23yo 5'2" 111lbs No Kids 400hp - Portland, OR

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So I'm a little late updating about my recovery...

So I'm a little late updating about my recovery but I've finally gotten the courage to post my journey on RS.

I started out with a 32b/c (according to Victoria's Secret). I've wanted to have boobs since high school. Finally out of college I decided it was time. I was researching for a couple years a head of time, I had a job, I didn't have to worry about school and taking time off for that because my degree required a lot of movement, and I paid off my credit card debt.

My recovery went pretty well, I think I was moving and using my arms way more than I should have.. On my third day I helped out at my boyfriends work event but fell asleep at the table because of my anti-nausea mess. Haha embarrassing. I only got nauseous once, the first time I took off my bandages to shower. I didn't start working out lower body, cardio, and abs until week 4 but was cleared at week 3. When I worked out I got a sharp pain near my sternum and under my collarbone above my right implant... Has that happened to anyone else? I'm 5 weeks post op right now and I still feel it sometimes. I also still have some nerve pain too so I'm hoping that'll go away soon!

I have some asymmetry but that's something I'm trying to get used to.. My right implant is higher and projects further than my left, which is rounder. My creases were uneven to begin with but I'm hoping my right will drop and even out the difference. Besides that I love them and I think they look great for my body!

6 weeks and Pole Dance

Today marks 6 weeks! My PS said I could start upper body exercises at 6 weeks. I'm a pole dance instructor and I start classes next week, so I went into work to see how my body could handle spins and climbing. I tried two basic spins, floor work, and climbing. Climbing was out of the question, my upper body isn't strong enough yet, floor work wasn't bad and spinning was uncomfortable but manageable. I was nervous I was going to do something to the pocket so I only tried for a little bit. I could feel the muscle trying to push down on the implant and if was a weird feeling. Anyone else out there who does pole? How long did it take to feel comfortable again?

7 week update

They've softened up so much! I even asked my boyfriend and he was like "yeah what happened to them?" Lol. (In the beginning of my recovery, he didn't like that they were so hard). And I think my right is starting to get the memo, it's looking a little rounder now! Not so rectangular anymore! Before the girls were so firm they wouldn't move at all. Today I tested them to see if there was any muscle displacement.. And it was hardly noticeable! I sure hope it stays that way.
Scars are looking good too. It doesn't hurt so much when I massage them.
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