Birthday Boobies!! Portland, OR

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Hey y'all! So I am turning 21 on November 9th...

Hey y'all!
So I am turning 21 on November 9th which just happens to be the day I finally get boobs. yay!
I been researching since June/July this year and have gone to a couple of different doctors but finally chose Dr. DeMars.
During the appointment they took my vitals (which non of the other offices did) and of course asked what I was hoping for. I said I wanted to go as big as I can but I didn't want them to look unnatural.

My boyfriend is probably getting tired of hearing about how excited I am for my birthday this year haha most 21 year olds will be drinking on their I'm getting boobs. Not my choice to have it on my birthday but it was the only one that would work for my boyfriend and I.
As for work- I am an on-call caregiver which means I basically choose my schedule, score!

Any who, I've been trying to research ways to help make my recovery a bit more smooth and have found a lot but if any of you have tips please don't hesitate to share! The more I know the better:)

Big day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day! A lot of people are asking me how I'll be spending my 21st and I just say that my mom and I are having a girls day (she's the one taking me).
Ive been prepping as much as possible, making some breakfast that I can just reheat and some food for lunch.

I'm getting a bit nervous on having surgery, it'll be my first time ever but I know it'll all go fine.

Today is the big day!

Today is the day I've been looking forward to since June 2014. I didn't realize I've been researching that long but I guess I have been.

My check in time is at 12:30 and the surgery itself is at 1:30ish. So I'll be able to head home around 4:30/5 depending how I feel afterwards of course. I'll then hangout at home alone until 7-730pm when my boyfriend gets home. My mom won't be able to stay since our Marykay meeting is at 6:30 which I wish I didn't have to miss but its just a week.

I'll make sure to post some before and after pictures!
Good luck to any ladies having their surgery today! Whooo

I've got boobs!

So surgery went well! I felt a lot of tightness with my muscles more than anything but not pain unless I do something I shouldn't have. Flipping a light switch would hurt a bit sadly ha but hey its all for a good cause;) when I let my one of my best friends and sister know I was out of surgery they both said how they can't wait to see them and feel them haha

As to how I am feeling- I'm not able to fully lay down yet so I slept on the couch and my man joined me. I told him several times that it was totally okay if he wanted to sleep in the bed due to our couch being uncomfortable but he said he doesn't mind and wanted to sleep on it with me. He even helped feed me food when dinner was done lol he keeps wanting to look at my ladies like I do lol every now again I'll try to look at them... I can't wait to see them once I'm fully healed!????
As for my doctor- Dr. DeMars and his crew were awesome!! I'd recommend them to anyone in the Portland area! They were all super friendly and made sure I was comfortable. After the surgery I was pretty cold and they attached a hose to this plastic blanket that was under some other blankets and it filled with hot air and man did I want to take that machine home, it was ah-mazing. Warmed me up so quick and due to how tiny my body is natually I get cold really quickly.

Pictures- I'm not able to attach any on from my phone so once I get to my computer I'll make sure to upload them:)

Day Two post-op

I still feel some tightness but not as much as I did yesterday. My sister said that the size I have looks perfect on me, score!:)

The metal wiring under my boobs are from a pain pump that got. It slowly puts numbing stuff into my muscles and makes the pain less intense. I am SO glad I got it!

Forgot to mention...

I forgot to mention that I ended up with 304cc for both of my implants. I got it under the muscle and the incisions are under my breasts:)

Day four

So I was able to snag a couple of after photos of my new giirllls:) I can't get the lovely purple markings off though. I'm able to get up and do things fine now without needing much help. Yay! I still need some help with changing my shirt and anything to do with my hair but other than that I'm pretty independent. Although Im taking it easy just to be safe. Im the type that i cant just sit around and have people wait on me so taking it easy is a bit difficult ha

So lets right side of my boob is a little more sore than my left but not bad enough to need any pain meds. My pain pump is ran out yesterday and it was SO weird taking it out. I couldn't do it myself and thankfully my mom was there to help with it.
Oh and I looove having side boob and cleavage?? my boyfriend is definitely enjoying it too ha people will surely notice that I've got bigger boobs over the winter in my small, gossip-filled town but whatever. I'm just stoked that im not flat chested anymore????

Day five!

So pain is minimal and I don't need my pain meds anymore but I'm still taking the muscle relaxer due to having tightness on my sides. I've read in some others reviews how they felt an air bubble or something in their breast and I did too yesterday. It went away over night but it was such a weird but cool feeling!

Lets see...I'm still sleeping at a slight incline at night. Laying fully down isn't quite comfortable yet and I look forward to the day that I can fall asleep on my side!
Im still having my boyfriend make dinner at night since some things are too heavy for me to lift still. Oh and my cat hasn't left my side since my surgery ha every where I go she's right beside me like a dog would be.
Anywho, hope all of y'all are healing nicely and fast!:)

So I'm completely off of my meds and can extend my arms out, whoohoo! I have my post-op appointment tomorrow and am hoping to go purchase a new shirt or bra or something afterwards ha today I spent majority of my day sick in beds thanks to food poisoning: ( which I had planned to try on my clothes and weed out the ones I'm no longer be able to wear and give them to my boyfriends younger sister. Towards the end of the day I was able to climb out of bed and try on a few. Lucky her she gets some really cute bathing suit tops, one of which was my favorite.
Let's see...
I still haven't attempted to drive yet since I drive a 5speed and I have it where its stiff plus on top of that its lowered so my ride is a little more bumpier than most peoples. I miss driving so much

As for my boobs....
I feel like they look soooo fake and I'm hoping with time they'll look a little more natural like I had hoped. Someone pleeeease reassure me that this is normal lol I feel like I have two half circled placed on my chest but other than that I'm loving the fact that I fill out my dresses and shirts! And when I wear a sweatshirt it looks like I still have boobs where as before they would disappear and become nonexistent. Tomorrow I shall let ya ladies know how my post op goes!:)

Driving = ouch!

So yesterday I drove for the first time to head to my nephews karate class and ouch! Putting car into gear hurt especially for reverse and turning was a bit of a stretch. I'll have to drive again today to pick up my Lil cousin but on the way home I'll have her shift lol she's 13/14 ....I think. I can never remember ha

But other than that I am back to doing all of the things I use to do! Well except for how I sleep which is still on my back. I've tried sleeping on my side and after 30 minutes my boobs starting to ache. I miss sleeping on my side sooo much. I'm not one to find sleeping on my back comfortable.

The last couple of days I've been out and about with my mom. She took me to my post-op and the doc said all looks good! I can resume any previous activity as long as it doesn't hurt and to stay away from chest centered exercises.


Well...I am a 32DD. I am a bit larger than I wanted but it's all good. At least it isn't smaller. I am back to doing everything I did before my BA and what is nice is that I don't look huge when I'm wearing clothes...but once they come off my boobs look huge haha no one has really made any comments but I know a few are skeptical lol any who I'll post a few pics once I get my phone replaced today.
Have a good day lovelys:)


Here are a few pictures...also has anyone else had it there you can definitely tell what is the implant and what is your actual boob? I've noticed it this last week and am wondering if it's because I've been back to doing yoga and working out...?

Mistake...? :(

Sooo I'm now thinking this whole thing was a mistake:( I dont feel comfortable wearing a tank top or bikini...
why you may ask?
Because even if I flex the slightest amount my boobs separate. Like you can totally tell where the implant is and where my boob fat is or what little of it lol
Even when I sweep which doesn't take much muscle!

I'm thinking that the implant itself is too big for my body...?

Also my scars aren't clean. One scar looks like too much skin was cut so than it was overlapped when it was getting stitched up. My scars are too big of a worry for me but still kinda sucks.
Im already saving up for another surgery to get this fixed although it won't happen for many years:/

I LOVE having boobs but not at the cost of them looking completely deformed when I shake someone's hand Haha
Portland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. DeMars and his crew were awesome! They made sure I was comfortable and answered all of my moms questions lol The staff were all sweet and friendly. I would recommend him to anyone I know who is looking to get any cosmetic surgery done. I'm so glad I chose him to do my procedure!

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