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I went to see Dr. Rajani because I am starting to...

I went to see Dr. Rajani because I am starting to age and really noticed it after looking through some old photos of myself in my early 20's.When I was younger I got tons of compliments on my high cheekbones but they look less full and more triangular than round now than in my early youth.This runs in my family, we get very gaunt and hollow as we age, much like the Edvard Munch screaming man painting without the noble connotations.I had Juvederm in my cheeks a few years ago and was wowed by the results, but it lasted maybe 9 months.I was really excited to hear there is permanent filler available that is FDA cleared(I researched the procedure and my Doctor thoroughly before committing).I decided to start with just one vial and see how I like it.The injection wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be pain-wise.Immediately after my Cheeks looked super fabulous, but I'm no spring chicken when it comes to injections so I knew at least some of the post-swelling fabulosity would wear off in a week or so.A week after I still liked how my cheeks were looking even if smaller than injection day.So far I have been impressed, I thought the difference might be unnoticeable at worst but I can really see a major improvement in my cheek and temple area.The skin looks much healthier but not fake,every month I can see it has built more collagen under the surface and thickened it much like it used to be.Eureka! I think I could totally go for more areas.This must seriously be one of the secret ingredients to model skin!Definitely will be back:)
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I felt really comfortable having Dr. Rajani inject permanent filler not only because he came highly recommended from a cosmetically choosy friend, but because he has much experience with the procedure. During the consultation I felt we were really on the same page with the look that I wanted with no sales pressure so I elected to try it. I'm glad I did and would highly recommend him!

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