unexpected because I had been doing so well! I think the anesthesia really did a number on me. My joints and muscles are in so much pain, and none of my painkillers are helping with it. My hips hurt so bad that it's hard to stand/walk for more then a few minutes.
I know it's going to get better soon, but it's just so hard when it's just been getting worse each day. I know once I'm all healed though this will all be worth it. If only that made me feel better right now!

Wild Ride

I definitely got a lot worse before I started feeling any better. Thursday night I was probably the most miserable I've ever been. My doctor upped my pain meds but it made me feel so awful, and on top of that my body hurt everywhere because of the anesthesia. My girlfriend said I was saying nonsense all night, and there were definitely a lot of tears (which is unusual for me). Friday morning i FINALLY had a BM which was such a relief because it was causing me a lot of anxiety. Friday during the day wasn't great, but I started feeling better at night. Today I'm feeling pretty good, and I'm off the pain meds they gave me, and I'm just taking tylenol. Bruising is going down, and they definitely are looking better and better each day. The mood swings are also calming down (thank god). Hopefully I can get some pictures today, I've been way too tired the last few days to get any.

Post Op Day 5

They are so green/yellow! The pictures really don't do it justice, it's so bizarre!!

Shoulder Tightness

Has anyone else experienced extreme tightness in their shoulders/neck after their reduction? Mine will feel fine, but then if I do something with my arms for a few minutes they get so tight! I'm really hoping I can see my massage therapist soon even if I can only lay on my back!


I've definitely turned a new leaf. I made it all day without a nap! I also drove for about five minutes which was amazing. It was nice to feel like I'd gained back a little independence back. Little bits are starting to flake off on my incisions and its looking pretty good underneath! I didn't see much improvement in the swelling/bruising department today, but you win some you lose some!
I'm going to attempt sleeping in just a tshirt and no bra tonight because my bras were kind of irritating my incisions (my PS said I didn't need to wear a bra at all post op if I didn't want to).
Also, my T junctions are starting to look like Ts and not Ys which is great! I'm really looking forward to seeing the final shape my boobs end up!

Post Op Appointment

I had my post op appointment yesterday and it went really well! The doctor said that my incisions looked so good I don't even need to come back in six weeks! So the next time I have to go in will be in late December.

Today is my first day back at work it's been okay so far. I'm tired, and can't do everything I usually do, but I'm getting by. My boobs feel super sore today, but nothing too bad.

Yesterday I wore a dress that I bought when I found out I was getting my reduction. It was just way too much boob before, but now it's perfect! So exciting!

Questions (two weeks post op)

I will be two weeks post op tomorrow!

Right now my incisions are crazy itchy, and I've started to regain some sensation in my nipples. In fact, they pretty much always feel really sensitive right now. I'm hoping that will die down because it's making me a little crazy!

I still have basically zero sensation anywhere below my nipples, is this normal? Should I be worried? I have sensation along the bottom incision line, but anything above that and below the nipples is a no go.

I have internal dissolvable stitches with surgical glue covering the entire incisions, has anyone else had this? I'm wondering approximately how long it will take for the surgical glue to come off? I feel like I haven't seen anyone with this on here. I never had any kind of bandaging which seems to be the norm.

I'm still super bruised. I feel like my bruising was pretty bad compared to what I've seen on here. It's slowly going down though, and I can't wait for the weird orange/yellow color they are to go away.

I went bra shopping but it was a little discouraging because my size was a 34D which is definitely bigger then I had hoped for. They are still swollen though so hopefully once that goes down they will be a little smaller??? Fingers crossed! When I got home I tried on a swimsuit that used to be impractical with my boobs, but now it looks super cute so that was exciting!

Feeling Discouraged

The last few days have been kind of hard. I definitely had hoped I would be further along in my recovery by now. I know I just need to be patient but it's so hard. I'm still really sore, and the bruising (especially on my right breast) is pretty bad. It doesn't photograph looking nearly as bad as it does in real life, but I tried to get a few pics today.

My incisions are super itchy today and my nipples were really dry so I put a little bit on lotion on them for the first time because it was making me crazy. My nipples are still so so sensitive. It's crazy. I'm hoping that this isn't my new normal, and if it is I hope I get used to it soon.

I sound like such a downer right now! I'm still so happy and grafeful I got this surgery but I'm just so ready for the healing process to move along.

Also, God, what I would do to be able to sleep/lay on my side and stomach!!! I think that's what I'm looking forward to the most!

Post Op Day 17

I'm trying to kee up on updating, but not much has really changed over the last several days. I'm still feeling very sore, and my nipples are SO sensitive still!!

Shout out to Gaps new "live in" bras though. I bought four of them the other day (two of each style) and they are super cozy and soft, plus they are pretty cute and make my boobs look pretty nice. I would definitely suggest them. You do have to pull them over your head, but I haven't had a problem doing that.

Double Infection :(

My incisions were so itchy last night I could hardly sleep. Today (my birthday of course) I woke up and all around my incisions were super red, warm to touch, and very itchy. The bruises on my right breast had also gone back to looking pretty bad. At first I thought maybe it was just because I might have rubbed them in my sleep, but it just got worse and worse throughout.
When I was getting ready for bed I started feeling really anxious about it, and decided to go to urgent care to get it checked out, because even if it was nothing id at least have some piece of mind! Turns out it have a yeast infection AND a bacterial infection. The Dr. said it was great I came in because it's in the very early stages, and shouldn't be hard to get rid of. So glad I listened to my body!!
I have two creams that I have to apply three times a day for about 4 days, and antibiotics four times a day for ten days (SO many!!). I'll also need to schedule an appointment with my PS to check in to make sure everything looks okay.
I have to say, this healing thing has been a very slow process. I'm really trying not to feel too discouraged but it's hard on days like today. I know it will be worth it once I'm all healed though.

Pain Near Ribs

Today my ribs (about and inch under my incision line) on my right side have been super sore, and when I touch/poke them it's pretty painful. Has anyone had this? Should I be worried? I'm booking an appointment tomorrow to hopefully see my PS this week, but I'm wondering if I should go see my regular doctor too?

So Upset

My boobs are just looking worse and worse. I'm so confused because they were looking so good and then I woke up one day and they were SO bad. All the soreness and swelling from right after surgery has come back which really sucks too.
I'm going in to the place I had my surgery tomorrow afternoon and hopefully they can help me get everything sorted out.

One of the creams has definitely helped with the itching, but the redness is just spreading further and further. I'm trying to not let myself get too freaked out, but I'm just an anxious person so it's hard.

I kind of want to cry looking at these pictures but I thought it would be good to post them so people know what to look out for. Mine didn't look even half this bad when I went in on Saturday night.

A slight improvement

I just showered, and when I got out I noticed a lot of the surgical glue on my incisions was starting to peel off. I think the creams I was prescribed are loosening it. I very lightly ran my clean towel over the incisions and I lot more came off. I gently pulled off any other loose glue I could see, and now you can see my incisions a lot better (and they feel so much smoother). Hopefully the cream can really get in there and work now that things are more exposed without the glue.

I'm wondering if maybe the glue should have come off by now? It was a little gross in some areas under the glue (a little blood and maybe some drainage). Maybe that's how I got an infection? I'm definitely hoping the rest comes off soon.

Unproductive Doctors Appointment

My appointment was super unhelpful. The woman who checked me out wasn't able to really tell me anything I didn't know. She said the antibiotics should have worked by now, and that I'll need something else. She took pics, and said she would send them to my PS and they would get back to me. In the meantime I'm supposed to just keep taking the same antibiotic and applying the creams.
When I made the appointment I was told my PS would be there if need be, so I'm not really sure why I didn't get to see him since the woman didn't offer me anything. I guess I'll just wait and see what happen when they call?
My ribs on the right side are super sore (extremely painful if I touch them) and she told me it's just swelling from the infection but I'm feeling worried about that (especially since I left with no new mends or anything). I also have a rash that's spreading over my rib area and in between on both sides that I wasn't given an explanation for.
Ugh! I just want to be healed already! This is all so frustrating!!!

Feeling Worried

Ugh, I really just want to know what's going on with me. My doctor didn't call me back today, so I'm going to call when they open.
The weird rash/bumps around my rib area has spread further down and out, and has also extended to my incision line.

I'm gonna add some photos, if anything so I can keep track of what's going on. My nipples and incisions in some places look very gross but it's mostly because the glue is finally peeling. Also my boobs look lumpy along the bottom because they are so swollen.


Just realized the photos I tried to attach last night didn't work so here they are (hopefully)

Rash/Infection Update

I finally talked to someone at the clinic where my PS works. I have a new stronger antibiotic to take, and hopefully it will work this time. Fingers crossed!

Still No Progress

24 hours on the new antibiotic and I'm still looking bad (I think the redness on my boobs might actually be worse). Hopefully I'll see a little improvement by tomorrow. The Dr. said I should notice a change pretty quickly and I'm really hoping I do. Right now they look so awful :(. They are so swollen I can't wear any of the bras I had been because they are way too tight.

Another Infection update.

My infection is continuing to spread, and it's definitely making me feel nervous. I just called my plastic surgeons office and they aren't sure someone can get back to me today about what to do, and then they will be closed until Monday.
Im not really sure what I should do if I don't hear from them. Should I go to an urgent care? This is so stressful and frustrating. I'm really bummed the new antibiotics I got on Tuesday aren't helping it.

And of course on top of all that I have a nasty cough, AND my period started, haha.

Another Unhelpful Phone Call

I sent in some photos to be reviewed, and I got a call back pretty quickly saying it just looks like my skin is irritated (no shit). They told me to shower and wash with mild soap, and to not wear anything scented (again, no shit). So I guess I'll just wait and see what happens, and hopefully at my appointment on Tuesday it will either have gotten better, or they will give me some answers.
So far I feel like they have been pretty dismissive. I might be overreacting about the infection, but it's also scary, and the fact that they haven't seemed super interested in what's going on doesn't make me feel better.

Trip to the ER

My rash and infection have continued to spread, and so today I went to see my primary care doctor to get another opinion. She was shocked when she saw my rash, and had a hard time believing that I haven't seen my PS since my surgery (I've been seen by someone twice since my surgery at the clinic my PS works at, but not by him). She said that I needed to go to an emergency room to get it checked out and possibly be given antibiotics through an IV overnight.

So I went home and packed a bag and headed off to the ER. The doctor who saw me there was also shocked that I haven't been examined by my PS since my surgery, especially since I've been having problems. He ran some blood tests, but my white blood cell count was fine. He also did an ultrasound and found a little bit of fluid, but noting serious enough to be drained. He seemed to think that it's not cellulitis like the other doctors I've seen have suggested. Which would kind of make sense seeing as antibiotics should have cured that up. He was super honest and said he wasn't totally sure what to do next, but that he didn't want to prescribe me any more medications since I've already been on two different antibiotics. He said when I go to my appointment at my PSs clinic on Tuesday I need to ask for my PS to come and check me out.

I'm feeling so frustrated and tired (and itchy, haha). I just really want to know what's going on. Are people usually seen by their surgeons for their post op appointments? Im new to this, so I just figured my experience was the norm!

Here is a picture of the rash, it now covers about 80% of my stomach and is all down my sides and is spreading to my back. The doctor at the ER said it could be from my current antibiotic, but that he wasn't sure.

Question About Sideboob!

So my boobs were SUPER boxy looking right after surgery (not a surprise). The shape has improved, and obviously they have a long way to go, but I feel like I have so much side boob! Which is really weird because I had like...none before surgery (which was honestly a miracle considering how big they were pre op). Will the side boob chill out eventually and settle more into the center area? It feels so weird when I put my arms down because I can feel them poking out. I didn't notice it when I was wearing a bra all the time, but since I haven't worn one for several days I'm really starting to notice it. Honestly it's not even that big of a deal to me, I'm just curious if it will be like this forever. Anyone have any experiences with this?

I tried to get a few pics, but it doesn't look nearly as prominent in the photos as it does in person!

Baby Steps

Unfortunately my appointment at my plastic surgeons clinic today wasn't super productive again. I wasn't seen by my PS, just the same woman, and another person who I believe was possibly a surgical intern (I got flustered when she came in because I wasn't expecting another person). They both looked at me, and then said they were going to go ask my PS what to do since he was in the building. Which was bizarre, like I get that he's a busy guy, but in the time they talked to him I feel like he could of at least peaked in? They decided I shouldnt finish my last few day of antibiotics since it was giving me a full body rash and my infection is pretty much gone. I had actually stopped taking it last night because I just couldn't stand the rash anymore, and felt pretty positive it was from the meds. I've been off it for 24 hours now and I've noticed a slight difference but not much. Hopefully it keeps getting better over time!

They had me schedule a time to see my PS, but the soonest i could get in is two weeks from now. So basically I'm just supposed to wait it out and see if it gets better. And if it gets worse they told me to call.

Now for something a little more positive!! I took the longest shower I've taken since my surgery (finally shaved my legs, haha) and I was able to get of pretty much all the glue on my nipples and some of the little tricky spots on my bottom incisions. Thank you q-tips!! It's such a small thing, but it's made me feel a little better!

My bra keeps getting stuck to my nipple incision areas, and then gets covered in dried up/crystallized yellow stuff/flakes. What is this?? Just goo from it healing? It's so annoying and hurts like a bitch when I have to pull the fabric off from it!!


Can't say I could have ever predicted I would one day make a collage about my healing nipples!
Putting this together made me realize that I've actually come a long way despite the whole rash/infection ordeal. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since my surgery. Makes me excited to see where I will be in four more weeks!

And while I'm feeling positive I just have to say how amazing it is to finally have no back pain. I had been so miserable for years, and being about to do simple things without being in horrible constant pain is so incredible. All the hard parts of this surgery have been completely worth it


Not much new to report on. I've still got a rash (pretty much everywhere), and a lot of itchiness, but a lot of the swollen redness on my boobs is calming down which is a relief. I just want this antibiotic to be totally out of my system already!!

I've been going braless for several days and it's so weird. I could have never done that before, I have to keep double checking with my girlfriend that it looks okay because it would have looked crazy before! I think I'm always going to feel like I have big ridiculous boobs you know?


I thought I would update since its been a few days! The antibiotic was definitely causing the rash. Now that I have been off of it for a week I'm noticing some positive change. The rash near my incisions has cleared up so much. All that's left are some tiny little bumps in some areas that almost feel more like super dry skin then a rash.
My whole body is still super itchy though, and if I scratch myself at all it just makes it worse and then I end up with a bunch of hives. But it's getting a tiny bit better each day which is good enough for me.

Now that the infection and rash are less of an issue I've noticed one spot on the bottom incision line that I'm not super happy with. The incision goes up a bit higher in one spot on my left boob, and it makes my boob have a weird shape! Honestly I don't care all that much (I'm just happy my back pain is gone), but it is a little odd looking. Maybe once I've had more time to heal it will look less obvious? Fingers crossed! I've included some pictures of the area with some arrows pointing to the strange area. The photos definitely make my overall boob shape look a little more wonky then they do in person, but I think they get the point across hopefully!
Also I've still got some glue on both nipples, especially the left, but I think it should all be off in the next few days.

A Before and After

I really wish I had taken more before photos to compare with the after ones! This is pretty much all I've got. I like to look at this when I still feel like I have big boobs haha. Because they are obviously significantly smaller!

Dry Skin?

Today while changing I noticed a lot of redness on the lower part of my right boob. The skin there was definitely a little dry, so I put a tiny bit of lotion on it and hopefully that will help. I'm really really hoping it's not another infection or rash coming on. I have an appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday so I'm definitely going to bring it up if it's still there.

I'm including two photos, one before lotion, and one after.

Other then this my progress seems to be (very) slowly creeping forward. I have had a lot of soreness on my side boob the last few days, but it's not terrible.

I'm really hoping that I'll be able to start swimming again soon! I'm hoping my PS gives me the go ahead on Tuesday, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Finally Saw My PS

My appointment with my PS was today, and I feel like it went pretty well. He said things are looking good and that he won't need to see me until mid spring. He explained that I can expect the shape to change a lot in the next six months (hopefullly no side boob) and the hardness will go away and the shape will look much more natural. Even though I knew all of that, it was nice to hear. He also said I can swim so that's exciting!
I asked how much was taken off each boob and it was about 1.4lbs from one, and 1.8lbs from the other. That number seems so small, but wow it makes such a difference!!

My rash is pretty much gone on my boobs now. Now I'm just dealing with dry skin!


Whoops! I haven't updated in forever! since my last update I'm still having an issue with skin dryness but it's not too bad. My rash is almost completely gone, yay! They are also finally starting to soften up a little with is exciting. Having rock hard boobs was a little weird. They finally have a little jiggle to them!
Unfortunately they look kind of wonky and strange in terms of shape. The side view is honestly kind of funny. I know it can take a year for them to get to their final shape, but I'm a little worried even then they might still look a little weird along the bottom. I'm still back pain free though, and I'd choose wonky boobs over chronic back pain any day!

I can sleep on my side for short periods of time, and have laid down on my stomach a few tims for a few minutes but it's still not very comfortable. My back is still the best option right now. Does anyone else boobs hurt when they sit up in the morning after waking up? It's like mine take a few minutes to get used to gravity haha.

It's been forever!

I haven't updated in so long! Before I had my reduction I really wished that there were more people who kept posting after the first few months post op, so here I am trying to do that!

It's been 10ish months and for the most part I'm pretty happy! My back pain has improved so much it's almost hard to believe.
I still have some soreness, but it's usually only at night (especially when I sleep on my side, or on my stomach).
Sensation wise I'm kind of all over the place. My nipples are pretty responsive and can get hard pretty quickly, but they look a little flat/concave fairly often which was not something I ever experienced pre op. My nipples aslo have a bit of a green tint to them sometimes which is odd. The rest of my boobs don't have a ton of sensation, and what I can feel definitely feels different than what I was used to pre op. It doesn't really bother me too much though. Sometimes I'll get an itch at night though, and it feels so deep and no matter what I do I can't seems to scratch it - anyone else experience this? Some nights it keeps me awake and it's so frustrating.
My scars are pretty dark still, and they are kind of lumpy/bumpy. Lucky for me I don't really care about how they look, but if I did I think I'd be a bit disappointed because it doesn't look great. The overall shape is a little weird and the aren't super symmetrical, but these photos make them look even crazier, haha! I swear they aren't this bizarre looking in real life. Again though, I'm not super worried about looks, less back pain was my only hope/goal.

I never wear a bra and it's so great!
Portland Plastic Surgeon

So far my experience with Reid Mueller and OHSU has been pleasant!

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