20 Years Young, 120 Lb and in Need of Boobs! - Portland, OR

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Hey ladies, I'm kinda here just to document my...

Hey ladies,
I'm kinda here just to document my thoughts and such. I am 20 years old and have no kids! I am barely an A and hate the fact that I can't fill out bathing suits, dresses, shirts, etc. I know that I do want to get a BA but not for at least a year! I figured it would give me enough time to really think things through and to pick a doctor that I know I'll be satisfied with.
Unfortuntely the only people who know about this is my best friend and my boyfriend who both are supportive. And the rest of the world (expect ya'll of course) will go uninformed. I'm thinking I'll get the procedure done towards the beginning of winter so than that way I can hide the new ladies and if anyone asks which everyone will, I'll just say they finally came in ;) haha
I do know that I want to try and take at least a month off of work. I don't have an easy job per say. I am a caregiver for those with developmental disabilities so going to work shortly after having surgery...yeah no thanks.

Any advice or tips would be helpful! I'm nervous but already can not wait for when I will get the new ladies!

Wish boobies:)

These are some wishful boobs that I found and liked ha I can't stop thinking about when the time will come! Just the idea of being able to fill out bras and shirts excites me.
I'm still trying to figure out how I'll be able to go about having the surgery without telling a bunch of people. People are so quick to judge about breast implants that it makes me not want to tell anyone:/

Anywho, either way I still plan to get them. It'll just be super tricky!!

Getting Excited!

I decided that I will start the consultations beginning in January. My plan a couple days ago was to wait to have my BA until the winter of 2015 that way I could hide them better when I first get them but the more I look at pictures, do research, etc I don't know if I can wait that long!! I then think about how nice it'll be once I get them.I literally can not stop thinking about them hahah and I'm sure my boyfriend is tired of hearing all about my thoughts on my future boobs lol

Great news though!!

I told my closest sister about me wanting a BA. At first she wasn't for it and was worried about me not being able to breastfeed but I laid her worries to a rest. I explained to her why I wanted one and how I hate looking in the mirror. Not because I'm unhappy with my body because I'm not. I love my body..all except for my boobs that is. I just hate how tiny they are. If they could just magically grow in that'd be great;)

Plans Changed

Okay, so my plans have changed. Orignally I planned to get a BA next winter but I was talking with my sister and March/April would be the perfect time to get one done. So it's either March/April of 2015 or March/April of 2016 and I sure as heck do not want to wait until 2016. Sad part is that since I don't want anyone to know about me getting a BA (majority of the people I know look down on it SO much) I get the lovely experience of wearing more and more and more padding until the day arrives for me to have surgery.
Great idea, right?! (not)
But it'll work.

I will upload photos of me soon. I just keep forgetting, oops ha
Time to start scheduling consultations:D

There's nothing

I uploaded pictures of myself- a front and side. As you can see there's not a whole lot there. I hopefully have my first consultation this Saturday! Whoohoo
My boyfriend seems to be pretty stoked for when I get the BA but here's my dilemma...

My 1year mark at my amazing job is in June or July
My job: I am a direct support professional for those with developmental disabilities. At the site
I work at I help them look for jobs, teach them job skills, teach them independence,
and so much more. With this job it requires a lot of lifting and helping the guys I take
take care of, with standing up. I do take care of a few aggressive guys so every
now and again (basically everyday) I have to deflect a punch or two. Maybe even a
iPod getting chucked at my head ha
I want my BA done in March/April
I know I'll want at least a month off but afterwards I would have to be light duty.

But I am trying to go about not telling anyone.

My concern is that I won't get the month off and/or it'll look really bad on me that I am asking for a month off and then to be light duty all for a boob job. It's not just a boob job for me but that's how my boss and all of her boss' will see it.

I've thought about what if i stay with my job until June/July (whenever my 1year mark is) and then leave. I would then pursue my MaryKay business full time. That way I can chose how long I want to take off for recovery and not someone else.
I'm nervous about pursuing my MK business though. Last time I tried I kept getting a thousand no's and zero yes' to a free pampering session. Ahhh! Having your own business can be difficult. yikes

Anywho, anyone wanting a free pampering session let me know;) I do need some faces to practice on! lol:)

Have a lovely day!

Two so far..

So I have 2 consultations scheduled! My best friend will be joining me on the first one on December 12th. As for the second one it's scheduled on January 15. I am obsessed about boobs now haha I can't wait to finally get some! It's really motivating me to work my ass off for money though lol it's not a cheap want that's for sure. So far I have been babysitting my niece and nephew every chance I get and am even collecting cans from family members...I wish I could just snap my fingers and get some boobies!!
It's even motivated me to start my own MaryKay business. I was thinking about the recovery time that I would need before I could go back to work and then I thought about how unrealistic it was that I would get that time off as well as the time off eight months later to go see my best friend and her newborn little girl in another state. I figured that I should be able to take that much time off since I bust butt at work everyday and try to go that extra mile for the guys that I take care of but knew that I would not be able to do that. So I'll go into business for myself and I will take that time off..you know why? Because I am my own boss.

That's my ramble for the day. whew!

Size, Size,Size

So I had my first consultation last Friday and couldn't be more stoked to get my BA! I met with Dr. Shannon O'brien and loved her. She and her staff made my friend and I feel completely comfortable and relaxed. The machine that gives you an general idea of what you'd look like with 'x' size of implants was pretty neat! My friend says she is now even considering a BA lol I have another consultation in January with a different doctor.
Now the machine said that for my body a 280cc silicone would be most natural looking although in my opinion, that was smaller than I imagined. So I then tried on a couple different sizers. I believe it was a 280cc, 350cc and 389cc. Now I could be completely wrong but I do believe those were the sizes. Out of the sizes I was stuck between the 2 larger sizes but in the end preferred the 389cc.
I can't wait for my next appointment!

Second Consultation was a success!

I am so glad I went to my second consultation with Dr. Burgess! She showed me all of the different implants there were out on the market and then showed me which she thought would look best on me. She informed me on everything and I had no questions to ask by the end of her spiel. I now have the goal of saving up $500 by March so I can set a date for my surgery:D and then saving up the rest ha I can't wait!

Newly single

So my boyfriend and I recently broke up after having a 3 year relationship which means I am newly single! What he did was pretty messed up so I want to make sure that I get him back...good.
This was the guy that I talked about buying a house with recently and planning next years vacation and than out of the blue I find out the truth and it's all over.
It's bittersweet. Thats for sure.

This now makes me want my bigger, better boobs more than ever now! Talk about a break up being an amazing motivator for workouts and such;) ha

I know these are suppose to be reviews but I use it more as a journal for my thoughts about my BA which I didn't have much today except my current relationship status.

Well I'm sure I'll be writing in here soon again:)


Hi everyone! A lot can happen in such a little amount of time but I was talking with my boyfriend (we decided to work on our relationship) last night and my goal is to have my boobs by my 21st birthday in November. We talked money and think it'll be do-able. I decided that they only way I'll be able to get them done is with care credit. If I could I would be paying with cash but if I did it that way I'd be waiting for a couple years and I don't think we should wait for the things we want in life. It's too short.
I will be saving up as much as possible of course so than it'll be less that I have to borrow.

Now the tricky part... my job is that I travel on the weekends to assist in timing marathons, duathlons as well as triathlons. The equipment that we have to carry is usually between 20-50lbs and that's not doable right after surgery. During the week I sit at a desk and make the packets for the marathons which is one of the easiest things ever.
I am trying to think of a way that I can just get the weekends off because if I can do that than I can get my BA whenever I chose too :D

I also posted some more wish pics:)
Dr. DeMars

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